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Ed and Al were sent to investigate the new issue in Rossakenbull (I had to make up a place.) People were disappearing, then reappearing, dead and not entirly intact. Al was still a bit depressed over the last found body. It was a kid, about fifteen years old. Ed grunted as they chased after the man.

"If we live through this, remind me to kill Colonel Mustang when we get back." Ed said, as they ran. Al, being a soul and a large piece of metal, didn't get tired, while Ed was panting hard. They had run at least a mile.


"Ok Ed, I'm done. Give me a second, and you'll have four limbs!" Winry said, laughing, and shaking his metal arm so it appeared as though the arm were waving.. If Ed could've gotten up, he'd chase her.

"Haha, very funny. Oh stop I can't stop laughing." He said dryly.

"Well arn't you mister sunshine."

"Yeah yeah. What ever."

"You should take a break everynow and then. Kick back, relax. You're alway's so grumpy" She muttered, makihng him scowl.

"I've tried. Colonel Fat Head won't let me." Winry laughed at his new name. Ed cracked a smile. They heard the door slam shut, meaning Al was back with firewood.

"Hey Al. Put it over there." Winry said, pointing next to the fireplace. Al sat it over there, then went upstairs to read alchemy books. Winry grimanced.

"This ain't gonna be a skip through the meadow. I hope you remember what it's like." She said as she got his metal arm and leg and walked off. A few minutes later, she game back.

"Ok the wheel broke on our trolly, so hold on." She reached under him and pulled. Ed jumped around in shock as she walked out towards the operating (what ever it's called) room.

"HOLD STILL OR I'M DROPPING YOU AND YOU CAN GET THERE YOURSELF ON YOUR LEFT ARM AND RIGHT LEG!" Ed immediantly stopped. He didn't think she could actually pick him up. She set him down on the table and he was blushing a little. Winry looked at his face and fell over laughing.

"What is wrong with you." He muttered, willing his cheeks to go to a normal color, watching Winry. She stood up and regained her composure.

"Ok gran'ma isn't feeling well. So I'm gonna do it." Ed sighed and laid back, waiting for it to start.

End Flashback

Ed out of daydreaming in time to see the wall he was about to run into. He noticed they were gaining on the guy. The flash back had lasted about a mile it seemed, so they had ran about two and a half miles. He was getting exetremely tired.

"Hey brother I have an idea. Remember what we did last year. When we couldn't catch that guy?" Ed grinned and ran diagnol to keep up and get over to Al. He jumped up and go on the shoulders of the armour. Al threw him at the man.

Flashback (again!)

"You rang?" Ed said as he poked his head in the door. Colonel Mustang looked up.

"Yes there's a new assignment. It's a bit...ah...grusome." He showed Ed a picture. The legs were missing completely, as were the arms, and the head was attached where a leg should be. Blood was still seeping from some spots. Ed's eyes got large.

"Sadly, that's the most intact body there is." He said, his voice emotionless as usual. Ed sighed.

"Ok. Let me guess. You want me to catch the dude who's doing this right." He said sighing. Mustand nodded his head. Ed sighed and walked out, Ed after him.

End Flashback (AGAIN!)

So this is where it got them. He grunted as the man and him both went crashing. The man pulled out a gun and shot Al's head. It fell off with a clang and rolled away. The man laughed, realized what it was. He pushed Ed off of him and ran for the armour. At the last second Ed realized what he was going to do. Ed ran, in what seemed to be slow motion, but he wasn't fast enough. The man put his thumb on the blood seal and wiped it off. With a flash of blue and white light, Al was gone. Ed, over come with anger slammed his fist into this crazy man's forehead. With a sickening crack, the bone in his forehead snapped. Sadly, it did no damage except hurt badly.

"Ed, I want you to take a vacation. As long as you like. You need the break after what happened." Ed's head was bowed slightly, he eyes emotionless. Almost empty.

"Y-Yes, Colonel." Without another word, Ed turned around and left for his hometown. He took the train, courtesy of Mustang. Edward watched out the window, as silent tears made their way down his face. He rememered cheating his brother in poker one time. Watching out the window in comfortable silence. Everything reminded him of these memories. He sighed as the train screeched to a stop. He sighed and picked up his bag, walking out before the train had completely stopped. He continued walking, on his way home. After he got away from the train station, he took a bench and turned it into a bike. He looked up to see a sign that said Rizenbool was a few miles away.

"Ok, I want you to go home and rest, and you'll feel better tomorrow."

The man nodded, and handed her a handfull of money. He thanked the machanic and walked out. Winry smiled. That was fun. She enjoyed her work. The metal, the screws, the nuts, the wrench she used to hit Ed over the head with. Her heart caught for a second. She realized, he hadn't come back in a while. About six months. About that time, she heard another knock on the door. She finished washing the grease off her hands, ran to the door, and pulled it open. What she found was the gloomiest Ed she had ever seen. He had large bags under his eyes, which made him look like he had two black eyes. He hair wasn't in a pony tail, and hung loosly down his back. He muttered something, then cursed, and said something she could hear.

"Al's dead. I got a vacation from the military, and need a place to stay." Was all he had to say. Her eyes welled up with tears. Al was gone. She wrapped her arms around him and sobbed.

"Ed...I'm sorry." He didn't know what to say as silent tears strode down his face. Pineko had long sence died. She pryed herself off of him, unwillingly, and sat down on the couch.

"How'd it happen?" Ed took a deep breath.

Ed's arm had somehow gotten rusted in the last week. The insides were stuck together and wouldn't budge an inch.

"EDWARD! YOU FORGOT TO DRY IT AFTER YOU GOT OUT OF THE SHOWER DIDN'T YOU!" She yelled. Ed nodded his head sadly. He was still being effected by his brothers death. She pried his arm off and went inside. Then she walked back out with a wheel chair and pushed him in it. She measured his legs and realized something.

"Ed, you've been hit with a miricle. You've grown a whole inch!" She said laughing. Ed growled like a dog. Winry pulled out a doggie treat and stuck it in his mouth. She wrenched his leg off and heard a crunch. She turned around to see Ed eating the treat.

"Edward that's totally gross."

"You have anymore? These are pretty good. Kinda tastes like dry crunchy chicken."

"Ew, please spare me the details."


Ed looked down to see a kitten. He picked it up, using the only hand he had, set it in his lap, and somehow made it back to the house. Winry's head bowed foreward slightly. She knew why he did that. It's what Al would've done. She walked in to see Ed holding it, while sitting on the couch. Winry had no idea how he got there, but it didn't matter at the moment. She sat down next to him, and scratched the kitten behind the ears.

A few days later, Winry had finished Ed's new parts. She did it a lot faster this time, after having a lot more practise. She wheeled him into the operating room, and set him on the table. She pulled leather straps out of no where and strapped him down.

"HEY WHAT THE..." She pulled out a shot full of some clear stuff. Ed's eyes got big as he fought the straps.



"Ed shut up I already gave it to you." Ed stopped struggling as she unstrapped him.

"Wow I didn't feel a thing. I half expected you to miss."

"Here, I'll knock you out so you don't feel any pain when I attach it." She pulled out her new fourteen pound wrench and whacked him across the head with it. He was definatly going to feel that when he wakes up, she thought as she attached his arm.

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