This is a new story I thought up. It's going to be quite a lot darker than my other stories, and deals with a couple of very serious issues. It is an alternative ending to the end of "The Return of the Nana", and the beginning of my original story. I really hope you like it! I'm pretty excited about writing it!

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She noticed how very cold the warm spring breeze had suddenly become. Bitter trembles spiralled up Marissa's back and her heart began to quiver as Trey took a vicious step closer. Her eyes widened as his muscular body, which was much stronger than hers could ever be, rammed itself into her torso. Her breath jagged.

"Trey… no… okay…no way…n-never…" she struggled, the fear was multiplying in her veins.

What was happening? It was going too fast, he was too close, he was too strong. But still she tried to ward him away. To her horror this made him clench her closer. She suddenly became aware of sharp, unbreakable fingers digging into her back.

"What? What, I'm not good enough for you?" Trey sneered. His eyes were completely fiery. They looked hungry… obsessive… violent… He stabbed into her, knocking some of the wind out of her lungs. She felt so light, and yet so heavy as he continued to barge against her.

"No, no I don't mean it like that, okay, I…" she sobbed helplessly, but with every escape of her voice he became all the more aggressive, "just…let go!"

"What? Here I am and Ryan gets all the fucking good life!" he growled as his claws pierced into her skin, and throbbing pain evolved. Marissa felt so claustrophobic. She whimpered helplessly trying with might to escape. But all she was met with was savage endlessness.

"Here I am!" and he scraped his mouth against hers. She felt his tongue burst through her lips. She nearly gagged at the choking toxic taste of tobacco and alcohol. His slightly unshaven chin scratched across her cheek. Panic-stricken, she struggled desperately, tears threatening to explode from her eyes. Trey rammed and charged at her, sending her falling backwards into the sanded floor. Her head smacked against the ground, followed by instant dizziness. The remaining air in her lungs fled and she was utterly winded as his immense body mass impacted mercilessly into her. She felt herself being pressed further into the sand.

"Please… get off...!" she wheezed, her eyes irrupted with salty tears, "get…"

Despite the pain, Marissa continued to fight. Do anything. Just get him away! Her worst fears were being realised when she felt his hand grope at her jeans. Pinning her down fiercely and the horror spilling down her face, Marissa was helpless as he pulled them down below her hips. Next, she felt his hand back at the material of her underwear, while his second hand was at her chest, his nails scratching. She was at the point of utter torment. Time was running out, but the harder she fought, the weaker she became and the harder he attacked. She let out a frantic scream. He had moved her underwear down her hips now. Her heart pounded so hard she thought it might shatter her ribcage.

Another frantic scream…

And then blinding, unspeakable, phenomenal pain. It was unlike anything she'd ever felt. She screamed again, this time in utter excruciation as he grinded himself into her. Marissa smashed her flailing arms into his chest, doing anything she could to end the ordeal. The pain stabbed through her still and she twisted her head around, scanning feverishly for something… anything!

And to her absolute relief she saw a large dead branch to her right. She lurched for the branch but couldn't reach it at her first. She tried again and felt a muscle pull in her shoulder as she felt the weapon in the tips of her fingers. At last she had a clean grasp on it. With an almighty surge of strength she smashed the branch upon his face. He yelled in agony and rolled over, holding his hands over the new bloody wound.

She was free.

As fast as she could she pulled up her underwear and jeans and made a run for it. She screamed once more as he tugged again at her chest at a final effort to keep her. She winced at the pain of nails grating into her skin. But with a second blow to the chest with the branch, Trey finally desisted. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she got up. Clutching her aching chest, she gave a final glance back, and then ran for her life away from the beach and away from him.


Marissa's house was almost a full mile away and every inch on her body throbbed uncontrollably. But still she ran as fast as she could. She could hardly make out where she was going as recurring tears continued to haze her vision. Her heart pounded viciously. Sand was trapped everywhere over her body, and continued to sprinkle off with ever stride. She hardly noticed her tiring legs, and her shortening breath. Finally she saw the familiar lights of her house. Even when she reached the front door and burst through the entrance, she did not stop running. She ran through the hall and avoided her mother's hello, pounded up the stairs barged into her room, and slammed the cedar door shut so hard the sturdy concrete walls seemed to rattle.

Panting hysterically from fear and exhaustion, Marissa stood frozen in her room, which now seemed like a strange, ghostly forest. Her body shivered, the tears kept flooding from her eyes, the pain swelled. She was so cold… and yet so hot. Her mind was a mess with thoughts and terrifying realisations. She breathed chronically as the thoughts melded into broken sentences.

He raped me…

I trusted him and he just…

I was only trying to help him but…

He raped me…

What am I going to do if…

I have to tell…

He raped me…

Ryan… he'll…

Why did he do this to…

He… raped… me…

Indescribable nausea overcame her. She thought her insides were about to explode. Quickly and blindly she ran into the ensuite to the toilet just in time. Marissa collapsed at the bowl as a quiver rippled through her body and heaved violently. When the sickness had stopped she remained sprawled across the floor of the bathroom.

Still panting wildly, her body lost its numbness and the full effect of the attack punched at her body. Her hands trembled as Marissa gingerly lifted her top to reveal her stomach. A large green bruise forming above the naval where Trey's body had tumbled on top over her. She then surveyed her right shoulder and winced as the pulled muscle stretched and throbbed. Next, she pulled off her shoes and stumbled to her feet. Her legs were like jelly as she made her way into the main of her room to the mirror. Her heart raced. She looked at herself for a moment. Her face was smeared with black eye make-up, tears and saliva. Her bottom lip was slightly cut, and her once beautiful clear eyes were violently red. Nervously, she undid her white sweater and slipped her top over her head and threw it limply to the ground. She gasped when she saw the damage on her chest. Deep black and purple bruises were forming where Trey's knife-like fingers had ripped at the skin. Traces of blood were evident in some places. Finally, and with utter disbelief across her face she lowered her sights at her jeans. The agony still remained and throbbed unstoppably. Her weak legs felt like they were about to give way.

She was so shocked, so broken, so lost. She wrapped her arms around her and backed into the wall. When she felt the smooth timber at her back, she buckled and her body came falling to floor. She sat there, not moving, not blinking for what seemed an eternity. Never in her whole life had she needed Ryan by her side as much as she did then. Then he would be able to hold her, and take away this hurt, he could heal her… or at least try.

But then she remembered…

Trey was Ryan's brother. Their relationship was already so marred. If she told him the truth, what would he do? He'd kill him, Marissa realised as tears trickled again from her eyes. Ryan would kill him. And if he did… it would be her fault.

She understood at that moment. Ryan could never know. And she was utterly alone.

She wiped the endless wetness from her eyes. She needed release. She needed something. She crawled over to her bed and felt for the box she kept under it. She opened the lid to reveal the untouched Vodka bottle. She picked it up and unscrewed the top. She was about to take a sip when she realised that alcohol wasn't going to work. Not this time. It wasn't strong enough. This time around, it wasn't her boyfriend cheating on her, it wasn't stealing a watch from a department store… it wasn't even her soulmate going home to Chino to raise a child.

It was rape. A violation… an invasion.

Shaking, and still in her bra, she placed the cap back on the still-undrunk bottle and returned it to its pouch in the box. Then, with a considerable amount of effort, she staggered to her feet and made her way back into the bathroom. She took a moment to steady her trembling hand, and then she reached into the cabinet and took out her shaving razor. Slowly she unhooked the blade and then held it up to her face, staring at it intently, nervousness streaming up and down her veins.

She lifted her arm to the sharpest corner of the blade and punctured it through her skin. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Despite the slight extra pain, Marissa felt the immense nightmare and its scars lift from her body.

It was almost like freedom… beautiful, blissful freedom. And Marissa felt at peace at last as drops of scarlet blood fell to the floor.

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