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Summary: Years had passed since Tengko was sealed but trouble starts brewing again. Yui returns to the book to learn what's causes it. Confusion starts when she meets Nakagowho's still alive. Who's Shinta andwhat role does he play?


By: Obsessed Dreamer

Prologue: A Plead

Hold my hand,

hold my hand and never let go.

Take me in your arms

And make me surrender…

Press your lips to mine

that I may always remember.

Purest love, Divine love

Burn your mark upon my battered soul

Lest Myemosine fail when darkness falls…

Chapter 1: Reverie

The mind may forget but the soul will always remember...

"Gi-san, the horses are ready."

Everyone mounted, and the group rode off to the fields. Harvest season is about to start so the plantation needs to be watched carefully, especially now that trouble has been brewing. Renegades abound and villages lying on the borders have been attacked.

"Damn, emperors…can't do anything better than accuse one another. At this rate, war would definitely ensue!"

"What do you expect? All four countries have their own share of casualties. It's normal for tension to arise."

The group droned on, oblivious of their blond fellow, who had been listening quietly on the conversation.

"Do you think another miko will come? You know, to save us…"

At this, the former-general's back straightened.

"Hah! That would put us in a worse situation than we're already in."

Without warning, an image of a short-haired girl flashed across his mind.


"How long has it been? Three years? Five years?"

He can no longer remember. Not that he minds. Fate was never good to him but the last years have been placid, if not peaceful. He tried to live as normally as he can…away from Kotou, away from the memories. No, he didn't have any regrets; he'd do it all over again if necessary. That's why the sudden pang of guilt and longing left him disconcerted if not shocked.

"Why now, after all these years?"

Then the sudden rush of memories…

"What do you want me to wish for you?"

"Immortality. I want to become a god."


"You're the only one I can trust, Nakago."




"Did you really love me?"


His hands tightened at the reigns. He doesn't want to think about her. She was only a pawn, a means to an end. So why is this unknown emotion clawing at his chest? He shut his eyes tightly hoping it would stop the flow of thought. And his mind wandered to more disturbing images.

"Hold-on, Ayu-chan. Please hold-on"

Two children with the same eye and hair color as his…the girl was clutching the other child's arms tightly, trying to pull him from being swallowed into dark swirling vortex. The one called Ayu-chan stared into his playmate's tear-streaked face, then smiled.

"Someday, I hope you would find it in your heart to forgive me…"with that, he released his hand from the girl's grip and mouthed a sad "goodbye".

Nakago gritted his teeth upon remembering the dream that haunted him for a full week now. Last night though was more vivid. And disturbing since there were added scenes of an evil resounding laughter.

The gasps of terror shot him out of his reverie; the pungent smell of burning flesh reached his nose.

Nakago looked up to be alarmed at the look of unabashed terror written in all of his companion's faces; the horses thrashing wildly. The former general turned his head the other way and saw a throng of zombie-like creatures not far from them, ready to attack. Needless to say, the menservants turned their horses around and took off.

But Nakago just stayed there staring at the impending danger while trying to control and calm his horse. Mixed feelings of curiosity, dread, and excitement flooded his senses and before he realized it, he was riding towards the direction of the demons. He rode faster, took out his sword from its sheath and slashed through the undead.

"Perhaps this is the answer I've been looking for…never mind that I can barely use my power." A familiar ki is calling out to him. Could it be? And then he saw it: golden hair.

A child about the age of 10 was struggling from the demons desperately trying to keep himself from being torn apart. Nakago lost no time. He charged his horse to break the party of monsters and snatched the child by his left hand while fighting with his right.

It was then that he felt that familiar sensation. He felt his body tingling with fire and energy. With a blast of sudden energy, he took his aim and sent his ki flying and at the monsters turning them into smoke. He looked at his hands and felt his forehead with a growing perplexity. It was stinging with the character shin glowed a soft blue. "How long has it been since this character appeared on me?"

But that is the least of his concerns. He inspected the now unconscious boy. He had only realized now that the child is strangely clothed, blonde, and blue-eyed from the half-opened eyes. He needed to get the child to safety fast. "He's still alive but judging from his wounds, he won't last much longer."

Nakago managed to get them to his house. The servants helped him to get the boy inside and be treated.

"You must live. Don't die on me. "He was almost disappointed when he found out that it was not the maiden who beckoned him but now… He looked at the child fervently. There is no mistaking that this is the same boy he had been seeing in his dreams.

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