Whew, it's been months.

Thanks so much to those who liked the story, especially those who reviewed. bows down Unfortunately, I can no longer update Himitsu; the more I think about it, the more I believe that I wrote the story too soon. The scenes portrayed are supposed to happen in the middle of the story! Wahh!...such a huge booboo.

Don't worry, as soon as my sched's free, I'd be cracking my imagination and fingers at the keyboard again. Himitsu will be taken down and edited for a much better story.

Hope you'll be able to read it—it's a saga actually. I'm still thinking of a title actually but I already wrote till chapter 2…still needs editing though. I'll get back at it as soon as I have free time.

Again, thanks for all the constructive criticisms and support. Until the vacation! (which is two weeks from now). i think i'll be posting the prologue and chap 1 by then.

peace and chaos!

Obsessed dreamer.