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It was another sleepless night for the sole survivor of the Uchiha Massacre. His case isn't like any others who are busy. In fact, he wasn't busy at all. He was just lying on his bed quite restless. His teeth clenched to show his great irritation as he twist and turn wanting to find a comfortable position.

Though his position isn't bothering him. Heck, he could sleep hanging upside-down a tree branch. It was just a simple occasion that he has to go through the whole day starting in the next few hours.

He can't sleep and that's no good. He has missions to do, places to go and this ain't helping.

He cursed as he took another turn. Why is it that THE Uchiha Sasuke, the heir of the prestigious Uchiha clan, is suffering because of a stupid event?

He cursed yet again and kicked himself mentally for even thinking that. Surely the answer isn't going to come from him. That's why he asked himself that in the first place.

He sighed in frustration, giving up from asking stupid questions to himself. He stayed still just thinking of what horrid tomorrow will be able to bring him. Hey, it's better than ranting all night long.

The next morning he groggily went out of his apartment yawning from the lack of sleep.

Ugh! He couldn't take it anymore. It was nagging him mad. It was just another event, another year, another miserable day. Why is he so down…because today is the nearing end of spring, another one of those stinking festivals as another year have passed and how he despises every minute of it. It will be a very long day.

Surely he has his reasons which are very reasonable for him, besides who is anyone to question Uchiha Sasuke anyway? But for the obvious reason well it came a little early…

'tap' 'tap' See, he just stepped out and something was already annoying him…well more.

"What!" he muttered coldly but as he turned around he began to pale. There were already eight girls there wearing those fancy kimonos and thick make-ups…Argh! It disgusts him. Fangirls Yup the usual thing that annoys him everytime.

A ramble was heard from afar and when he turned his attention there a few words escaped his mouth, two to be exact. "Oh crap" there at a very disliking distance was more girls screaming their lungs out with the usual…

"Sasuke-kun come with me to the festival!"

"My Sasuke-kun let's spend the whole day together!"

"No Sasuke-kun me! Me!"

He swears he could feel his ears throbbing from the high-pitched shrieks. He quickly turned around and ran for his dear life.

There on the usual bridge where team seven meets stood the girl who bares the same name as the pinkish stuff falling all over Konoha.

She was smiling, happily waiting for her comrades. She for one was the exact opposite of the younger Uchiha, she loved the festival specially when it is held at the time where most cherry-blossoms fall.

Ah…the celebration spent by family, friends, anyone for the matter. It is a matter of saying farewell for the dear spring season and welcoming them again for the next year to come.

She loved it more because she believes that someday she will bloom as well as a cherry blossom would itself. That's why this festival was one of her fave occasions.

Now if only the person she wanted to be with would take her to it. Her family…nah, they were out on another village leaving her alone for the time being. Her friends…maybe but wouldn't wanna be another person to add on a already crowded group. Her special someone…Hah! She wish! She has one though and it is obviously unnoticed.

She sighed, her once happy face turning gloomy. For she knew like any other times Sasuke would reject her proposal.

But wouldn't it be nice to spend the nice festival with the person you care for?

As time pass by, her love for him stood still. Sometimes she would take it as a challenge. To break the ice cold-heart of Uchiha Sasuke…but that was a dream that she cannot attain…for now I suppose.

She decided to save Sasuke with her lame question of going with her to the festival she knew what the outcome will be so why bother. Besides she doesn't want to get into his bad mood already. She tugged her green kimono slightly.

Yes, she was wearing a kimono like most of the girls in Konoha. Why who cruel person would want to make them train or do simple missions on a beautiful festival day like this. Certainly not their sensei.

Now at the deep thought she was in, she didn't notice the dreaded Uchiha come her way. Quite slump in his composure from all the running away he did. He was out of breath so he decided to make himself unnoticed and just leaned against the bridge's railing and stared at Sakura.

Another one of his reasons…he gets distracted by Sakura. Not the flower but his Sakura… 'Damn' see he's going to possessive mode. But this doesn't happen only on festival days. Nah, it usually happens and it annoys the heck out of him since it's not suppose to happen.

Seems as if she has grown on him more like attached to him in some way but still annoying. Now what is even worse that when he looks around he will see sakura petals floating about. And when that happens an image would always appear in his mind. It couldn't be helped see the great resemblance of the pink-haired kunoichi and the pink-petal flowers.

Emerald eyes, pink cascading hair, lilac scented…

'Wait, what the hell lilac scented!' it's true he hasn't used drastic measures to figure that out. It just so happens that her hair will sway in his way filling his senses with the scent of lilac.

Great now he is thinking of her hair what next spending the whole day with her?

"Ohayo, Sasuke-kun" greeted Sakura who finally noticed his presence. A great silence soon followed. Sasuke impatiently tapped his right foot waiting for her to speak up and nag him to it.

He raised an eyebrow showing tiny hint of curiosity as to why she hasn't asked him to the festival like she always does.

'Why am I participating her dumb-useless words... It will always end with an 'your annoying' anyways. Just ask me the damn question then this will all be over.' Thought Sasuke.

Sasuke now furrowed his brows. It was annoying him mad. 'Maybe she's going with family' Sasuke stopped tapping his foot. 'Why do I even care?'

'Damn I can't take anymore of this silence it's so not her…maybe she's going with someone else already!' Sasuke furrowed his brows more. He felt panicked all of the sudden.

'Here it is again, it's only the beginning and it's already ruining my day. Okay let's make this clear ahem…I DO NOT CARE…' Sasuke growled inwardly, how frustrated can this person get?

"Ano…Sasuke-kun…" Alas! Sakura couldn't stand the silence too, so he was still sane thank Lord! He released his agitated look and focused all his attention on her.

'It's late but she asked…even though I'll say no' that's true but everytime she did he was giving in slowly in saying yes.

"Naruto is a little late so…" Sakura began. Sasuke gritted his teeth for no particular reason…probably. 'Naruto? What about Naruto…why bring Naruto in?'

"…lets play a game!" Sakura declared. Sasuke's face faulted a little but quickly recovered from it.

"It's called 20 questions" Sakura mentioned with delight and Sasuke stayed in Silence.

"You see you ask each other a question alternately and the thing is you can't lie. This way you'll know more of the person." Sakura explained.

"You can't lie, but how can you tell that the person isn't lying." Sasuke asked plainly actually showing interest to this so called 'game'.

"C'mon Sasuke-kun it's only me. You won't lie to me now would you Sa-su-ke-kun?" Sasuke gulped he's staring to those big begging emerald puppy eyes that stares back at him. Pleading him and guess what? He's slowly giving in.

Sakura being an expert Sasuke observer knew he was thinking about it. So she tempted him more.

"It's challenging too because you can't repeat a question. And you can ask personal questions which can't be left unanswered by the other. But these revelations don't go out okay." Sakura knew Sasuke loves a challenge that's why she made the word clear. Sasuke was still silent.

Sakura frowned giving up. Sasuke seeing this just sighed. Sakura turned to him and he nodded. She smiled again.

'Only for her right?'

"Only if I get to go second" He added.

"Doshite?" came her reply.

"Simple, I want the last question" Answered Sasuke simple followed by a smirk. Score one! The last question is suppose to be the best!. Sakura brightened up with Sasuke's simple question.

"Then Sasuke-kun, your first question is about to be spoken" Sakura announced slowly…

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