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"I think we should start going back now, don't you? Before we can't see anymore?" Kouga told him.

Inuyasha looked up sharply, ears flattened against his head.

"But they hate me! They don't want anything to do with me! I'm useless and unwanted; they could care less if something happens to me! They would all be happier if I just died…" Inuyasha told him, burying his face into the crock of Kouga's neck. Tears started to fall down his cheeks leaving their sad paths in their wake.

Kouga looked upon his pale lover with sad eyes as he whispered comforting words into his ears and rubbed his back soothingly.

"Love, you know that is not true. It was only the wench who told you these things, she does not know anything. But Miroku, Sango, Shippo and even Kirara are still loyal to you. They defended you when she insulted you, and that old priestess is also still loyal to you. I love you Inuyasha, and I will kill anyone who hurts you." Kouga told him softly, hugging the crying hanyou close to him, still ignoring their naked forms. Comforting his mate was the main priority on his mind.

"Love we should go to the old priestess' village, and tell her what has happened. I doubt that the wench would tell the truth, and she needs to be punished for what she has done. Besides do you want to leave your kit in her care? I know you care about him, and you are trying to teach him how to live. The humans may not understand why you treat him as such, but I do, and you are doing a good job at it." Kouga told him once Inuyasha calmed down.

"I guess so…But what will happen after that?" Inuyasha asked, while looking around for his clothes. Finding them a few feet away, he picked them up and got dressed.

Kouga stood up and also dressed, as he did he stated. "After that, I will take you to my pack, and announce you as my mate."

"But won't they hate me?" Inuyasha asked, slightly scared of the outcome of the idea. Kouga just smiled.

"Don't worry, they have been trying to get me to mate with you or the wench the first time they saw you two." Kouga told him, but stared in confusion when tears once again gathered in Inuyasha's eyes.

"So you only mated with me because you were pressured into it?" Inuyasha asked, looking at Kouga in the eyes, which widened in shock. He grabbed Inuyasha and hugged him tightly.

"No! I mated you because I fell in love with you the first tie I had saw you! No one pressured me into anything. I love you. Not for any other reason, I mated with you for you, nothing else." Kouga confessed to him, kissing him soundly on the lips and whipped the tears from his eyes.

"But how do I know?" Inuyasha asked.

"Because if I was pressured into it, do you really think I would be trying to convince you other wise?" Kouga asked.

Inuyasha thought about it for a few minutes than he smiled at Kouga. "I guess you are right. You would probably keep reminding me about it." Kouga smiled as well.

"Well then, shall we go?" Inuyasha nodded, and they took one last look at the beautiful lake and its surroundings before they ran to Kaede's village.


The sun had been set for over an hour and the village was cast in darkness, all of the occupants having turned in for the night from a long day. Inuyasha and Kouga had final arrived at the village and where now making their way towards to only hut that was not completely cast in darkness from the fire light coming through the gaps in the door.

They stopped a few feet away from the hut.

"Are you ready?" Kouga's voice sounded from the darkness only visible to Inuyasha's inhuman eyes. Inuyasha's hand gripped his mates and that was all Kouga needed as he took the last few steps to the hut and pushed the straw hanging aside revealing the occupants inside.

"Kouga, Inuyasha! Where have you been?!" Kagome shouted as she rushed to them and the others put the weapons away.

Kouga glanced at her before he pulled Inuyasha further into the hut and beside the old priestess, not answering Kagome. "Hello prince Kouga and Inuyasha, it is good to see you both." She greeted them.

Inuyasha smiled slightly at her. "Hey old hag." He greeted back earning a cheerful chuckle from the old priestess. But it was soon died down to a happy smile at the two's linked hands.

It is good that you are now in good hands Inuyasha. Congratulations and I wish you both a long and happy life together." Kaede congratulated as she bowed her head respectfully.

"So you two are now mates, hmm? Well there is no one better to take care of our Inuyasha like Kouga that's for sure." Miroku also congratulated them, shaking their hands, all the while smiling.

Sango hugged the two in congratulations as Kirara rubbed herself against Inuyasha's legs. "It is good for you to finally have someone to lean on Inuyasha." She told Inuyasha before she turned to Kouga.

"You better take care of him wolf or I will make sure you never see the light of day again." She threatened before smiling at the wolf demon's slightly intimidated face.

"Don't worry I will take care of him, and will love him for the rest of my life, and any pups he may bear I will also love." Kouga told them, wrapping an arm around Inuyasha's waist, as Inuyasha blushed lightly at his mates and friends words.

Inuyasha looked down as he felt a soft tug on his pants (A.N.: Don't remember the Japanese word) to see Shippo gazing up at him. Inuyasha smiled at his adopted son and picked him up, hugging him to his chest.

Shippo hugged Inuyasha around the neck as he buried his nose into Inuyasha's neck taking in the reassuring scent of his papa, and the faint sent of his new father, and smiled up at Inuyasha.

"Umm…" All heads turned to the direction of the hesitant voice of Kagome, and Inuyasha stepped closer to his mate.

"S-so you t-two are now-?" She asked rubbing her arm in a nervous gesture. Kouga glared at the girl who had hurt his mate. "Yes." He stated harshly at her, causing her to flinch back.

"Oh, umm… Con-congratulations then and I'm sorry Inuyasha, for what I said and did before." Kagome told them, looking down at the floor.

Inuyasha looked at his once friend, who had hurt him so much in the past. He would never be sure if he could ever forgive her for what she had done and as long as he has the rosary around his neck he was sure that she would never stop hurting him.

Thus he turned his back on her and with Shippo still in his arms buried his face into Kouga's chest, showing to everyone just how much Kagome had hurt him.

Kouga glared at the girl before leading his mate and new son to a corner in the hut and sitting down prepared to sleep.

Kaede, Miroku, Sango and Kagome seeing this also prepared to sleep after the long day. And soon the fire was out and not long after the sounds of sleep could be heard throughout the hut.

Kouga looked around at the sleeping occupants in the hut, eyes slightly glowing before he too fell into the realm of sleep once again with his senses scanning the area around the village on the look out for danger.

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