Sesshomaru walked calmly down a path. Jaken and Rin followed him quickly, trying their best to keep up with him. A scent hit Sesshomaru nose and he stopped abruptly. Jaken bumped into him.

"My lord, what's the matter?" Jaken asked.

"Stay here with Rin," Sesshomaru told him.

"But my lord-" Jaken started.

"Stay here," Sesshomaru ordered and walked ahead.

"Yes my lord!" Rin called out.

Sesshomaru walked ahead, the smell of fresh blood getting stronger by the step. Fresh human blood. Why did he care? He didn't. The smell just struck his curiosity and he was going to find out soon. He kept Rin away because she was never good around blood.

The smell was stronger and it smelt like an entire village had been slaughtered. As he neared, blood stained his shoes and some of his pant leg. He came across a hut that was outside of the village. Three bodies laid there, a small family of villagers. Their eyes were wide, a huge gash in their gut. Sesshomaru walked by without a flinch.

The village came ahead and bodies laid everywhere. It looked like no one survived the slaughter. Some huts were burnt down sending smoke into the air. A small whimper was heard suddenly and then a gasp as Sesshomaru turned to looked at a hut.

Its door was closed, three bodies laid around it. A woman, man, and boy with eyes wide with fear. A sob then was heard and Sesshomaru went to investigate. Inside the dark hut, Sesshomaru could see a young woman in the corner, curled up in a ball. Her brown hair was a mess, but if it was brushed, it would ook great. She had bright blue-green eyes wore a bloodstained kimono at the moment. She gasped again and the smell of fear radiated off of her. Sesshomaru stood there, wondering what to do with the woman. Dispose of her, or take her in? Her entire village was slaughtered, she the only survivor. He lent a hand out to her and he saw her quiver.

"I will not hurt you," he told her.

"What's your name?" The woman asked.

"Sesshomaru," Sesshomaru answered. "What is yours?"

"Ka... Kaori," she told him.

Sesshomaru walked closer to her and sat down. She was the only survivor. Why did orphans tend to get to him?

"So, who did this to your village?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Why do you care? You demons are all alike, no? Befriend someone, and then kill his or her village," Kaori yelled. Sesshomaru didn't even flinch.

"A demon did this?" Sesshomaru asked.

"What do you think?" Kaori snapped.

"Come out of the shadows," Sesshomaru ordered.

Kaori shuffled forwards and Sesshomaru nearly gasped. She was familiar. Very familiar. Sesshomaru glared and stood. Walking out he saw many people he did not want to see.

Inuyasha and his friends stood nearby, investigating the village. Coming from somewhere else, Kagura had shown, landing gracefully on the bloodstained land. Another place, Jaken was running towards him, Rin close behind. Sesshomaru glared at them all and Kaori slipped out into the open. She saw Inuyasha, Kagura and Jaken nearby and sensing they were all demons, she quivered. A tear escaped her eye and Inuyasha saw Sesshomaru standing near three dead bodies, his bottom of his pants blood stained along with his shoes. Inuyasha drew out his Tetsusaiga and pointed it at Sesshomaru.

At that same moment, Jaken arrived next to Sesshomaru. "My lord, I'm so glad we got to you. We saw Wind Sorceress Kagura coming along with your half-brother. We came to inform you in time," Jaken told Sesshomaru.

"I thought I told you to stay," Sesshomaru said coldly.

"Eek! My lord, please forgive me. I thought that we would inform you!" Jaken squealed.

"Enough. I'll deal with you later," Sesshomaru said, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Umm, have we met?" Kaori asked Jaken.

"Who, me? Well, I might look familiar," Jaken boasted.

"You were the toad that tripped over a log, weren't you?" Kaori asked. Sesshomaru glanced at Kaori from the corner of his eye. Yes, that was right. They had met before. Three years, to be exact.

"So, what's your reason for killing this village?" Inuyasha asked.

"Inuyasha, I propose. Naraku has been wondering how you have been doing," Kagura said.

"Kagura..." Inuyasha hissed.

"Inuyasha, look!" Kagome pointed. Everyone turned and saw Kaori talking to Jaken.

"Another girl you want to take in?" Inuyasha teased.

Sesshomaru had been quiet, thinking of a way to deal with this all.

"Jaken, get Rin and Kaori out of here," Sesshomaru ordered.

"But my lord-" Jaken said.

"Now," Sesshomaru ordered, taking a step ahead.

"Now, now, now. Naraku wanted no witnesses for the slaughter. I can't allow that one to survive," Kagura told him, raising her fan to attack.

Jaken ran Kaori on his heels. They were planning on getting into the woods and lose Kagura and any other nuisances.

"Dance of the Blades!" Kagura yelled, aiming her attack at Kaori. She dodged it, swerving away from the blades. She hurried to catch up with Jaken.

"Die, damn you!" Kagura yelled, sending another attack at Kaori. This time, she didn't have enough time to avoid. She braced for impact, but none came. Sesshomaru had hurried and caught her, landing a few feet away from the blast.

Sesshomaru didn't let her go, having to jump almost immediately after landing. Inuyasha had done his famous Wind Scar at his brother, annoying him even more.

Once Sesshomaru landed again, he let Kaori go, allowing her to run off. She hid in the woods nearby and watched the battle play out. Sesshomaru seemed to have to avoid attacks continuously from both Inuyasha and Kagura. He was doing fine, getting some hits on Inuyasha as well.

Kagura suddenly disappeared and Kaori realized it would be a good time to find Jaken. She didn't like being alone and unprotected.

She found Jaken farther in the forest, panting. Rin picked flowers and it seemed they were somewhat used to this. Kaori sat impatiently for the return of Sesshomaru.

Noon had come by the time Sesshomaru had returned. He had a gash on his right shoulder, blood running down his arm and dripping off his fingertips. He wasn't limping, but he was leaning to the right. Kaori jumped up and got Sesshomaru to sit against a tree. She ran off, Jaken having to watch Sesshomaru sit in some pain.

During the battle, Inuyasha had attacked Sesshomaru twice in a row, enabling him to avoid. He barely got away, the gash as a souvenir. Kaori returned almost immediately with a box in hand.

She kept cursing herself, blaming his injury on herself for not being there.

"You wouldn't be able to do anything if you were there," Sesshomaru told Kaori in a light whisper.

"I still could have helped," she told him, rushing around to get the bandages on his arm correctly. He stopped her.

"I do not need human help or supplies to heal," he told her.

"It can at least help heal the wound faster," she told him.

"No, I refuse to get any help from human supplies or from a human," he told her.

"Bleed to death, then. I don't really care," she told him with a rude tone and closed her box. She walked off into the woods, not a word to anyone on where she was going.

Sesshomaru was too proud to get any help from a human, but he was in more pain then usual. His arm was forming a puddle of blood below it, his shirt covered in blood. He leaned against the tree and Rin sat next to him, slightly worried.

"My lord?" Rin asked. She got no answer.

"Rin, leave our lord to rest. Can't you see he's injured?" Jaken yelled.

"But Master Jaken, I want to know if he wants us to go get that lady," Rin told him.

"She was the one who ran off. You humans are so odd," Jaken said.

"Jaken, go get her," Sesshomaru ordered in a harsh whisper. "I do not want her to get herself killed."

"My lord, she's just a human village girl!" Jaken yelled.

Sesshomaru opened his eyes slightly and glared at Jaken. Jaken sped off without another word to find Kaori, wherever she was.

The next day...

Jaken couldn't find the girl anywhere. She had no recent scent anywhere nearby. Sesshomaru was stronger now, sitting up with his eyes open, but the bleeding hadn't stopped. He was paler than usual and it wasn't getting any better. Rin sobbed in the forest next to Sesshomaru, expecting he would die. Sesshomaru gave her no words of comfort. He was still experiencing pain from his wound.

When Jaken returned, he told his lord he couldn't find Kaori anywhere. The girl just disappeared. She had scents everywhere, but none that were strong. Sesshomaru forced himself up and walked off, Rin and Jaken calling after him. He had better sense of smell than Jaken, so he might be able to find Kaori. Her most recent scent was lead to the village and he saw she had buried the bodies of her fellow villagers in one spot. Flowers were placed on their grave, but three separate graves had more flowers and we isolated from the others. Sesshomaru sensed someone nearby and saw Kaori aiming an arrow at him. She dropped the bow and arrow and ran to his side, getting him to sit down. She disappeared into another hut and brought out the same box she brought in the forest the day before. Sesshomaru refused her care, but Kaori forced his armour and shirt off, tending to his shoulder. Sesshomaru eventually gave up, seeing she wasn't going to back down. Stubborn girl.

She wrapped his shoulder in bandages, stopping the bleeding very quickly. She got his arm in a sling, telling him not to move it. He looked away perturbed, but sat as still as possible while Kaori cleaned up. She saw the trail of blood and was about to clean it up, but he stopped her.

"Demons will be attracted to it," she told him.

"Be quiet and listen," he ordered. She shut up and sat down next to him. "My blood trails proves to them that I had gone by here. It'll keep them away, not attract them."

"Not everyone is afraid of you," she told him, cleaning her hands in some water in a bucket.

"Yes, I know that," he told her, "but humans are."

"That's a lie," she told him, drying off her hands. She didn't look at him straight in the face while saying it.

"I do not lie," he told her strongly.

"Not every single human is afraid of you," she told him.

"I did not say that," he told her. "I know humans that do not fear me."

"Oh really?" Kaori asked sarcastically.

Sesshomaru was quiet. He could tell she was never afraid of him. She had aimed a bow and arrow at him just a few minutes ago! Yes, she was afraid when he had saw her in the hut, but it wasn't because of him and his power. She was still shaken up over the slaughter of her village, and seeing that a demon was the one to kill them all, he didn't think she was afraid of him because he was a powerful lord but a demon.

It seemed she had helped subside the pain when she dressed his wound. He sat back and watched her try to clean the village up a bit. She tore down the ruined huts and put the wood to the side for firewood or anything else. She had already buried the bodies respectively and explained the three off the side were her family, sending her to some tears. He just sat there and watched her slightly sob and then continue with her work. Sesshomaru had seen villages that had been destroyed before, more survivors, though. She seemed calmer than others would be. If someone had lost their entire family and was an orphan, they would be still mourning over them.

Nightfall came and Kaori led Sesshomaru to the hut she was staying in. It was the same on he had found her in, but she had made it more homely inside. Some furs were placed to the side as a bed and Kaori curled up in them. Sesshomaru sat near the door, listening for any intruders. Kaori slept peacefully, but that night she had no food. Sesshomaru decided to hunt the next morning for her. She had subsided the pain he had to deal with for an entire day; it was the least he could do for her. He rested his eyes, his ears still open.

Sesshomaru awoke to a rustle in the trees that edged the village's area. He stood slowly and went to investigate the sound. He didn't awaken Kaori because she was sleeping soundly already and this most likely didn't concern her.

At the edge of the village, Kagura was bent over, a droplet of blood on her finger. She sniffed it and could tell instantly that it was Sesshomaru's. So, he had been injured when she left? This would be an easy kill. Sesshomaru showed, his arm still in his sling. Kagura was in the woods, a droplet of his blood on her finger.

"Kagura," Sesshomaru said coldly.

"Sesshomaru," Kagura said.

"What is your purpose here?" Sesshomaru asked.

"You," she said.

"I've told you before and I will not repeat myself again. I will not help you kill Naraku," he told her, turning away. "Now leave before I get angry."

"Now, what makes you think I came to ask you to help me," she said in a teasing tone.

Sesshomaru glared at her from the corner of his eye. "What is your purpose here?" He asked again.

"I've been sent by Naraku to do a favour for him," she said. Sesshomaru continued to glare at her. "To kill you."

Sesshomaru smoothly moved out of the way as she sent an attack his way. Pain went through his right arm and he realized he was still injured. She continued to attack, and Sesshomaru continued to avoid. He couldn't get close enough to attack her, but he was doing just fine avoiding. Her attacks took too long to get to him, so it gave him enough to move out of the way.

"Just die already and save me the trouble of breaking a sweat!" She yelled.

"Die," he said. She was startled and he took the chance to grab her by the throat. She crackled and just looked down at Sesshomaru. She didn't struggle or anything. She just hung there limp.

"Kill me and get this nightmare over with," she told him.

Sesshomaru glared at her and before anyone could stop him, a crack was heard and Kagura fell limply to the floor. He had broken her neck with the flick of his wrist. He left her body there and decided to go hunting for Kaori now. He found a deer and killed it by break its neck as well. As he headed back, he saw that Kagura's body had disappeared. Guess Naraku wanted her back.

As he came to Kaori hut, he heard her moan as she awakened. The deer was over his left shoulder and he put it down away from Kaori. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. When she saw Sesshomaru, she sighed. At least he hadn't left and gone out. When she saw the deer, she got up to cook it. Sesshomaru watched her cook it and eat it, offering him a piece. He refused, telling her he didn't eat human food. She shrugged and ate the entire deer herself. He was surprise that she could. No normal human could. He assumed she hadn't ate in a while and that's why she was so hungry.

Noon came and Sesshomaru had helped her with some of the construction she was doing. She had asked him to take some of the burnt wood from the burnt huts out of the village, giving the village more room for new huts. They were relaxing on the grass at the stream that was at the edge of the village. Kaori was replacing Sesshomaru's bandages and she found the wound was already healed and he had told her the pain had subsided during their work. She smiled and discarded the bandages. She washed her hands and face, then started making new huts in the spaces where the old ones were. At nightfall, Rin and Jaken came running from the forest and into Kaori. Rin had tears running down her face, wondering where her lord was. Jaken ordered Kaori to tell them where he was and Kaori laughed. She led them to their lord - their shirtless lord. He had discarded it while working. He could stand cold temperatures, but heat was annoying. He turned while pushing a piece of wood upright. It fell over and Kaori rolled her eyes.

"Sesshomaru, I wanted some huts up by today. Isn't that why you offered to do this for me?" Kaori asked.

"I did not offer it for your benefit. You women go so slow and are so fragile, I did not want you to kill yourself or hurt-" Sesshomaru said.

"Save it," she interrupted, putting a hand up to stop him.

He glared but saw Rin and Jaken watching him and looked away. She wasn't worth an argument.

"My lord, do we not have to search out for Naraku?" Jaken asked.

"Master Jaken, how about we rest tonight? We can go tomorrow morning," Rin suggested.

"We will stay the night," he said, "and leave tomorrow morning."

"That's all right with me, but can you finish this hut? It would be so nice of you if you would," Kaori said to Sesshomaru.

"My lord is not nice. He kills ruthlessly and without guilt," Jaken told her.

Sesshomaru glared at Jaken and pulled the fallen wood upright and finished up with the hut. Grabbing his shirt and putting it on, he joined Jaken and Rin in a hut Kaori was lending to them for the night. She cooked up some meat leftover from another deer Sesshomaru killed during the day. Rin didn't mind, but both Jaken and Sesshomaru didn't touch it. Kaori fell asleep when Rin and Jaken were talking and leaned her head on Sesshomaru's shoulder.

At first, Sesshomaru was going to push her off, but she was so soundly sleeping, innocently. He left her there and saw Rin and Jaken staring at him.

"Look away," he told them and they looked away quickly, Rin accidentally letting a giggle slip. Jaken criticized her, but was quiet after a short time. The fire burnt out and Rin quickly fell asleep on furs that were set out for her. Jaken and Sesshomaru stayed up the entire night, keeping watch.

The sun just started to rise and so did Sesshomaru. He was trying his best to keep Kaori asleep while he slipped out of her grasp. But she awakened to Sesshomaru holding her waist, halfway through him moving her. She slapped him out of habit, waking Rin up. Jaken sat in shock at what just happened, unsure what was going to happen to Kaori now. Sesshomaru glared at Kaori, twitching his fingers, resisting the urge to kill her right there. Rin then awoke and Sesshomaru looked away, the urge escaping. Kaori apologized immediately after she realized who she had hit and he just shrugged. Rin, Jaken and Sesshomaru were ready to leave shortly, all saying their farewells. Sesshomaru lingered slightly behind, the one to keep the group waiting for once. He stood with Kaori, unsure how to say farewell politely and to thank her in his own special way. He didn't want to sound too nice, but he did want to thank her some way. Kaori also stood in silence, unsure of what to say. She was still slightly embarrassed about slapping him. Jaken and Rin waited patiently for their lord.

Kaori was sick of the silence and decided to speak.

"Um, thanks for helping with the huts," she said, looking away. Why was she getting so shy around him? She spent two days with him!

Sesshomaru just nodded. She was getting shy; he could tell.

"Um, thanks for saving me as well," she said.

"I couldn't watch you die by my enemy's hands," he said.

"I see. Anyways, thanks," she said, still shy being around him.

"We will meet again," he told her, turning to leave. Kaori stood their waiting, not waving or saying her farewells.

"Wait!" She yelled.

Sesshomaru stopped and turned back to her. He saw her running towards him. She stood in front of him, fidgeting with her fingers.

"I ought to give you something as a souvenir," she said.

"No need," he told her. "I don't need anything."

"You might not, but I do," she said, giving him a peck on the cheek. "We will meet again."

Sesshomaru didn't know what to do. No one had ever kissed him before. He stood there, unsure if he should turn and go, or give her a kiss back. He gave her a slight nod of his head at her then turned and left. The saying we will meet again in their minds after that day. And they would meet each other again.