Chapter 57: Epilogue

It was quite a sad seen after Kaori's death. A few days passed before Sesshomaru returned to the village with Kaori's lifeless body in hand. Inuyasha and his group hung their heads as he passed by them. Hannah told Sesshomaru how exactly to respectfully cremate Kaori's body so that the pearl was burnt as well and Sesshomaru, with tears in his eyes, did as he was told. He watched throughout the time the flames were in the air to the time they burnt out. Inuyasha and his friends along with Rougo and Myori and Rotush and even Hannah stayed with him, knowing full well that this was killing him from the inside. They were just very happy that Joo-yun was not there to see her father like that.

Sesshomaru was making the shrine right after the cremation. One in Kaori's village, in front of their hut, and the other in front of Kaori's house in her time. In Kaori's time, it was a small house, with a space for a special possession to be placed, but Sesshomaru still couldn't find the right item to place there. In the past, it was a podium, with Kaori's date of birth to death. Both had her ashes, evenly separated, underneath, buried respectfully. And each had spaces for flowers and special possessions and items for Kaori to be laid.

Joo-yun was taken cared of by Yori until Sesshomaru finally returned to Kaori's time. Joo-yun was asleep at the time, and he was slightly glad. He really didn't want his daughter to see his sadden expression.

Yori saw it instantly and dropped the plate she had in her hands and collapsed to the ground with tears. Jake even had to look away when he found the news. And when Joo-yun finally awoke, she even could see the sadness in her father's eyes, and remembered how caring her mother had been, saying she loved her and good-bye, and burst into tears. Sesshomaru knelt down and held her daughter close, allowing her to cry on his shoulder.

Joo-yun had to take a few weeks to recover, and saw her father's shrine for her mother and knew the exact possession to place in the empty slot. Running into her parents' room, she dug through the closet to find it. She then ran to her father, who was standing in front of the shrine and thrust the picture into his hand. He first looked at it like it was something very strange, but smiled when he saw it as tears edged his eyes. Their wedding picture. The one Kaori had taken while they were kissing at the balcony. Sesshomaru thanked his daughter and kissed her cheek affectionately and placed the picture in the slot. He later found the picture of them just standing at the balcony and Sesshomaru put that on top of the shrine in the past.

Inuyasha came by both shrines with Kagome and placed red roses on the shrines, while Yori came by once a month to pay her respects. Hannah, though barely knowing Kaori, came by the shrine sometimes as well to pay her respects and wish Joo-yun the best of luck in life and how lucky she was to have a mother like Kaori. Myori and Rotush came by once every other month to place small forget-me-nots next to Inuyasha's roses as their respects. Even the priest Kaori and Sesshomaru had run into at Queen Kaori's palace came by and placed two of the torches at the shrine. He didn't light them, but taught Sesshomaru how to so he could light it if he needed to. Rougo came by not so often, but enough to give Sesshomaru some kind words of encouragement and hope and to see Joo-yun and hope her for the best in life.

Kouga came by with some odd female wolf Inuyasha called Ayame and placed a dozen red roses with small tears lacing his eyes. The first day he found Kaori had died, he completely blamed Sesshomaru for her death, only causing Inuyasha to lash out at Kouga for upsetting Sesshomaru even more in a sad time. But since then, he always hoped Sesshomaru good luck in life and paid respects to Kaori's grave. Joo-yun picked flowers whenever possible and placed them at her mother's grave to respect her. But Sesshomaru did the most.

Everyday, he would go out before the sun rose and picked a single daisy. Every day was a different colour. And he knew, no matter how many times he would pick a single daisy, it meant Kaori more than three million roses. For he knew daisies were her favourite flowers. And that she didn't care of quantity, but of quality. And everyday, before Joo-yun or anyone woke up, he would kneel down to place the daisy and whisper that he loved her still, and he would never love another woman the same way he loved her. He would never forget her, and he kept her promise. And no matter how many times he told her this, every morning, he meant every word, and he knew she could hear him, because after saying those words, no matter what time or what season, a cool, comforting breeze would blow just by him, feeling like Kaori's kiss on his lips, and he knew she heard him. And he always heard, somehow, someway, "I love you too" in that breeze as it blew by his ear.