Summary: After the death of his godfather, Harry is wrongly accused of acting as a spy for Voldemort and locked in Azkaban. But when the truth is revealed the wizarding world is introduced to a very, very different Harry Potter.

Warnings: Dumbledore bashing, dark themes, slash, conspiracy, paranoia, and special magical powers! This is not beta read so there might be a few grammer errors, hopefully not spelling because I think I've finally mastered the spell check, lol.

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June 26th, 1997. Quibbler Headquarters

"Morning, Tom." Robert Henderson yawned as he strode into his cubicle at the Quibbler Headquarters.

"Oh, Morning Rob," The shorter wizard, Thomas Jacobs responded from the cubicle beside him. "Find any new stories?"

"Nah, but I was thinking we could do an article about Harry Potter."

"Why? Damn traitor's been in Azkaban for a year," Tom yawned. "What about that chimera they found outside London? That'll freak people out."

"No, we should do a sort of anniversary for Potter, a year ago on this very day he was thrown into Azkaban and the wizarding world was saved!" Rob announced dramatically, "Can you picture it on the headlines?"

"No!" Tom snorted, he paused for a moment before saying, "Ya know in a way the kid was the savior of the wizarding world, ever since they locked him up there haven't been any attacks by You-Know-Who at all!"

"Do you think he's really gone?" Rob asked.

"I dunno," His shorter friend shrugged. "I really hope so though,

"Whata bout that Sirius Black fellow? We haven't seen him in a while" Rob thought aloud.

"Didn't he die or something?"

"Why don't we say he was sighted in the USA!" Rob exclaimed.

"We can't make something up!"

"Rita does it all the time!"

"Rita's a bitch." Tom growled. "Seriously though, there has been a chimera outbreak, people are spotting them everywhere! Maybe it's a sign!"

"Tom, Chimera's are half baked lions or something, they're pathetic little creatures, what could they possibly be a symbol of!" Rob argued exasperatedly.

"I dunno, maybe of world destruction!" Tom teased.

"Oh! Save me from the chimeras!" Rob chuckled.

"HARRY POTTER IS INNOCENT!" A voice boomed over the magical loud speakers, interrupting the two men's conversation. Gasps, shrieks, and yells erupted from the room of reporters. "I REPEAT HARRY JAMES POTTER WAS PROVED INNOCENT BY THE REAL SPY WHO CAME FOREWARD AND ADMITTED HIS GUILT THIS MORNING."

"This is a joke right?" Tom whispered.

"Innocent! But we….the…." Rob stammered, suddenly a grin bloomed on his face. "Let's get writing! We've got headlines to sell!"

"But, Rob! They threw an innocent kid in Azkaban! That's inhumane!" Tom gasped. "We shouldn't exploit that!"

"Tommy-boy, this is a scandal! And a scandal means big bucks for us! Now hop to it!"


On the other side of London, Remus Lupin was traveling by Floo to the Ministry of Magic to meet with Dumbledore and the Minister of Magic. He was dressed in muggle jeans, a dark blue long sleeved shirt and a light jacket. Despite it being June, the weather was oddly cold and 50 degrees F. And from what anybody could tell it was only England that was so cold. In Ireland temperatures were high in the nineties.

The werewolf appeared in the Minister's fireplace with a small thump and dusted off his wild golden locks. He hadn't had time to even bush his hair before he left, in fact he'd just tossed on a jacket and jumped into the fire place.

"Dumbledore," Remus greeted coldly. He looked at this old man with loathing ever since he'd single handedly sent Harry to Azkaban. Dumbledore was the one who insisted Harry was a spy. Dumbledore was the one who blackmailed an entire wizarding jury to sentence an innocent fifteen year old boy to hell. "Is it true?" He asked.

In fact the thought that Harry was to be freed was almost too good to be true. In the corrupt wizarding world miracles such as this did not happen often. Dumbledore nodded, "It is."

"I would say you should be ashamed," Remus spat. "But that really wouldn't even begin to cover how you should feel."

"Now, Mr. Lupin, I think we can all act like civilized gentlemen." Fudge stammered.

"Oh and I can't be civilized cause I'm a werewolf right?" Remus snapped. "Take me to Harry, now. I'm sick of the both of you."

"Remus, please clam down, your frustration won't help Harry at all." Dumbledore said soothingly. Remus eyed Dumbledore with a fierce hatred and it shone completely through his brilliant amber eyes, but he sat down right on fudges desk and nodded for the older man to continue. "I am certainly not proud of my actions. I acted rashly and in fear."

Remus had to bite his tongue to keep himself from saying, 'whatever'. Ever since he'd found Sirius again so many memories of his teenage years had came flooding back to him. He found himself feeling and even looking younger after Sirius came back. And ever since Sirius had once again been stolen from him, Remus mourned his passing each day. "I don't want an explanation Albus. I want Harry out of Azkaban and coming home with me."

"I'm afraid Harry will have to return to the Durselys-" Dumbledore started, before Remus coldly cut him off.

"No, Albus. Your not sending him back to that hell. If you really aren't proud of your actions you won't simply move him from one hell to another. He deserves at least a little taste of freedom."

"They are his legal guardians, Remus."

With a few quick steps the werewolf was suddenly standing in front of Dumbledore and hissed angrily in his ear, "I was the one who took care of Sirius, Albus. I saw how bloody fucked up he was. Harry is a fifteen year old child, how do you think shoving him under the same roof as those cruel muggle will make him feel?"

"I understand Remus." Albus sighed. "I suppose Mr. Fudge can make arrangements?"

"For Harry to be living with Mr. Lupin?" Fudge gasped. "Well we do know of Lupin's condition and I don't think it would be…um…humane-"

"I'm taking the wolfsbane potion, Fudge, I'm just as harmless as a dog during the full moon. Harry's knows I'm a werewolf and he's fine with it." Remus snarled.

Fudge nodded quickly. "Arrangements will be made,"

"Now, to Azkaban?" Dumbledore sighed. Remus and Fudge nodded. And the three men flooed to Azkaban prison.

Remus' mind was flooded with joy that Harry would be staying with him, but at the same time he nearly vomited from nervousness. Would Harry really be the same? Of course not the same but…how damaged would the boy be? Remus remembered how long Sirius hadn't been able to sleep, how difficult it was to feed him, how far away Sirius seemed.

Would Harry ever forgive the wizarding world? That was what Remus really wanted to know.

When he emerged from the fireplace in Azkaban prison, Remus shivered violently. He'd never actually been here, when Sirius was incarcerated he didn't have the power of will or emotion to actually visit. It was so cold here. The werewolf yanked his light jacket tightly around his slim body and numbly followed Dumbledore and Fudge through the dark stone prison.

They were in a large room with a desk and a huge shelf behind the desk. On the desk itself was a gigantic book. There was a man sitting at the desk with his feet propped up on it, happily reading a book. He looked up at the party and smiled grimly. "Have you come for Potter, Minister?"

"Yes we have, please mark him out of the book." Fudge said with false authority. The man at the desk flipped through a few pages and then murmured, "Found it, yessir." He scribbled something in the book and suddenly a wand flew out from the shelf behind the desk and floated patiently over the book.

"Take his wand, Remus." Dumbledore instructed. Remus carefully tucked the wand into his jean pocket and looked back at Dumbledore. "Return it to Harry when you are sure he's stable."

Remus wanted to hurt the man for assuming Harry wouldn't be stable, but he was right. Harry would be furious when he was removed from Azkaban. The party moved down the hall and through a huge deadlocked door. Remus kept his eyes on the floor and away from the pathetic souls who inhabited this hell.

"Here he is," The man leading them announced. The four men looked into the cell and saw a lump huddled in the corner. Remus spotted Harry's glasses torn violently up in the other corner of the cell.

"His glasses…" The werewolf murmured aloud.

"Yeah, kid tore 'em up a few weeks after he got here. He tried to kill 'emself. He's still got some nasty scars on his wrists," The man said pitifully. "He hid the glass all over the place, we couldn't find it all, I betcha he's still got some hidden in there."

Remus' eyes widened and he couldn't help but call, "Harry!"

The bundle moved a little bit, but not much. The man leading them produced a key and slid open the bars that separated Remus from Harry. The werewolf wanted to run in and huge the boy. "Harry? It's Remus…" The blonde called nervously.

Suddenly the bundle moved, it came closer to the door. It settled in front of the door and Remus knelt down. He could feel Fudge's fear of the boy resonating against his back. Remus swallowed his fear and swung back the blanket over the boys' face and gasped.

Large dazzling green eyes peered calmly back at him. The eyes were so much more green the Lily's. Lily's eyes were a light sea foam green, but Harry's were as dark as the leaves deep in the forest. They glimmered brilliantly even in the dim light of Azkaban. Even as calm and serene as those eyes looked there was still that dancing green flame inside them, there was still that sparkle. It was the same sparkle that Sirius had.

His lips were pale and chapped and small and as perfect as a rose bud and opened in a shallow O. His cheeks were hollow and sunken, his skin was so pale that it looked grey in this light. But at the same time there was a sparkle there, a pale glimmer on his skin, Remus could hardly identify what color the glimmer was, but it was there. Somehow, Harry was shimmering.

Harry's untamable black hair spilled around him on the floor, it was an uncut shaggy mess, just like Sirius' only Harry's was longer. His hair seemed to shine as well. It wasn't dull and flat like Sirius' had been. It only enforced the theory that Harry was shimmered.

"Harry?" Remus whispered. "It's me…Remus."

Harry cocked his head to the side and peered into Remus' own amber eyes. "Who are you?"

"Remus…don't you remember?"


Remus couldn't keep the gracious smile off his face, "Right, Harry, right…" "But…where are we? How'd I get here…" Harry trialed off, "Oh well I guess it doesn't matter." He smiled adorably at Remus. "Are you going to take me home?"

The werewolf couldn't bite back his surprise. Harry's smiles were so rare, and even when he did smile it seemed somehow forced, but that smile, was so perfect and so…wonderful, so perfectly Lily. He finally smiled as well. "Yes Harry, I'm going to take you home."

"Oh good…I don't really know, but I feel like I don't really have a home …but it'll be nice to finally have one."

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