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Raven hovered calmly above the ground; her mind and emotions were at rest. She was a half demon, and she needed to be calm if she didn't want to destroy the tower. She liked being alone; silence was what really calmed her, especially with things going as they were. The situation was getting worse in the city, there had been a couple of escapes and attacks, and the titans were being blamed. It made Raven angry to feel the hate of the city. She had a feeling that the city would soon leave the law enforcement to the police, they had stopped getting calls. The city no longer trusted them. Raven put her feet down, someone was home.

She checked the security monitor and saw Beast boy and Cyborg come through the door. Cyborg was carrying, what looked like, a brand-new X-box. Raven sighed, and walked away. Beast Boy would be nagging her to play again. She went to her room and shut the door, suddenly she felt a presence in her room. Before she could turn she felt a horrible feeling in her mind, like someone was trying to break into it. She felt a pressure on her wrists and found that someone behind her was holding her there, a knife in his hand. He cut out her sleeve and pressed the knife into her skin. Her wrists and elbows were cut.

"It's time for you to die." The voice said. Blood flowed freely form her arms, Raven felt the life drain out of her, she screamed. Her powers were not working; the assault on her mind was too much to bear. Raven felt the world go dark and collapsed on the floor.

Beastboy came in, the new X-box controllers and a game in his hand. Raven was nowhere, probably sulking in her room again. She never did anything fun. He hid another bag; one Cyborg did not know about, under the couch and set the controllers down.

"Hey man," Cyborg asked, "Where's Raven?"

"Probably in her room again," Beastboy answered. He got the box and hooked it up to the TV, suddenly he heard someone scream. 'Raven!' Beastboy changed into a cheetah and sprinted to her room, the door was slightly ajar, Raven never left her room open. He knew that he should ask before barging in, but he had never heard Raven scream like that. He changed back and looked around, her room was dark, but written on the wall were the words like: "Titans beware" and "Get out freaks." Beastboy slipped on something sticky, he gasped. There was a pool of blood at his feet, Raven lay to his right. Her cloak was matted with blood coming from four cuts on her arms, she was deadly pale. He scooped her up in the bridal style and cried for Cyborg.

"What is it," he asked.

"It's Raven," he said, tearing to the infirmary, "She's been attacked."


"In her room, I need you in the infirmary." Cyborg dropped the controller and ran to the infirmary. Beastboy was already covered in blood, he had wrapped Raven in her cloak, but it didn't appear to be helping. Beastboy was pale, well a paler shade of green. Cyborg took Raven and laid her on a bed, removing her cloak, her purple hair fell back, fanning out on the pillow. The sleeves on her leotard had been brutally cut, as well with her arms. They were cut on her wrists and her elbow, two of the worst places to be cut. She had already lost a lot of blood.

"Are you sure she was attacked," Cyborg asked.

"She's dying," Beastboy said, "What other option is there?" He moved around to the side of the bed and handed Cyborg some antiseptic, liquid stitches, and bandages. Cyborg noticed that his friend's hands were shaking.

Beastboy looked down at Raven, she was barely breathing. Her alabaster skin was even paler. He felt sick at the thought that Raven might die. He reached over and pushed some stray hairs out of her face, smoothing her hair, the crystal on the center of her forehead was black. It was normally a vibrant red, or dark purple depending on her inner mood. It was black. He knew it was not a good sign. Cyborg was bandaging her arms.

"When Star gets back I'll have her change these," he said, moving her cloak away, "I'm going to take this to the lab. She looks like she's stabilized, she's lost a lot of blood, but I think she'll be okay. Beastboy, if she wakes up I want you to let me know. When you asked what I mean, Raven's been pretty depressed, we all have with things the way they are. You know Raven doesn't have anywhere to go if we're forced out. I just hope it didn't get to her."

"Are you saying that she may have done this to herself," Beastboy asked, horror in his eyes.

"I'm saying its possible," Cyborg said, "What did you see in her room."

"People wrote a warning on her wall," he said, "There's wasn't really a struggle, I

I think she was attacked just before we came home."

"Still," Cyborg said, skirting the subject carefully, "Why didn't she use her powers. She screamed right before you ran out, she couldn't have lost that much blood or screamed while she was unconscious."

"She was probably in shock," Beastboy said, not allowing his mind to even consider that Raven might end her own life, "We don't really expect attacks when we're at home. Besides, if she wanted to end her life, why would she scream and alert us?"

"I'll be back later to check on her," Cyborg said, "Let me know if anything changes." Cyborg left and Beastboy was left alone with Raven. He looked at the bandages; her bleeding seemed to have finally stopped. She was shivering; Beastboy went to the cupboard and got a thick blanket, wrapping her in it. Raven was still shivering; he hesitated, then got up on the bed and wrapped his arms around her, being very careful of her arms. She stopped shivering in a few minutes and slept soundly. Her breathing was slow, but deep and stable, her pulse had quickened a little but not enough to worry about. Beastboy heard Starfire and Robin come in; he suddenly realized his position and slid his arm from around Raven. He was not ready to let anyone know how he felt, even though Cyborg noticed.

"Hey guys," Robin yelled, he was probably wondering where everyone was.

"Friends," Starfire called. Raven shifted a little; Beastboy ran his hand over her

hair, hoping to calm her. She relaxed and he left for just a moment, even though he was hesitant to even let her out of his sight.

"Beastboy," Starfire said, "I had thought you would be using your device of entertainment by now."

"Keep it down guys," Beastboy said, "Raven was attacked."

"What do you mean," Robin asked, "How?"

"I don't know," he said, running a hand through his green hair, wishing he were back with Raven. "I want to go check on her again, can we talk during that."

"Yes of course," Star said. They began walking towards the infirmary.

"So," Robin asked, "What happened?"

"I don't know exactly," Beastboy said, "Cyborg and I came home. We had just gotten to the couch when I heard Raven scream. When I went into her room there were threats on her walls and she was bleeding. I got her to the infirmary and Cyborg just finished stabilizing her a few minutes ago. She's fine, for now, but she lost a lot of blood, and her crystal's black." Robin looked through the glass and noticed that all the cuts were on her arms, and all with reach of the other arm. She had not been stabbed or slashed in the chest, the most likely places for an attacker to aim.

"I don't like how this looks," Robin said, "Are you sure she was attacked."

"Why would she not be," Starfire asked, "Why would she be hurt and not attacked?"

"We've all been down lately. . ." Robin began.

"She didn't do this to herself," Beastboy interjected, almost shouting, "She wouldn't! Raven's not like that, she may not be as eccentric as us, but that doesn't mean she's depressed!"

"Calm down Beastboy," Robin said, "I'm just leaving the options open." Beastboy was still steaming. "Is she still in her normal outfit."

"Yes," Beastboy said.

"Star," Robin said, "Can you get Raven into some more comfortable cloths, those are probably soaked with blood, and check her bandages. I'm going to go look in her room, Beastboy, come with me."

"I'm not leaving Raven," he said. Robin looked at Beastboy; he had never seen him this defensive.

"I need you to show me her room," he said, "You're the only one that's seen it. Where's Cyborg?"

"He's running Raven's cloak though the lab," Beastboy answered, resigning to go while Star was looking after Raven. The two boys walked silently to Raven's room, which it looked like Cyborg had already sealed. Robin ducked under the tape with Beastboy and immediately smelt the blood. It was pooled to his right, close to the back of Raven's door. On her wall were the threats against the titans. He signed and noticed a tile loose on the cline. He got up on a chair and took a flashlight out. All the security wiring above Raven's room was cut and there were signs of moved and crushed wire.

"Well," Robin said, getting down, "It looks like she was attacked, all the security's cut."

"I told you so," Beastboy said, not comfortable with Raven's blood all around him, the smell was assaulting his senses.

"Well," Robin said, "They're gone. I was hoping Raven didn't try to kill herself. But still, why didn't she defend herself and use her powers."

"Maybe they caught her by surprise," Beastboy said, "It's not like we're always attacked here."

"Still," Robin said, "She's not usually caught off guard." Suddenly Beastboy smelt something, something beneath the blood, something foreign. "What it is?"

"I smell something," Beastboy said, morphing into a wolf. He smelt the ground right behind where Raven fell. 'Someone was here. He smells like her, but he's different. Similar, but different.' "I think a demon was here. Whoever stood here smells like Raven, but he's different. Doesn't smell like the tea she's always drinking."

"Well," Robin said, "You can do whatever, I'm going to go check in the security booth, maybe there's a camera he missed before the wires were cut." Robin went off and Beastboy morphed into a rabbit to get to the infirmary faster. He got there and morphed back into his human form. Starfire was just coming out.

"How is she," Beastboy asked.

"She is stable," Starfire answered, "Her cloths are soaked in her blood, I must wash and mend them." Starfire walked off, the garments in her hand. Beastboy looked around the corridor and slipped into Ravens room.

'Raven, I'm going to find our who did this to you, and then I am going to kill him.' Beastboy looked at her, she looked different in normal cloths. Starfire had dressed her in a pair of navy jeans and a purple haltertop. Her hair had been arranged and her face had been washed of blood. If she wasn't unconscious then Beastboy would tell her how cute she looked, but she was wrapped from her upper arm to her hands in bandages and an oxygen mask was over her mouth and nose. Her hands were resting on top of the blanket, on was by her side and the other was crossed over her stomach. He pulled a chair up to her bed, facing the door and took her hand. Raven usually healed quickly and she was not normally hurt this bad. Her hand was lifeless in his. He put his head down on her bed and fell asleep.

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Raven opened her eyes to a white celine, her arms and head hurt like nothing she had ever felt before. She couldn't remember where she was then suddenly it all came back to her. The pain of her head being intruded, the knife on her arms, it was so much pain. She felt her powers come to her and immediately took control of her mind; breathing in slowly and she realized an oxygen mask was attached to her face. She tried to move her arms, but they hurt too much. She looked down and realized that someone had put her in jeans and a halter; her uniform had been soaked with blood.

Feeling in her limbs came back slowly. Raven felt a hand in her own; she raised her head a little and saw green hair lying on her bed connected to a green teen sitting in a chair. Raven was shocked, 'Beastboy always snores in his sleep. But, what's he doing here?' Raven, under normal circumstances, would have removed her hand immediately and smacked Beastboy with it, but her arms hut to much to move, and she kind of liked the warm hand over her own. Raven just gave a weak, but still rare, smile and lowered her head back down. Receding into her mind where the pain no longer existed.

Hours past and Raven's condition still had not changed, but her breathing was steadier. Her O2 monitors were higher and her face looked less pale. This was the Raven Beastboy knew, she bounced back pretty quickly. Beastboy woke up, still holding Raven's hand. He looked at her unconscious form and smiled. She looked more peaceful then she had a few hours ago. Beastboy leaned up and ran his hand over her hair. He looked peacefully at her, savoring the moment. Had Raven been aware she probably would have smacked him for touching her. He leaned in and gently put his lips against her forehead. He drew away and noticed that her crystal was back to its normal amythet color. He smiled and sat back in the chair. Just looking at her.

Raven opened her eyes for the second time, her head wasn't pounding anymore. Her arms still hurt, though more concentrated at her wrists and elbows, not the whole arm anymore. Beastboy was awake and leaning back in his chair. He was looking at her with eyes she had never seen before; they had a strange look she had never experienced. Suddenly he noticed her open eyes.

"Raven," he said. "You're awake." Surprisingly he got up and put his arms gently around her. It wasn't one of the eccentric hugs he normally gave her; this one was gentle and caring. Before Raven knew what she was doing she was hugging him, gingerly, back, her head resting on his shoulder. Suddenly she felt safe, like nothing would ever hurt her again. Beastboy drew back and held her at arms length. "Raven, what happened?"

Raven, surprising herself, bowed her head. She had recognized the person behind her just before she passed out. She had thought he was gone, that he would never return, she had believed him to be dead. "I was attacked," Raven said, "I was just going into my room when he grabbed me. Then he cut my wrists and elbows, and left me to die." Raven felt her eyes water, she would never have believed him capable of something like that.

Beastboy looked at Raven while she talked, he noticed a very small tear run down her cheek. He reached up with a gloved hand and touched Raven's face, she gasped as his fingers neared her but did not pull away. He brushed the tear off with his thumb and looked at her.

"Raven," he said, his voice gentle, "Who was it?"

"I don't know," she lied quickly.

"Raven," Beastboy said again, "It's alright, he can't hurt you now. I'm here. Nothing going to happen."

"You don't know that," Raven said, "You can't know that."

"Yes I can," Beastboy took a gentle grip on both her shoulders, "Raven, please. I can't protect you if I don't know who's out there."

"I don't need protection," Raven said, she wasn't angry, she wasn't even annoyed; it was almost like she needed to protect him. Beastboy had no idea

"Raven," Beastboy said, "I know someone attacked you, and I know he was a demon."

Raven hung her head and shook Beastboy from her shoulders. Beastboy sighed and stood up, she probably needed to be alone. He looked back, she looked so vulnerable, Raven never looked vulnerable, he wanted to protect her, but he also understood that she needed her space.

Raven watched Beastboy get up to walk out. For a reason she couldn't explain, she didn't want him to leave. "He's my brother," Raven said, her sightline directed towards her knees. Beastboy turned and looked at her, a pool of hate, fear, and pain were reflected in her eyes. He sat on her bed and took her hand.


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