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The house was not a mansion, but it was big enough for four growing families with room to spare. There was an elevated porch surrounding the house on all sides, out back were rockers that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. Four women, watching their husbands play stankball on the beech, occupied four of the chairs. Each woman was content with life.

Richard Jr., now four months old, was asleep in his cradle right inside the door under the watchful eyes of his mother. Starfire had just announced that he would have a younger brother or sister in about eight months. She was blissfully happy with her life and was content to live at home with the (soon to be two) children and put up money from her inheritance as princess to fund their education.

Jinx was rocking slowly, humming a tune while holding Jenna, her one-month-old baby girl, gently in her arms wrapped in a pink blanket. She had found out shortly after the Ilgar incident that she was a month pregnant. Cyborg had flipped out when he discovered that Jinx had been fighting while carrying his precious baby girl inside her. He was still overprotective of the small baby and was loathe to let anyone outside the group come within a ten-foot radius of her. They all could recall a joke that the T-car would be very jealous of the new arrival.

Demeter rocked slowly, her stomach out before her, just four months pregnant with her and Mykial's first child. (If any of you can count they got married in February and waited until then to fuck, it's exactly four months after the wedding (it's now July). Wacca wacca!) She seemed to glow with an internal light and was making beautiful sea green blanket for her coming child. She hummed her own little tune while rocking to the slow beat and looking out over the ocean.

Raven was the only one without a child at the breast or in the oven. She was still blissfully happy. Beastboy and she had earned up enough money so that she could quit her work at the arcade and the bar, though she still made guest appearances, and switch to a part-time basis at the Orion. Beastboy had gotten a home office installed and could now work whenever he felt like it. Raven had also published several books of poetry, including My Meditations and The Paradoxical Reflection. Both of which had a huge following and had placed her among the top poetry authors in the country.

The four women sat in silence; they knew that speaking would ruin the moment. Life was the best it had ever been, and for the first time, it was going to stay that way. Most of them were retired. So, they had bought some oceanfront property on fifteen acres and built a house big enough to accommodate the growing families. It was a peaceful palace that was only a plane ride away from Jump City. (And yes, they have their own private jet(s) and airstrip.) Walking on the beach was a nightly ritual and the women had never seemed to glow so much. Happiness had made life a delirious dream for the eight heroes.

"Hey," Cyborg said, walking up the stairs to Jinx. "Are you hungry?" Jinx smiled, being a mother came easily to her, but she was still tired.

"Kind of," she said, "Do we have any left over spaghetti?" Cyborg nodded. Jinx stood, gently, and handed Jenna to her husband. "Here you go." Cyborg gently took the tiny baby and a huge smile broke out over his face and he cradled the girl in one arm.

"Hey baby girl," he said quietly. Raven smiled. Robin kneeled down in front of Star and kissed her, his hand brushing over her stomach that carried his second child. Star smiled into the kiss and put his hand over the skin that would soon be stretched again to accommodate the growing child. Jr. began to wail suddenly and Star stood up, flying to her son's side to comfort him. Robin walked inside, a huge smile on his face as he put his arms around Star and held both his wife and son in his embrace.

Mykial was the next one to climb the stairs, having tossed the stank ball in the biohazard container, and helped Demeter out of her chair. Mykial and Raven had long since put their differences aside. He helped Demeter inside, who had developed a recent craving for steak and eggs with watermelon and gravy. (My cousin is pregnant and she actually eats this!) She sat down and Mykial soon began cooking his pregnant wife her very strange meal.

Beastboy was the last one up the stairs, he pulled Raven out of her chair and pressed his body to hers, kissing her gently but passionately on the lips. The two were still madly in love with each other and had been trying for months to have a child, they had not been as lucky as their teammates, but it was not for lack of trying. Beastboy and Raven ate their tofu dinner and bade the rest good night.

"It's great that Demeter and Mykial are going to have a boy," Beastboy said. He was lying back on the bed and wearing black PJ bottoms and no shirt. Raven was wearing a black and silver (very scanty) silk nightgown and brushing her hair at the mirror. Raven turned and smiled, she set the brush down and climbed into bed next to her husband.

"Yeah," Raven said, "Mykial's going to be on cloud nine when that baby comes, oh wait, he's already there." Beastboy laughed and turned out the light.

"Rea?" he asked.

Raven snuggled into his chest under the thin sheet and mumbled, "Mmh-hmm?"

"Think we should have one?" Beastboy let his hand settle on Raven's shoulder. Raven smiled. She pressed herself up on her elbow and placed her own slim, pale hand over Beastboy's. Her smile widened. Raven took his hand and ran it down over her breast, pausing for a moment before continuing down over her ribs to her lower abdomen. She stopped moving and let their hands rest there. Beastboy's eyes widened in disbelief, Raven only smiled wider.


Raven screamed, she felt like she was being torn in half, the pain was becoming too much to bear. Beastboy held her hand; he had a towel wrapped around it to protect it from Raven's crushing grip, it did not help all that much. Raven screamed again, writhing in pain on the hospital bed, Beastboy's hand was close to breaking. Standing over her were the doctors that Cyborg had befriended.

"Isn't there anything you can do?" Beastboy asked as Raven's screams ceased for a moment. "She's been like this for over twenty-four hours."

"It's to late for any of our other options," Ben said, "And she's not responding to any of our injections. I'm afraid we're on our own. We're not sure how the demon blood will react at this point, it's to dangerous for them both to operate." Beastboy set his lips into a thin line and looked back on his suffering wife. Raven was panting and sweating, her purple hair was tied back but still matted on her forehead. Raven was getting weaker. Another bout of pain racked her slim body and rounded stomach, Raven screamed again. Ben walked over to the monitor and looked at something, he smiled.

"Raven," Ben said, "Hold on just a little longer, it should be over soon." Raven panted and looked at Ben, giving him an 'I'll believe that when it's over' look. Raven felt like she would break in two if this was not over soon. Another racking contraction was coming, she could do nothing to ward it off or voice her pain, the only voice she had left was dedicated to screaming.

"Hold one Rae," Beastboy said, his left hand trailed over her forehead and caressed her cheek. "Just a little longer." Raven could feel her strength ebbing.

"I can see the head," Ben said, "Come on Raven, two more good pushes and you can hold your child." This gave Raven strength; a small cry filled the room. Ben was true to his word; Raven's firstborn son came into the world and was whisked away to be cleaned up. The contractions did not stop.

"What's happening?" Beastboy asked as Raven's screams began again.

"You are the happy father of twins, we expected multiple children, it's her demon blood." Ben said, "Don't worry Raven, this one won't take as long." Beastboy held Raven's hand through the entire ordeal, which only took ten minutes more. Another wail broke the silence, but this one was not a blessing. "She's hemorrhaging!" Raven was still bleeding and her strength to live was severely depleted, for the first time in twenty-six hours Raven's grip slackened in Beastboy's. Beastboy unwound the towel and took Raven's bare hand in his own. She was barely conscious.

"Raven," Beastboy said as the doctors rushed to save her. "Raven, can you hear me?" Her half closed eyes flickered towards her husband, pace and exhaustion written in every crevice of her ashen face.

"Are they safe?" She asked, only thinking of her children.

"Yes," Beastboy said, "A boy and a girl now you hold on so those babies can see you." Raven smiled briefly. It was chaos around them as the doctors rushed to save the woman, but a small bubble of peace surrounded the two lovers.

"This is your fault you know," Raven said.

"Guilty," Beastboy said, not arguing but teasing, "But I think I had an accomplice." He leaned over and kissed Raven's forehead. The doctors got her out of danger, all she wanted was to hold her children.

"Those two had better be in here," Raven said, her eyes beginning to glow and random equipment began to hover off tables, "Or I'm going to rampage." Ben was not sure about Raven exerting herself in such a delicate condition.

"Dude," Beastboy said, pulling Ben aside, "Have you ever seen a demon go on a rampage?" Ben shook his head. "Put a mother bear on steroids, make her twenty feet tall, and then get between her and her cubs." Ben paled and ran to go get the twins. Beastboy pulled up a chair and held Raven's hand again. She pressed the button so that she could sit up and see her children come through the door. The two were wheeled in on cradles, one in blue and one in pink. Beastboy took the boy and handed him to Raven, taking the girl in his own arms. Raven glowed, holding her son close to her heart, his eyes were closed. He was the spitting image of his father, except he had Raven's pale complexion and a green chakra. Raven held him close and brushed his face with her long fingers; no smile could voice her happiness.

Beastboy held his daughter in his arms; he had never seen something so amazing in his life. His daughter was just like Raven, but with his green skin and a deep lavender chakra. Her little ears were slightly pointed and so tiny. Beastboy held her close, it seemed that she would break if even a light breeze swept through the room; he understood Cyborg's protective nature. He smiled. Raven, still tired but glowing, smiled and looked up at him. Beastboy leaned in and kissed Raven sweetly on her lips, all his love for her and the children pouring out. Ben walked back in.

"They want to see the kids," Ben said, "And I think the pregnant one will kill me if I try to refuse."

"Do you feel up to it honey?" Beastboy asked. Raven smiled.

"Three minutes?" She asked. Beastboy nodded and looked at Ben, raising one eyebrow.

"I can hold them off," Ben said, "But I can't vouch for more then three." Ben retreated and closed the door.

"William Garfield," Raven said. Beastboy looked at her.


"William Garfield Logan," Raven said again. Beastboy smiled and looked at his daughter.

"Arella Cara," he said suddenly. Raven smiled and her eyes filled with tears. "We'll name her after you mother." Raven smiled and kissed her husband full on the mouth. Suddenly Star (extremely pregnant), Robin, Demeter, Mykial, Cyborg and Jinx. They all hand children in tow and were being very quiet.

"Raven," Mykial said, "Twins!"

"Yeah," Raven said, she was very tired. "Twins." Starfire handed Jr. to Robin and hugged her friend, gently. Demeter smiled and rocked her own son.

"Have you named them yet?" Demeter asked. They had named their son Peter, for some reason that neither could explain.

"William Garfield and Arella Cara," Raven said, holding her son close. Cyborg smiled.

"Congrats Rae," he said, "You must be proud." He clapped Beastboy on the back and the whole group was happy.

"Lord know I couldn't handle twenty six hours of labor," Jinx said, "I never thought I'd be grateful for only a six hour labor."

"William was the trouble," Raven said, she yawned. They all fawned over Arella for a moment and turned back to find Raven asleep with William in her arms. Beastboy nodded at the other six and they quietly left the room, he put Arella in her crib and then gently detangled William from Raven, her arms still were in the same position. He set William down and moved them next to the bed, then he climbed up and took Raven in his arms. The heart monitor beeped steadily as Raven curled up in Beastboy's arms.

"You're taking my job again," Beastboy teased. Raven smiled weakly.

"I'll give it back when you agree to go through labor."

"You can have it."

"I thought so."

"I love you Raven."

"I love you too Beastboy." Raven and Beastboy fell asleep in each other's arms, both were dreaming of times to come and what they would name their next child.

The End

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