Super Smash Brothers: Master Hand's Fury

Chapter 5

Mario Brothers Unite! And a fox.

Xiao-Darkcloud: Alright. Um… sings along.

And you're right. If Young Link died, Link would die, but he would if he went to the past, but if Young Link was the one who defeated Gannondorf, and he…Gah! I'm confused!

Kitsu Kurasei: Er… Anyway… Yes, I said Hylian, but that doesn't mean the boy was a hylian. Heh. And Peppy is wise since he was in a different team with Fox's father, and Fox took his father's place. Also, because he is the oldest.

Baka-4-life: AHHH DRAGON! Go Jigglypuff! ATTACK!

Yoshizilla: Alright, thanks for the compliments.

Alright, now the battles REALLY begin!

Also, listen to the music that is shown in the beginning of each battle. It battle fits the song.

"Alright, let's do this!" Mario yelled.

"Do what?" Luigi asked.

"You know fight the fighters who were taken, and get them back on our side. I'll go first." Said Mario.

Mario went up to the teleporter which Goombario built right now, and warped to Hyrule Castle.

Hyrule Castle

As Goombario made the song Big Blue from F-Zero GX for Gamecube play, the battle started.

(Note: I will not be using moves from the game… Well, some, but most are from my imagination.)

(Big Blue Music starts.)


Link was there. His sapphire eyes had turned blood red.


And the battle started.

Link immediately rushed to Mario, striking him in the chest. Mario back flipped over Link and smashed him.

Link took out a bomb, and then threw a boomerang at Mario, and he was sent flying. Link gave chase and threw the bomb at him right as he hit the ground.

Mario got up and threw a few fireballs, which was blocked by Link's shield. Mario then used Mario Tornado, as he moved towards Link.

Suddenly an actual tornado appeared above Mario, and because of Mario's rapid spinning, grew large.

"Take this! Tornado strike!" Mario yelled out.

The Tornado flew forward into Link, who was thrown up into the air, and Mario jumped up, and smashed him back to the ground.

Link took out his sword and Spin Attacked Mario into the wall. Mario jumped right back up, and threw a fireball at Link.

Link replied with a bomb. The two projectiles connected, and resulted in a giant explosion.

Through all the smoke, no one could see.

"Link! Come back to your senses!"


Link charged through the smoke, and rammed his sword into a random object, who was actually Mario. Mario flew back, and right before he hit the tower on the right side of the area, he jumped off the wall, and landed a kick on Link's face.

Link flew back far, and suddenly a tornado appeared somehow. Link suddenly had an idea.

He grabbed Mario from afar with his Longshot, and threw him into the tornado. Mario was sent into the air, and Link jumped up, platform to platform, and performed a perfect downward slash. Mario flew down at alarming speeds, when suddenly he extended his arms, and landed safely.

Goombario remembered about items, so he put the items on.

A Pokeball fell out. Mario grabbed it, and threw it at Link, who was about to slash Mario in the back.

The Pokeball revealed a Beedrill, and the Pokemon flew off. Mario had high damage, and was about to be finished off by Link, when suddenly…


The Beedrill came back, with many friends, like a swarm. The bees slammed into Link, racking up the damage.

"Sorry Link, but it's for the best!" Mario said, as he prepared a Smash attack on Link.

Link fell to the ground.


Link hit the ground.


Link got up.


Mario released a smash attack. But…


Link had raised his shield just in time. Mario rolled over to his back and delivered a strong attack to Link's back, who flew into a crate. The crate burst open…but it was an exploding crate. Link was sent flying into the background.


(End Big Blue Music.)

"Phew!" Mario said as he came back from the battle. "That was tough! Link's eyes looked different though…"

"That because he was hypnotized by Hand. We'll get him someday. Let's wait for Link to return."

A few minutes later…

"Ugh…What happened? My head feels so sore…" Link said as he came back.

Mario explained the whole thing to Link.

"Ok, I'm going next." Fox said.

"Good luck." Mario said. "You'll need it." Suddenly Mario's voice turned dark.

Alright, I did a new chapter, whoop de doo. ANYWAY, since Fox was the next person you had to fight in the original SSB, after you beat Link, he'll be skipped and we'll go directly to the Yoshi Team. Pretty short, sorry.

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