Hey , I just wanted to put this at the end because well 1. I forgot a disclaimer and 2. to thank my, vary appreciated , reviewers.

DISCLAIMER: I soo don't own like any of the Harry Potter people in this story , only Tina Chase ( not the Weasley part either that's J K Rowlings), well I really don't own the name Tina either that's my Best friends and neighbors name, oh but I do own the name Chase ( its what I want to name my girl one day).

And Thanks to tho's who Review , there really appreciated because they just make me write more and more, I do believe I get more inspirational review on my one-shots then any other story's I've written , I will be writing another One-Shot tho it might be how Ginny and Harry came together, who knows it might be another Ron and Herms ( tho it might not cause im not really a Ron and Herm shipper but Hmm I might cause my friend sam love when I put them together) and just to show you wonderful reviewer how much I love your reviews I'll go read one of your stories or, if I already am ,I'll send in a longer review then ever.

I do not own any of the song's in this one-shot,

"Don't Worry About A thing" By She Daisy

"How Could This Happen to me, Untitled" By Simple Plan

"We Are One" also By Simple Plan, ( it might be called One tho)

This song are owned by the most Hottest people country or (what ever Simple Plan is)