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"Mommy…Daddy, why can't I come?" A very young Aislyn Ani Van Helsing asked, sleepily.

Gabriel Van Helsing, scooped her up and held her close next to his wife, Anna, the now queen of gypsies; well any that happened to still be around in the 21st century.

"You might get hurt." Gabriel said, his green eyes shining.

"When will you be back?"

"Soon, dear…" Anna kissed her daughter as the door to Valken's apartment opened to reveal the smiling man.

"Hey, sleepily head, have a long ride?" Valken asked, smiling at his niece, who looked ready to sleep.

"Goodbye, little one, see you soon." Gabriel hugged his daughter one last time.

"We promise." Anna kissed Aislyn's forehead and Valken took her into his arms.

Twelve year-old Aislyn shot up in her bed, shaking with the dream. For the last two years that same dream had haunted her; that was the very night she had last seen her parents alive. Since then she had lived with her uncle Valken and sometimes her Godfather Carl when Valken was off playing shows, as he was the drummer in the band, Red Nocturne.

You said…you'd be back soon…She rubber her arms and shivered, as though she was being watched. But…you never came back… A silent tear ran down her face and she shook it away. Looking at her door she swung her feet onto the cool floor of the apartment and groped around for a pair of pants. Pulling on some baggy black Tripp pants she roughly yanked on her boots and pulled her hair back. I need to…I should be out there looking…with Kate…not here…

Aislyn looked up at the old church, the very one that had been destroyed in an attack that had been passed off as riots. Its gothic appearance always gave her comfort, knowing that she had a set path in life. One that had been set by her parents and one she was determined to pick up.

"What are you doing out here?" A familiar voice whispered, as a hand was laid gently upon her shoulder. "You'll make Valken go gray before his time."

"I want to come with you on assignments." Aislyn said, resolutely.

"You're too young, Ani."

"Kate…I should be out there looking for my parents, with you and Carl and Valken and everyone else…"

"And you will be, in time."

"I can't wait! I've waited since I was ten! Wondering, worrying and knowing you can do more!" She shook her head, shaking away the tears that threatened to boil up and slide away. "You don't know what its like…"

Kate sighed and turned the girl to face her. "I didn't find out what my parents did until I was fifteen…at least Gabriel and Anna…didn't try and hide it until you were eighteen. I don't what its like to loose them…and I hope I never do, but do you think they'd want you risking your neck at twelve?"

"I…I don't know, but they aren't around to clear that up, are they? My parents just disappeared, Kate, and I have a right to help them! And I'm going to weather you want me to or not!" Aislyn had raised her voice and Kate sighed.

"I'd be butchered if I let you go off and hunt monsters and look for your parents by yourself with no real training…" Kate muttered, she seemed to be chewing something over in her head.

Aislyn dislodged herself from her elder and sat on the crumbling steps with her chin in her hands.

"Fine. Only in secret though, I'd loose my place if anyone found out…so don't say and word."


"And don't do anything if I say its too dangerous, ok?"


"I'll walk you back home…there is a necromancer about…"

Aislyn shivered, again, like she was being watched, but smiled.

Mom…dad…I promise before god and before this building…I will find you.