To Albus Dumbledore the War between the light and the dark was a card game. That is until he lost his trump cards ... to each other. When Severus is forced to turn Harry against his will, the world is in for a trip. Can the world survive the wrath of these two vampire lovers SS/HP Vampire fic


The sun sunk into the horizon on chill winters day in the year 3037 and the world went on as it had for over a thousand years. Muggles still wondered the streets of France and the world as though nothing was ever going to happed and were as ever ignorant of the world of magic that still surrounded them. Wizards still cautious of their magic but they two went about their lives never knowing of the dark watchers who kept them safe.

It was this that made a dark figure in one of Paris's many sky caf├ęs to chuckle. He had long night black hair, perfectly pale skin and the greenest eyes any mortal had ever seen. He was old thou to the earthly eyes of man he was not more then 16. His soul was a thousand years old but his body was forever that of a child. He silently sipped his tea and thought back on the many years he had protected the world.

"Are you mopping again my love?" A voice wrapped in silk inquired from next to him. The green-eyed outsider looked up and gave the other man a small smile.

"No Dearest. I am just remembering the past." He met the black eyes of his lover and held out his hand. The older of the two took it and pulled him up. With a wave of his hand, they were standing on top of their flat. The green-eyed man stood so that his back was pressed securely against his mate and sighed happily, as they watched the sun sink into the dark oblivion as it had since the beginning time.

"My dearest, if you could change the past would you have said no?" The dark-eyed man started as he heard his lover speak. With a sigh he turned the other to face him.

"My love, I turned you by order, yes, but never once have regretted it for even a moment. When you opened your eyes and watched me as I slit my wrist to give you 'life', I could see our hearts beat as one. When I took you for the first time it was the sweetest moment of my immortal life and every moment since has caused my heart to weep in joy because you are there beside me. As we watch this sunset as we did so many years ago, I am reminded why I love you so much. You are innocent despite our past and you will always face the world with just as much hope as you had when you won the war."

"We are the protectors and the watchers. We are the shadows, my love. But that does not mean we are with out hearts." The younger vampire smiled showing his glistening white fangs before he stood on his tiptoes and placed a butterfly kiss on his true love's lips. The two vampires turned and with peaceful smiles gracing their lips welcomed another night in their eternity.

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