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Chapter 6

Daylight had broken long before either occupant of the large bed moved. Severus sat up slowly and gently laid his charge in a comfortable position before he got carefully out of the large bed. He stretched his body to work out the kinks from laying against the headboard all night. He smiled softly at the small being currently curled up in the center of the large bed.

He swept dramatically out of the room, and even half dressed he made an imposing sight despite the fact that nobody was there to see him. He paused briefly in the kitchen to grab a bottle of water that he mixed with blood from his potion's kit. Severus drank the liquid down greedily and licked the little that lingered on his lips away. Once finished he strolled into the bathroom in the front part of the flat. It was done in black marble, and had a surprisingly vampric feel to it even though when he had redone it he had been human.

The dark-haired man gazed into the full-length mirror that covered the wall next to the door and frowned at the greasy figure looking back at him. With a sharp movement of his hand, Severus dispelled the glamour that hid him. His hair grew longer and shinier, his nose straightened and shrank, his teeth became white and straight with slightly elongated canine teeth, and his skin became clear and as powdery white as his childe's. In all he was a beautiful man and proud of the fact.

His childe would probably faint when he saw the real Snape. Hardly the greasy old man that everyone said he was. He smirked before going through his daily rituals of cleansing himself. When he was finished Severus made his way back to the guest room. There laid the young man who had in only a few short days changed his whole life around.

The younger vampire stirred as if feeling his sire's dark gaze. Harry shifted and opened his eyes sleepily to gaze at the other. He smiled lightly before turning over to snuggle with one of the large pillows that where on the bed. Severus chuckled lightly before gently closing the door. It seemed that mornings just got a whole lot more enjoyable.


Harry woke hours later when the hunger once again made itself known. He stretched out and yawned before turning to curl into his sire's side. Severus smiled as he ran a hand through the soft black hair of his childe. He gently placed his book down as the boy made a pitiful whine low in his throat.

"Are you hungry Harry?" His response was a small nod of the boy's head. He chuckled lightly as he pulled Harry to lie on top of him. The young vampire purred as he nuzzled his sire's neck. His feeding was different, lazy as they laid across the bed.

"Severus." Harry moaned his brain still clouded with sleep and fullness as he nestled into the elder's chest. Severus chuckled lightly and ran his hand down a long lean back.

"Have to get up Harry. The day is wasted and we have many thinks to do." Severus' voice was like chocolate as it poured over the sleepy vampire. Harry made a noise that his Sire interpreted as a negative to the idea of getting up. "Rise and Shine Childe."

Harry rolled off the older man and grumbled tired as he sat up. He didn't want to get, getting up meant that he would have to think about the details of his new life. Here in this bed nestled with his father's best friend and his sire to boot. No he defiantly didn't want to get.

The green-eyed boy turned to face Severus, a pout pulling at his ruby lips. Severus smiled as he stood from the bed. "Come on you lazy boy, you need to eat some real food, and I have things I have to tell you."

The mention of real food shocked Harry. He had thought that vampires only drank blood. He stood up quickly to follow the older man into the kitchen. Severus was already setting things on the counter when Harry took a set at the breakfast bar. Harry studied the beautiful mosaic backsplash and the glowing counter tops before turning eyes to his Sire. Harry felt his jaw drop as his thoughts spilled from his lips.

"Oh Merlin your hot!"

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