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The Sequel


A Darien and Serena Story

Disclaimer: Don't own Sailor Moon or characters, don't sue, just a broke college student, trust me, won't get much :P

Italics: Depicts locations, phone conversation, flashbacks, you know the dilio

It's the sequel! Excited, I know I'm sure as hell am. Here is their life after the honeymoon. Their love, lives, jobs, and making a family in such hectic times. Serena's career is booming, she was moved to head of department thanks to Darien. She leads all graphic production and marketing. And has been marked to the world, as the hottest new talent in the business. Darien Chiba, CEO, one of the most powerful companies in the world. After a blissful first 2 months of being together, the couple find themselves in that area where it's after the honeymoon, the love will always be there, but the fire, passion has somewhat dimmed. Especially since going back to work and all the things that come with that. How does love ignite again? Does the real world take away their passion? Or can they overcome all the challenges of life and keep that burning love?

Summary: Darien has had to deal with much since returning from the honeymoon. His first day back, Darien finds out his uncle, very sick uncle at that, has had worked on collaboration of Jadocite Co, since he purchased it, much to the dislike of Darien. It was a small rival company, so the best thing to do with that is buy it out. Darien's uncle fired the head chairman, the board has been fighting the take-over. Darien didn't like the idea of taking over another company.

In the mix, there is Deena and David left behind. Secretly, David Saramago has sworn revenge on the newly married couple. He begins to work at Darien's chief rival, Lace Enterprise, run by Beryl Jackson. A cocky, young 25 year old, flirtatious, fiery woman. She took over the family company after her father's illness and death and like her father, runs a hard-nosed rough company with bitchiness and ruthlessness to boot. She hired David to her side in order to get some inside dirty on the hot Serena and maybe get a heads up over Darien. A man she has desired for many, many years now and not to pleased when Darien jumped up and got married to a hot young little lady. What is Beryl's plan? Can she succeed and bring Darien, his company, and his wife down? And what about Serena, how will the stress of wanting to become a mother taking it's toll with having a newly stressful job and a woman trying to take your man?



Chapter 1 : Where's the Fire?

Chiba Estate

Serena found herself looking up from her plate. Darien was going over work as they ate dinner. They were in the master dining room. The master hall, with what would be about a 20 foot dining table. Serena cut into her chicken, and stopped. She put her fork and knife down.

"Is this really how your parents ate?" Darien looked up from his work.

"What was that sweetie?"

"Is this really how your parents ate!" Serena yelled down.

"Yeah. As far as I can recall. Mom ate where you are, Dad ate here and I was in the middle on the right."

"It's just weird."

"I told you, we could eat in the other room or in the living room."

"No, no, this is fine." She picked up her fork and ate some chicken. "Could you pass the pepper?" Darien got up and walked the pepper down. "Oh, and a roll." Darien went and got her one. He went back to his seat and continued to eat and read. Darien grabbed his glass of wine and just as he took a sip, he smiled.

"This is weird. Come on." Darien closed his work and picked up his plate and glass.

"Where are we going?"

"A little more closer." Serena smiled and followed him.


They found themselves sitting on the couch in front of a fireplace. Darien feed Serena a piece of his broccoli.

"Darien, what is that?"

"Jadocite last month's invoice."

"Are you still upset about taking over the company?"

"I don't understand my uncle's motives. It's a small rival, it could never compete with INC, now Lace, I would worry about, especially with that new boss."

"I hear she is a bitch."

"From who?"

"Raye had to do some legal paperwork on a team when Mrs. Jackson took over the company. Raye said she was such a demanding person, that she would be surprise if the company survives one year under her command."

"Yea, well, should have meet her father. She gets it from him."

"Anything I can do?" Serena picked up her glass to drink. As she was made head graphic designer, her workload was up there due to organization and production, but she welcomed the challenge.

"You can give me a kiss." Serena smiled and put her glass down. She reached over and kissed him. She laid her head to his chest. Darien pulled off his glasses and put the folders to the table.

"Do you think I'll ever get pregnant?"

"Of course!"

"It's been 3 months Dar, and nothing."

"Hey, but you have had to deal with a lot in the last 3 months of your life, Serena you know: meeting your true love, wedding of the century, a new position, a lot of stress. Trust me, in no time, little ones will be running around this estate. With us running behind them." He kissed the top of her head and hugged her tightly. "You'll be pregnant sooner than you think."



Chiba INC

Serena was in her new office with a view, going over the next production line of cosmetics and fragrances.
"Mrs. Chiba, your husband is one line 1." Susie handed over another stack of folders. Serena sighed and picked up the phone.


"Is that any way to greet your husband?"

"Darien, seriously, if you could see the amount of work I have, what do you want?"

"I need you in my office immediately."

"Can this wait maybe 20 minutes?"

"No." He hung up his phone. Serena groaned. She looked over one thing and signed off those documents before she picked up another folder with some new production designs in the works as she went to the elevators. She read and took notes the ride up to the top floor. Darien stood at the door shaking hands with 3 very successful looking people. Serena walked over to them, closing her folder. .

"Oh, there you are. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my lovely wife, Serena."
"Hi, nice to meet you."

"Serena, that is Ryan Douglas, Rick Matthews, and Cindy West." All three were senior board members, except for Rick. Ryan Douglas and Cindy West were old enough to be Serena's grandparents, both in their late 50s or early 60s. Rick Matthews were head of the junior boards, about 35 years old. And a handsome fellows with a successful background in marketing.

"Hi." Serena shook all their hands.

"Serena, these are 3 of the most successful members of Jadocite Co, they are looking forward to throwing a gala to welcome the merge of the companies, and I thought, you would make a perfect person in charge of that."

"Wow, that sounds great."

"Monica, will you show them around the company?"

"Of course, boss." Monica held her arm out for the members to follow her.

"Are you crazy!"


"I am a graphic designer, not a party organizer!"

"You have an eye for glamour, Serena. I just want you to overlook the production. I have an organizer, but I want you to be in charge."

"I have the new line of fragrances coming up, I don't have time to deal with a party."

"It's a gala."

"Rich word for party. There is so much work with organizing designs and...I just don't know how I will be able to work this all in."

"If you don't want to do, fine, Serena. I just thought you would like the experience, broaden your scope, but that is up to you."

"I have broaden my scope, I'm in charge of the department."

"Okay." Darien held her shoulders. "It's okay, you don't have to do this." He cupped her face. She sighed.

"I hate you sometimes."


"Don't why me, you make me want to do it!"

"That's my girl." They kissed. Darien turned to his other secretary. "Andrea, hold my calls. I'm taking my wife out for a lunch."

"It's only 11, what about the members?"

"Monica can then take them out to lunch. I want some alone time with my wife."

"I should really be..." Darien shook his head and kissed her. "Short lunch."

"When do I ever do things, short?" Serena rolled her eyes.

"Andrea, make sure Susie gets this folder and tell her to go ahead and let Michael leading the meeting. I'll get the recap later."

"Of course, ma'am." Serena made a face. "Sorry, Serena."

"Thanks." Darien put his arm around her and they went to the elevator. "That ma'am thing is so sickening."

"Try sir." They kissed as the doors closed.



Chiba Estate

Darien was coming downstairs late that evening a few days later, and found Serena looking over stacks for the gala. Darien wanted it here at the estate. She wrote down notes in her book.

"Aren't you coming to bed?"

"God, there is so much in organizing a party. Amira, I think was her name, she dropped off all of this for me to go through and talk to her tomorrow about."

"Wow, that is a lot."

"Okay, I change my mind. Amira can do this herself." Darien smiled and took a seat. He lifted a few books and looked through them.

"Wow, that is a lot."

"I know!" She wrote down what she liked in one book before tossing it aside. "Decorations, food catering, wine selections, guest list, a lot goes into this, Darien. Are you sure, you trust me with this?"

"Of course. Now, come to bed. It's late."

"In a minute, you go on." Serena went back to another book. Darien nodded and went back upstairs.

Darien was in bed, reading over a book, as Serena came into the room. She pulled off her robe and hung it up. She laid down on the bed and turned off her lamp on her side. Darien looked down as she shifted in the bed and laid on her side away from him. He rubbed her back, but continued reading.


"Yes, my love."

"I feel we that place."

"What place is that?"

"Area, couples go through after the honeymoon. When their jobs, real work take over."

"We have been very busy lately granted."

"I feel like our fire is gone."

"What fire?"

"In the beginning, we use to have the mind blowing sex, now it's..."

"It's what Serena?" Darien closed his book and laid behind her, his arms around her.


"You call what we did this afternoon in my office routine?"

Serena pushed Darien's back to the couch in the office. All calls on hold, as Darien wanted to pleasure his wife. She kissed down his opened shirt, before he flipped so she was laying to the couch, as he kissed down her chest. Her dress pulled down at her waist. Darien licked around her chest and nipples, before pulling one into his mouth. She held his head to her chest. Her moans, cries of passion still fresh in his mind. Along with the taste of her sweet skin. The skin that has flooded his mind since day one.

"Where's the fire, Darien? Where's the ripping off each other's clothes like the beginning." Darien shook his head of the flashback.

"You want that? I can do that now." Darien quickly pinning her to the bed. Serena laughed, as he attacked her neck with kisses and nibbles.

"Not now!" Serena pushed him up off her.

"And why not?"

"Because then we only would be doing it because I said that."

"What do you want?"

"That magically honeymoon. That month of nothing but the best sex in the world. I feel like we left it there."

"Okay. Why don't we do this. I can take a few days off maybe after the gala, we'll go up town to our mountain cabin: beautiful scenery, fresh air, Fucker and Luna would love it. And we can recreate that honeymoon magic, okay?"

"That sounds great." Darien kissed her. He reached back and turned off the light. Serena snuggled closer to him and they kissed and fell asleep.


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