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If you have forgotten the story, here is a recap, Darien and Serena are married, both careers moving along. Beryl comes into the mix with a son that was believed to be Darien's, but new light has opened that scandal. David and Beryl have teamed up to make the now pregnant Serena's life miserable. When we last left the story, Serena was kidnapped, so onto the story now. GET EXCITED! I sure as hell am!

Chapter 7: The Rescue

Serena woke up in a room with only one light. She looked around and found her arms and legs chained. Serena fought with the chains as she stood up.

"I wouldn't do that." Serena turned quickly to see the door opened and Beryl walk inside with David. Both with smiles on their faces. "Sit." Serena stood definant.

"I told you, she is a fighter, Beryl."

"I said sit!" Beryl gripped Serena's shoulder, causing her to fall to a knee. Serena sat back against the wall.

"What is this Where are we?"

"I told you to disappear, but you didn't listen."
"Your threats mean nothing to me."

"Cute." Beryl got down on one knee before her. "Witty. I bet Darien eats that up from you."

"Darien will find me."

"Oh, I am counting on it, sweetie." Beryl held her face. Serena pulled back.
"He will save me, and you both will be sorry."

"She says," Beryl said standing up.

"I would be terrified if I were you," Serena said.

"Me, terrified of Darien? Don't make me laugh. I was the one to tame him. He is mine and mine alone. I will not lose him to the likes of you." Serena stood up.

"I am his wife, you will never be able to claim that."

"Once I kill you and your child."

"You honestly think Darien will marry you once I am gone?" Serena laughed. "You are fucking crazy." Beryl slapped her. Serena brought her chained hands up to her face as she smiled. "Hit a nerve." Beryl laughed.

"Come David. We still have things to do." David opened the door for them.

"Let me go now and I promise to spare you." Beryl turned to her. "I promise you will be able to leave the country with all the money you need to live out the rest of your lives. And Darien and I will never think of you again. I am giving you a chance to help yourself now."

"Darien and I will be together and you will be the memory." Beryl closed the door behind her. Serena slid down the wall.

"Darien," Serena whispered. The light above her flickered.

Outside, Darien stood with the police and SWAT. They had Beryl's place surrounded. Beryl had taken Serena to her family's mansion in the country. It was rarely used, having renovated another home for her sick father. Darien looked over the stretches of the house blueprints. Serena's locator was turned on. Serena was happy Beryl removed all jewelry except the baby's gold bracelet. Serena fought to keep that piece. The heart charm on it, was a homing device.

"My wife is here, on the lower level?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then why are we out here?"

"Sir, if we move in too fast, your wife and unborn child might be harmed."

"I will not sit by and allow any more time to go by. My wife is too close to her delivery date."

"DARIEN!" Mina screamed. She was the first to jump out the car. "Is she okay!"

"How did you get out of the hospital? How is Lita?"

"Right here," Lita said stepping out as well. Amy was followed by Raye and Andrew.

"She's still in there."

"Well, send their asses in there and save our girl!"

"We can't risk Serena or the baby being hurt."

"Darien, I didn't want to tell you this, but 2 days ago at Serena's check up, I might have been wrong about her due date."

"Wait! What do you mean?"

"Her water could break today." Darien looked at the manison.

Serena looked up as the light above her flickered again.

"Darien." She could feel him close. The door flew opened, causing Serena to stand up. David grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall.

"They fucking shot her dead! They killed her!" Serena screamed as David forced her around and slammed to the wall.

"Get off me!"

"This is all your fault! You fucked your way and I will not die because of you!" David grabbed a handful of Serena's hair.

"David, stop it!" He pressed his gun to her temple.

"Die, you and your child."

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Darien appeared before her. He quickly helped her to her feet. Serena smiled as he cupped her face. They kissed. Darien pressed his forehead to hers. David laid on the ground bleeding out. Darien got to them and knocked the gun away from Serena. It went off across the room. Darien proceeded to beat the living hell out of David.

"Are you okay?"

"I am fine now." They hugged. The police came into the room. They tended to David as Serena and David left the room. Serena looked up to see 2 SWAT members lifting Beryl from the ground as she was cuffed. Her shoulder bandaged up.

"David said she was dead?"

"She wishes," Darien said. The girls ran to Serena. Amy was the first to take Serena to a stretcher.

"I am fine, Amy."

"Then you won't mind me being sure."

"Fine." Darien helped Serena into the stretcher. After just one examination, Amy pulled off her glove.

"You are 4 cm."


"When did your water break?"

"I didn't even know it did."

"Time to get you to the hospital." Darien and Serena smiled at each other.

"Our baby, Darien. Our baby is coming." They kissed.

In the hospital, Serena laid on the bed, as Darien sat beside her, helping with her breathing.

"Okay, heartbeats are great."

"That's good right," Serena said.

"Of course."

"Heartbeats, wait, what do you mean?" Darien said. Amy looked up at Darien.

"Mommy is fine too."

"Oh, of course." Amy smiled.

"Now, Serena, you are at 10, I want a big push on the next contraction."

"Okay." Serena sat up with help from Darien. Darien withstood her grips on his arm and hand. Within 15 minutes, Amy held up a hollering baby boy. Darien laughed as his son was in view.

"It's a boy!" Serena and Darien laughed.

"He's huge!"

"He's your son, Darien," Serena said. Darien looked at her. He kissed her. A nurse took the baby, as Amy laughed.

"Wow, she is really not waiting."

"She?" Darien pulled away.

"Serena, push."

"Push? Why?"

"Your daughter needs a little help."

"My...my daughter..." Serena sat up and pushed. Darien couldn't believe within seconds, another baby, their daughter was raised into the world. She refused to cry, as Amy patted her back.

"Stubborn little thing, exactly like Serena." A nurse wrapped the baby and brought her over to be washed like her brother. Amy cleaned up Serena, as Darien stood over the nurses cleaning his children. His children. Each wrapped in respected colors and brought over to Mommy. Serena cried as each baby was placed in her arms. Darien kissed all 3 of them.

"See, I told you we were having a girl." Darien laughed.

"That you did." They kissed on the lips. Darien's eyes filled with tears.

"You're crying," Serena said looking at him.

"You are too." Darien wiped her face.

"Here, your turn." Darien sat down and took the girl first, then their son. Serena sat up better and wiped away the fallen tears from his face this time.

"They are so beautiful, Serena."

"Of course, they are our children."

"Awwww!" Serena's parents, her brother, the girls, all of Darien's friends and family stood in the hospital room as the couple showed their babies to all. Everyone was getting their chance to hold each newborn. Flash of cameras constant since the babies were brought into the room. It is amazing how in the present of a baby, grown people turn into babbling fools of babytalk.

"Awwwww!" Raye said as she held their daughter and she opened her eyes at her, only to yawn and close them again.

"Well, what are their names?" Mina said shaking their son.

"Michael Ryan Chiba and Michelle Rini Chiba."

"Rini and Ryan for short," Serena said.

"Adorable." Serena moved into Darien's embrace, as she watched the family and friends surrounding them. Darien nodded and kissed her forehead.

"Well, I get to be the first godmother."

"What! Why is that?" Lita said.

"Because I would make the perfect godmother!"

"No, I am the first godmother, I knew meatball head first," Raye said.

"As I recall, we met Serena on the same day," Amy added.

"Well, I was the first to really know her."

"You and Serena hated each other at first."

"Exactly, we have been through the most to be sisters now."

"Whatever." Everyone laughed at the 4 friends fighting over who gets to be godmother.

The babies were brought home that night, approved by Amy. All 3 were healthy enough for travel. Darien came out from his shower to find Serena on the bed, both babies beside her. It was nightfall. The babies offically one day old. Darien smiled and slipped on some bottoms. He went to the dresser and pulled out a box.

"What is that?"

"Open it." Serena did. She lifted the new bracelets. Both gold with a diamond center.

"Look inside." Serena did. Their names engraved on them.

"Took you look enough." Darien helped her place them on their left ankles. Each baby confessing their displeasure for being awaken. Serena went to breastfeeding both of them. Darien burped one baby, and both newborns went back to sleep. "You would think, they were the ones spending all night pushing." Darien smiled. Darien placed them both into their crib by the bed. Amy told them to allow them to sleep close together, like they were still inside Serena. It was comforting for twins to be together.

"It has been a long day for them."

"Oh, and what about me?" Darien smiled and got back into bed with Serena. He kissed her.

"Well, you too." Serena moved to his chest as he laid down.

"Are you happy Mr. Chiba?"

"Oh, Serena. Happy isn't the beginning." They kissed. "I love you."

"I love you too, Darien. Thank you."

"No, thank you. My beautiful wife for giving me our children. Our children. Only 4 more to go."

"4 more!"

"Well, I was thinking 6 is a great number."

"6! Go to sleep, you have gone crazy!" They both laughed. Darien's arms tightened around his wife.


"Goodnight, my love." They kissed and let the sleep take them away.

the end


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