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It's been two years since she last saw him. Two years of questioning, wondering whether she made the right choice. Looking back there was never really a choice. It was difficult to forget, even though she kept telling herself that she already forgot; she never really did. She should really move on.

Kaoru Kamiya is a girl with sense of mind; she knew she made the right decision of letting him follow his dream, even if it meant leaving her alone, and forgetting all about him. So then why does she find herself in the park again, on the bench near the swings?

'I should really move on, wait scratch that I already did move on!' Kaoru thought with determination. She sighed, walking away from the bench and the set of swings. 'I haven't even found a job yet, I really should start looking,' she thought, heading towards the street, to hail a cab to go home.

When she got home she went straight away to call Misao, her best friend for life. "Hello? Misao, hey, sorry to disturb you but do you know if there's an opening for a secretary at that office you're working at? No? Oh. Doesn't matter, I'll just have to resort to look at the newspapers. Well I have to go now, got to check the newspapers eh. Bye" After hanging up she went to grab the newspaper she got that morning.

'Hmm, nope that's not going to work for me,' crossing out the ad about plumbing. Next she crossed out the ad for librarian; it took her about 10 minutes to finally find a job that she can do. 'Ah, that's more like it, a secretary.' So she circled the ad, making a note to herself to get her papers ready for tomorrow; but for now it was time to water her flowers. Her flowers that she loved too much, her friends and her neighbors said that she had the touch for flowers. If she wasn't drowning in debts two years ago, she would've still been able to keep the flower shop her dad has passed down to her.

She suddenly stopped watering, when she reached the flowers Forget-Me-Not. She smiled, remembering how she got the flowers. 'No, no, must not remember.' And so she suppressed the memories, once more.

Two years. He was different now; he wasn't the same old Kenshin anymore. He's more in control now; she made him see the world for what it is by casting him away. He really shouldn't be thinking about her, he should be concentrating on the business ahead. He was gone studying abroad, getting ready to take control of the company his father is going to pass down to him.

He searched around the airport looking for a friendly face. 'Sano,' he thought, he didn't even need to look at the face to realize it was Sano; he just needed to look at the hair. 'Still the same I see.'

"Hey Kenshin, my man! How are ya kid? Still short I see," Sano said after quickly shaking Kenshin's hand. Sano gave a Kenshin a quick overview and realized that he was no longer the same happy-go-lucky Kenshin anymore. His face was void, as if he never feels any emotions at all. The creases on his eyes, caused by smiling all the time, vanished. 'He's definitely not the same anymore.'

"Sano it's been a long time now. How are you how's everyone doing?" Kenshin greeted back, as they started walking out the airport, and heading to the car Sano drove. Sano was still the same old Sano. The hair, the walk, the everything.

"Ha-ha yeah I know. Well, everyone's doing great you know," Sano started off. "Misao is still with Aoshi, actually they're engaged. I don't know why ice-man is still with that weasel. Guess love really does work in weird ways." Kenshin chuckled in the background. He could imagine Misao, being her energetic self, all around Aoshi everyday. How he missed those duo.

"Megumi, well, she's a doctor now. You know how she's always wanted to be a doctor, she's done it. Me, well I've been great I actually have a steady job now, and me and the fox are still on," Sano continued.

That surprised Kenshin. 'Sano having a steady job never would've believed it.' That thought made Kenshin actually laugh.

Sano smiled, 'At least he still laughs the same.'

They were now off to the freeway. It was still a long drive to their destination. "Well, Kaoru," Sano drawled on.

Kenshin felt his heart skip a beat. 'Kaoru.' During his first week or so abroad all he thought about was Kaoru and how she pushed him away like he was fire burning her skin. Then he realized that maybe Kaoru was telling the truth, that she really didn't love him. He refused to believe that for the longest time, until he was so tired of thinking that he finally surrendered to that thought. During the rest of his stay there, did he realize that he was right; Kaoru didn't love him at all. She never returned his calls or reply back to his letters. Because of her, he learned how to be alone, and how to deal with anger and sadness together, because of her, he realized his mistake for falling for her.

"She's still the same. Always yelling, still a bad cook, and always bossing me around to get a haircut." Sano continued, not noticing how Kenshin suddenly turned quiet. "Hey kid, by the way, are you going straight to you're place, or crash at mines for a while?"

"I think I'll go straight home, gotta rest. I have to prepare for work, and take care of this hangover," Kenshin replied back.

"Yeah sure kid, but you better make sure you come over sometime ok. I have to show you my new stereo. The sound rips the clothes away from the women," Sano said, laughing at his own comment. Kenshin laughed too, thinking how Sano is crazy about other women, when he already has Megumi.

When Kenshin got home he went straight to his old room, he was planning on moving out, after all he was a grown man now; what would people say if they fond out that he was still living with his parents? Until he finds a place to stay he was going to stay at his parents place. He entered his room quietly, as if he would wake someone up, it wasn't the same as he had left it. When he left he trashed his room, breaking anything he could possible break, tearing up anything he could tear apart; but now it looked like it had never been trashed. His room was still painted blue, his bed still at the same corner of his room but with different bedding. His computer table now had a new computer, because he broke his old one by throwing it at the wall. There were now new encyclopedias in his bookshelf. He noticed something on his computer table, something not quite flat, he walked towards it and saw that it was the only picture he couldn't bare tore apart; a picture of him and Kaoru.

He smiled as he looked at the picture, but he couldn't risk bringing back the memories again; so he placed the picture in a drawer and threw papers to cover it up. He went to lie on his bed and closed his eyes, hoping he would fall asleep. He closed his eyes, but then someone was knocking on his door. He opened his eyes and found out that it was his mom.

"Oh Kenshin you're finally back home," greeted his mother, who instantly went to hug Kenshin. "I thought you would never return again. You're father in the study; I think he wants to talk to you."

His father, just the thought of his father made him wince. His other reason for going abroad, was to leave his father.

"Mother, I think I would rather save up my energy first before I see him."

"Kenshin you're father has changed. He isn't the same as before. I think he mellowed down since he had his heart attack."

Kenshin came back, because his father was sick and could not take over the company anymore; he wasn't going to come back if it wasn't for that reason.

"Ok I'll see him."

They walked towards the study, and there he found his father sitting and reading a newspaper.

"Kenshin, I see you're back home."

"Yes" Kenshin said sternly, he was trying to keep eye contact with his father, to show that he wasn't intimidated by him.

"Welcome home son," and then his father smiled.

Kenshin couldn't believe it, his father actually called him son, and never in his whole life did his father acknowledge him as 'son'. Kenshin couldn't help but smile back.

"It feels good to be back home."

And so they started talking business. Kenshin would stop by the company tomorrow to get to know the workers there, and then he would start the next day.

"So did you hear Kenshin's back?" asked Megumi, who was talking with Misao. They were at a coffee shop, drinking their coffees quietly.

"Yeah I heard, Sano called and said he was picking Kenshin at the airport."

"Do you think we should've told Kaoru?"

"Maybe, but then again maybe not; Kaoru's moved on."

"Yeah you're right, but I never really knew why those two separated," asked Megumi, who was confused why Kenshin and Kaoru ended the way they did.

"Kaoru told me what really happened, it took me a while to get it out from her," started Misao, she knew that she had to tell Megumi the truth. "She didn't exactly made me promise not to tell, so I guess I can tell you. But you promise not to tell anymore else ok?"

"I promise." Megumi was eager to hear the truth.

"Well you know that Kenshin never got along with his father right? They had a big fight about Kenshin's study, his father wanted him to go into business, but then Kenshin didn't want to go study anymore, because he wanted to be with Kaoru and so he moved out. Kenshin was helping Kaoru pay for his father's hospital debts so that she wouldn't have to sell the flower shop. But then Kenshin's mother had a talk with Kaoru, telling her that she should let Kenshin go, because she was holding him back to achieve what he really is. So Kaoru acted like she doesn't love Kenshin, so that he would leave her, and go study abroad. It took a while but then Kenshin did leave. Kaoru was so devastated, she really did love Kenshin, but she didn't want to be the reason for holding him back." Misao finished her story, and took a sip of her coffee.

Megumi was silent, she felt sorry for Kaoru and Kenshin. Their story is tragic.

"So that's why Kaoru had to sell her flower shop."

"Yupp, she felt bad for letting Kenshin pay for everything; he was using his money he got from his grandparents." After saying that, they went ahead to go home.

Kaoru was having the best day. She woke up early and got ready for her interview. When she got to the building, she was amazed at how it was so beautiful. She quickly got lost, but then the people working there were nice, and helped her find her way. She got interviewed by a man named Seta Soujirou, who smiled the whole way. She felt at ease with him.

"Miss Kamiya, as I look over your papers, I see that you are well qualified for the secretarial job. You will be the secretary of the CEO, so I expect you to do a good job, because if you don't we will both be getting in trouble."

"Thank you so much, you don't know how much this means to me."

"No problem Miss Kamiya. You start tomorrow. Welcome to the Himura Enterprise." They shook hands.

Kenshin was having the worst day. He had to get up early, with a pounding headache. And when he got to the building he couldn't believe how many people were there; and he had to remember all their names.

"So you will be starting tomorrow, you will have a new secretary, because the other one retired," said his father. "I expect Soujirou found an excellent secretary for you."

Kenshin just nodded. He was ready to work.

Kaoru was happy she spent the rest of her day just walking around; she went to the park again. She remembered how Kenshin use to push her on the swings, and how he always made her forget of her troubles. There was just something about Kenshin.

'Himura Enterprise, could that possibly be Kenshin's company? No, there are a lot of Himura's in this world.'

Kaoru ate dinner at a fast food; it was late when she finally finished her food. Shewent to go hail a cab; it seems that no one wanted to stop for her. So she stood here sulking, waiting for a cab. Then she saw a familiar head, a red head to be exact, she scanned the face of the red head that was driving; it was definitely Kenshin. She stood there, frozen on spot. She couldn't believe that Kenshin was actually back. All the memories came crashing back to her, and no she didn't want to forget about them anymore.

How Kenshin made a mistake of putting a note on Kaoru's locker, thinking it was this other girl's locker. How he made her laugh when she came to school sad and gloomy. The first time he said 'I Love You' to her, and how she stood there smiling like an idiot. She never said I love you back, because she was shy, and she thought Kenshin would know that. Now she wished she had told him she loved him. What difference would it have made?

Kenshin's car passed her, and Kaoru thought 'Oh damn!'

And so she ran after the car, calling out Kenshin's name as loud as she can, she didn't care about the people looking at her, all she cared about was for Kenshin to look back and notice that she was there chasing after him. She started to cry, two years of keeping it in; she finally had enough of it. She thought about everything they shared together. And then her heels broke, and she had to stop chasing after him. She wiped all her tears, and she smiled.

'Kenshin came back, he knows that I love him. Damn these heels.'

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