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Dear Phangirls,

DO YOU EVEN KNOW I EXIST? In the thousands upon thousands of stories that I have scanned, the numbers of them that even MENTION me are microscopic! Raoul-friendly "fics" are more common than mine!

I'm sorry to say that I have quite a bone to pick with these Webber and Schumacher men. Aside from giving my post as what is almost a fairy godfather to the honorable and formidable Mme. Giry, they portray Erik as almost pleasant!

Yes, I did save his life, but I have regretted it, at times. Even if Erik is a genius, both mechanical and musical, he is severely deranged, and a menace to society. If you still love him after he threatened to blow up half of Paris if Christine did not marry him (which, I hope you note, Raoul never had to resort to), then you are most likely deluding yourself, if you are not as mad as he is.

I have heard my role in the book described by a very wise person, whose name escapes me at the moment, as a "fairy godfather." In this, I am forced to agree. You must admit, there was almost no chance of a happy ending without me. One might argue that the whole mess was my fault, for I am the reason Erik did not die. That is quite true, and I did everything in my power to rectify that.

I spent months sneaking around, trailing Erik (have any of you ever tried that? Nearly impossible.), discovering the various entrances to his lair, and nearly getting killed several times. Not to mention that I hadn't an ally in the world. The good people of the Opera Populaire were terrified of me, for reasons beyond my comprehension, and Erik, while tolerating my presence, certainly did not go to any great lengths to make me comfortable in this cold, drafty land, so different from my own sunny Persia.

When I did find some stories that featured me, I was pleased and heartened by the favorable light that was cast on me. It seems that the few who do know about me like me immensely. Thank you, ladies.

From the flattered, if anonymous,


P.S.: For reasons best known only to myself, I cannot release my name. You may call me (the) Persian (which I prefer), (the) Dagora (a professional title, akin to the Chief of Police, not a personal name), or Nadir (that was about the only thing that Kay woman was good for).

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From Erik: I am, after all, the Angel of Music…

From Raoul: I'm sorry, but I do have to laugh. "…Most of them feel otherwise?" Otherwise, thank you for clearing a thing or two up for me. Believe it or not, you are pretty much the first one to actually sit down and talk in through.

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From Mme. Giry: Thank you for your consideration, my dear.

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Dear intoxicated by eriks music:

Thank you for disagreeing so civilly.

-Madame Giry.

P.S.: I assume you mean a Phantom, not a Phenox, or do you mean a phoenix? Whatever, or whoever it is, please inform him/her/it that I still sleep with a loaded revolver for use on phanbrats, as well as on Erik.


P.P.S.: Yes, I believe that such a huge and devastating act as destroying the Opera House severely strained my mother's affection for Erik.


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A preview for Socrates the Rat, Booby-Trapped Powder Boxes, And Other Hazards of Parenthood:

The setting: sixteen years after "that famous disaster," Raoul and Christine's house, then the Opera Populaire.

The characters: Raoul, Christine, Meg, Mme. Giry, The Emperor, Erik, various servants, and, Socrates the Rat, Plato the Starling, Nero the Cat, various other animals, and, of course, The Kids.

The problems: unruly children, social and political disgrace, possible haunting, and impending doom in general.