This is simply a light and for entertainment read only kind of story. I'm planning three to five chapters at most, so don't expect an extensive fic. ; (Receives glares from readers)

I've always written Athrun and Cagalli as warring couples. This time, I'm exploring them in a whole new aspect. I just thought it would be interesting to try them out as close friends. I'll update this fic whenever I free myself from my other fics. That's a promise.

Now read and enjoy!

1. One

16-year-old Athrun Zala smiled expectantly when a petite blond stormed into his bedroom without bothering with ethics, fire practically steaming from her head. He put down the thick Chemistry book he'd been studying for the last half hour on his desk and waited for her tirade to begin.

"Ugh! That witch is completely, absolutely and positively annoying with a capital 'A'!" Cagalli exploded as she paced the floor of his room, waving her hands in the air. "I mean, come on! Isn't it OBVIOUS she cheated in that exam? And yet the teacher still sided with her and awarded her an 'A+' when that dishonest little sneak doesn't deserve even a measly 'F'!"

"Hmm...Does this, by any chance, have anything to do with Fllay Allster and the pop quiz you took this morning?" Athrun interjected.

"Why, yes. I do believe it does!" Cagalli replied sarcastically. "How on earth did you guess?"

"Because whenever Fllay Allster is mentioned, your ears go slightly red and your eyes have little sparkles of electricity in them," he said with a smile.

"Humph. And I always thought only a fuse box could generate voltages," Cagalli snapped irritably.

"That's an incorrect statement, but right now I don't think you need a lecture about energy producing ways." Athrun tilted his head and pulled a seat out beside him. "Sit down please. You're making me dizzy with your pacing."

His best friend scowled but sat down.

"Now, let's talk this out calmly and rationally. You're upset over today's cheating and you feel helpless because you can' do nothing about it except watch Fllay win." Before Cagalli could open her mouth, he smoothly continued, "But if you go ballistic over it, you'll only get yourself into more trouble with your English teacher. And unfortunately, he isn't a Cagalli Yula Athha fan and he will most likely gleefully take any opportunity at kicking you out of the school."

Cagalli blinked, and then smirked. "Only you could ever read me like an open book, Zala."

Athrun grinned widely. "Isn't that why I'm your best friend since pre-school?"

She sighed. "Well, your analysis doesn't help my situation. I feel so depressed now. I hate that little witch's guts like she's a melanoma cell. But when I tell the teachers about her devious ways, they side with her just because her father is one of the school's top shareholders! She keeps showing me up and rubbing that fact into my face!" She scowled and banged her fist on his table. "This is SO unfair!"

"Now, need to destroy my innocent desk, it did you no wrong. If you want, I'll buy you a –"

"A banana split sundae?" she perked up.


"And whipped cream?" she added excitedly. "Including –"

"Including the chocolate sprinkles on top," he finished.

Cagalli jumped to her feet. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

"AH! I love banana split sundaes!" Half an hour later, Cagalli was sighing in pure delight as she let the creamy goodness melt into her tongue. "It's one of the best anti-depression cures I can think of!"

Athrun smiled. "Well, it better. I paid for it."

The two were sitting at their favorite ice-cream parlor 'Snow Flakes' and having their sundaes under the shade of a bright red sun umbrella.

"Still feeling depressed about –?"

"No. Let's not talk about that fraudulent snake and discuss on something else." Cagalli licked her lips and smiled playfully. "Like, have you confessed your feelings to Lacus Clyne yet?"

He colored lightly and cleared his throat. "Let's not talk about that either."

"Oh, but we need to!" The tomboyish blond smirked as she waved her spoon in front of his crimson face. "For all your outspoken intelligence, Athrun Zala, you are still a guy...a guy desperately in love with a girl and completely afraid to fess up."

He sighed deeply. "I'm not afraid of her –"

Her blond eyebrows rose encouragingly.

"I'm afraid of her rejection," he admitted as he spooned up his sundae. "She's so beautiful and smart and sweet and funny and adorable and popular and...utterly beyond my reach..." He sighed and stirred his sundae into a mush. "Why would she pick me out of her many admirers?"

"And what happened to all your 'Zala' confidence?" Cagalli said indignantly. "I thought you loved her! Trust me. You're worth ten times more than any of her other admirers! Unlike most of them, you have brains, looks and charm, and it doesn't hurt that you're the son of one of the richest man in the country –"

Athrun raised an eyebrow. "Somehow, the thought that she loves me for the superficial reasons that I have 'brains, looks, charm, and wealth' doesn't really appeal to me."

She shrugged. "Hey, you've got to attract the girl first. And then you cast your 'Zala' charm and make her lose her heart to you. So just tell her and get on with it already!"

"A sound advice, Cagalli. But it's difficult to follow," he responded as he spooned up the last of his sundae. "Don't worry. I'll tell her...when the time is right."

"And that time would be...?"

"When I feel the time is right."

Cagalli muttered something about 'men'.

"You just don't understand how it is, Cagalli. The feeling you get in your stomach when you're in the presence of the one you cherished from afar and opening your mouth to come clean with the knowledge of your love for that person. And then finding all your hopes dashed when she replies, 'I'm sorry. Let's remain as friends.' I just don't want to experience that pain."

Cagalli's tawny eyes flashed. "Oh yeah? Try me!"

Athrun raised an eyebrow. "You've ever been in love? Now that's cruel, Cagalli. I thought best friends tell each other everything." He smirked at her. "So who's the ill-fated male who won the tomboy's unattainable heart?"

The blond huffed. "After you just insulted me, why should I tell you?"

"I told you about Lacus."

"You told me about Lacus voluntarily," she rearticulated. "I don't want to share this information to anyone. It's my secret and my secret alone."

"Selfish girl," Athrun chuckled. "I always sensed you were keeping a few hidden secrets from me." He glanced at his wristwatch. "Ah, look at the time. It's almost five. It's time to get on home before curfew, princess."

But Cagalli looked down at her unfinished sundae so longingly, that Athrun sighed. "Fine, I'll buy you another banana split sundae. But this means I get a reward," he added impishly.

The golden-haired lass rolled her eyes and gave a mocking bow. "What is it you want, oh Supreme One?"

"I'll accept any payment you can give me, even if it's free of charge," he teased with a grin. "Just make sure my reward is something valuable and you wouldn't give it to anyone else."

"Well then..." She raised her body on tip-toe and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

He gaped at her in surprise.

She winked mischievously. "You did say it can be free of charge, something valuable and I wouldn't give it to anyone else, now didn't you?"

His heart lurched, oddly touched by her words. Then he cleared his throat. "Yes, you did. And I know you didn't mean anything by it either. Well, since I got my reward, I guess a banana split sundae is in order. Wait here for a moment."

Cagalli watched him leave for the counter and mentally slapped herself. Why did she go and do that for? Did she want her undisclosed affections for Athrun to be that obvious?

For over ten years, Cagalli had carefully kept her blossoming feelings for her green-eyed best friend a secret, and she had almost blown it in less than ten seconds!

She shook her head and her shoulders slumped miserably. What did it matter anyhow? After all, in the end, it was Lacus Clyne he loves and adores...He would see right past Cagalli when the lovely pink-haired girl passes by. What did she mean to him except as his buddy-buddy, his best friend?

Oh well, she smiled sadly. As long as he is long as he is smiling...I won't wish for anything more.

It was a lie. But hey, she would do anything for her bestest best friend.

Even lie to herself.

To be continued...