Wow! All of you people liked my story! Thanks so much for your reviews, it made my day (morning…urg.)…and the anonymous reviews are no longer locked out, thanks to Yucina101! So in response to reviews:

WarrinPeace Thanks so much! Well, I'd intended it to be a one-shot and so I tried to wrap up loose ends in the conclusion of the story but! Since you liked it so much I'm going to go back and do some of the before-the-story fanfiction. That suicide scene is coming up soon for sure ("Ribbons of Red"), if I can get myself out of this hole I dug during this story! Thanks again!

Yucina101 Aww, thanks! I really liked reading that review because the real-life-ish thing was what I was going for…it took so many rewrites to try and make the story less contrived! See above for my plans for the story. Thank you! Ah yes, and thank you for letting me know that I was locking out anonymous reviews…didn't know that!

ChaiGirl Thanks sweetie! A sequel/prequel thing is going through my head now, so maybe it'll be up soon! You are really giving me inspiration! Thanks ;)

Riderazzo Thanks a lot! I love reading these reviews, they really make my day! I promise, I'm working on it as hard as I can! Not really sure what you meant by "Only Warren's dad is in prison", but if I'm thinking correctly I think you meant "Where's his mom?"…I decided she was dead. This isn't really a romance story, so there's no Warren/Layla here for the time being. My summer's just hit its critical stage, what with showing horses and working and all, and I have to be moved out soon; but I'll try really hard to get this updated! Plus, I sort of wrote myself into a corner and I have to figure out how to get out of it ;). Thanks so much though for your enthusiasm! I love it!

Stephanie Clear Thank you! Yes, the ending was really a dilemma for me, so it's nice to hear people's reactions to it. Some people liked it, some didn't. I agree with you that quite often, a lot of depressive-typed characters inevitably get the 'cutting' stereotype in a story. Often it's handled without delicacy, which I'm sure I'm guilty of myself, and it's too bad. I know that cutting is really nothing to be taken lightly; I have two friends who routinely talk to each other and me about their 'new pattern' and it, while not a sensitive issue for them, really isn't a subject for light discussion. Thanks for bringing it up and thanks for the review!

Kenzimone You're very welcome! I'll do my best to get some more stuff on the table soon!

Celestial Pendent Thanks so much! That's what I like to hear ;) Thanks for commenting on the nickname!

Lady Cela sniffle OMG you're so nice! Thank you so much! I specialize in humor, so that's mostly what you're going to see – although I'm not terribly funny – but I'm going to try and put up some more, more serious stories soon. Thanks so much!

Kal's Gal Your wish is my command ;)

HarpyBlackhawk Aww, thank you! I'm really trying for the definition of Will and Warren's friendship, so that comment was nice to read. Thanks so much!

Un jour or l'autre Thank you! Yeah the fight scene was interesting to write for sure…I could've made it more vile but I figured, eh, it's ok as it is. Thanks for reviewing, and keep going with your own stories, I love them!

Silver-midnite Hey! Yes, the author's note is true, I'll be writing the sequel soon. It's in progress now but is suffering from OOC-ness and preachy-ness, so I'm erasing and going back to the drawing board. I like the slash idea but I think maybe you should write it as I'm not brave enough! Thanks again!

Goddess Artemis Hey, maybe. That's a nice idea! I'll write more soon, but currently I have a lot on my plate (see profile page…ugh). Thanks for your constant reviewing!

Victoria Wolf All right! It is on the way. Warren was my favorite character before the movie as well ;).

Skittles the Sugar Fairy Nice name ;) Thanks so much! I love hearing these reviews, you guys make my day!

Rabid Fangirl Huh, well I am currently working on such a thing, though I don't think it'll work out very well as I'm not terribly good at slash fanfiction however I'm doing my best, rest assured . Hmm, you've found some yaoi already between these two? Please share the internet addresses? Please?