VANQUISHED! A Very Stupid Fiction 

Will and Warren have just vanquished an evil robot that was attempting to chomp citizens of the downtown traffic jam

"Well," Will said, turning back to his friend as the fire department began to remove the debris - and the remains of the giant robot - from Broadway, "What's next?" Warren pulled out a battered and rolled-up packet from his pocket and began to read aloud.

"'After you have vanquished your villain/robot/space alien scum, evaluate the cost-of-repairs ratio of your powers to that of your nemesis...'" The downtown commuters watched, agape, as the two boys argued over how much comparative damage they had done. The fire marshal turned to the mayor in disbelief.

"We're the subjects of a HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT?" They turned back as Will threw up his hands in exasperation.

"Fine! Have it your way! Why do we need to do this packet anyway? We vanquished the monster, didn't we?"

Warren snorted from where he was standing, using a nearby lightpole as a desk for the paper and scribbling away furiously. "Me Will Stronghold! Punch monsters!" Will grabbed him around the waist and lifted them both into the air. As they flew away the Mayor heard distinctly,

"I'll punch you next!"

"Oh, bring it!"

Teenaged boys, he sighed to himself as he headed for city hall.

A/N: Next up? "LAME!" starring Will and Warren once again, as they make bad puns and rate them on a scale of 1-10. Silliness ensues.