Yes, I have Author Notes. I wonder if that's breaking the rules, but I don't give a crud. (rebel me, YAY REBEL ME)

I thought this oneshot was good, especially since it WAS my first BB/Rea fanfiction. Although they seem albeit OOC…it was good, and I have pretty high standards to calling a piece of my own work: good.

That's all I have to write for Author Notes, since there isn't much to say about this…but I DO have review replies. And guess what, I GOT MY FIRST FLAME! YAY ME! I consider it a flame, and you'll see why. (:

Note: I listened to the Spirit soundtrack while writing this. Oo;; I've been listening to the soundtrack for unhealthy amounts of time. Dunno why, I haven't listened to it for a while. But it DOES help you write, and…somehow…ups your vocabulary. ;; I know, very strange. …o-o

Review Replies(italics the review and normal review replies)

InkBlotted Chakra: Aww, fluffyness! )
Thanks, I love fluff, fluff's my middle name! Well, not really…(P.S. I FINNALLLY decided to read a few fanfictions of yours, you're a heck a talented, a lot better than me)

Matt-Roinette(my first flame): Spacing is your best friend, not that I'm trying to hint anything here, but you need to space so it's easier to read.
Ok, I know you're probably like: WTF! (if you're reading this) but the reason I consider your review a flame is that it said nothing GOOD about my fanfiction. Nothing at all…but don't think I won't keep your "constructive criticism" in mind. I will try and space double on here, since fanfiction in a brat and scrunches all the writing. So, you win fame and fortune for being my first flame! Well, not really…

Dragon Gurl: one word. Wait, make that four words: Abosolutely incredible. And beautiful.
Four words: Thank you very much!

bmd: wow that was really good. I think you dont have to add any more because that was really ending. It may seem short, but thats as long as it needed to be
Aw, thanks.

Windy Days: Fascinating! I loved it!
Yea, I know, huh? Just kidding! Thankyou for your review

The Ubu: That was cute! I love little well written one-shots like this. You did a very good job, bravo!

Keep up the good work!

Thank you! –giggle- I will try to keep up the…good work.

Sorry if I missed any reviews(stupid e-mail system), thanks to all!

Things I will keep in mind: Space more(really need to work on that Oo) and try to put more depth in my poems, even though I haven't had much "life experience" so…yea…