The cost of war.

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A/N- please note that this story is going to be outside the TV show. The factory happened and all of that but it was with a different set of hunters. Onto the story


It has been almost a century since the Factory and the explosion that caused the war. It is now the year 3000 and the war between the witches and the normals has exploded and ravaged the world almost beyond repair.

Solomon finally became public with the fight it wages against witches, taking their example from Zaizen almost 50 years after the fact, and, trying to purify the human race declared anyone who was for the witches, even if they were normal, a witch. However strong resistance was built up, sickened by the violence against people who most thought of as human beings, regardless of power. The resistance was also built up in an attempt to restore the world peace, order and attempt to reconstruct the world, and in almost every single country peace reigns, witches and normals living side by side in harmony.

One last holdout remains however. In the western United States, one last strong hold of witches remains to be eradicated, about the population of New York City. The generals that have lead the United States armies in the past have been hardened beyond all repair against witches. The one who rules the witches loathes the general, for unnamable cruelties against captured witches. The witches know that they don't stand a chance, however they stand up rather than submit.

Now a new leader has come to rule the witches, and it is the second year of this particular general's reign of terror. They haven't even seen a picture of each other however they loathe each other because of what tradition says. And that's where our story begins.

A/N- ok yeah I know that this chapter is very short. It's just a prologue explaining what's been going on in the world. A Normal is someone who isn't a witch…I don't have a better name for them