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The war ended and peace was declared. The world itself seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as the news was sent forth from America. The celebrations that acceptance was now practiced worldwide went on for days.

The only news in the days following that, was the incredulous report that the Queen Eve of the American witches and the General of the American natural army had wed, indeed that was the reason peace had been declared.

There were fanatics here and there who thought that it was an abomination butrevolts were quickly squashed.

Lieutenant Sakaki of the Natural's army, it was discovered was a part blooded witch, it was discovered, with extremely powerful healing qualities. Once he learned how to harness his powers he could, much to Nagira and his father Eddie's joy, heal Kayla. They are now quite happy and living in a better home closer to the palace because of Nagira's frequency there.

"NAGIRA! STOP IT!" yelled Amon, rolling his eyes. The novelty of having a brother had soon worn out. "I've told you not to run in the halls of the palace before. What if you run into someone?" "Ahh…but Amon you always have a way to stop me if I am actually about to run into someone." Growling, but admitting the truth the ex-general turned on his power and scanned the castle for his wife.

'Cook said these need to be delivered to Mr. Nagira'

'How should I tell him how should I tell him how should I tell him'

'Dammit Amon stop interfering with my hallway running. Try it, you might loosen up old man'

Amon growled out loud at what Nagira had just thought and scanned back to the thought before his, realizing he had passed over his wife. "Hmm….wonder what she has to tell me."

Amon snuck into his wife's room and saw her pacing back and forth across the floor, dress train dragging behind her. "So what is it you need to figure out how to tell me?" he smirked. Robin glared at him for eavesdropping on her thoughts. "Well since you enjoy using those powers so much why don't you use them now?" Amon closed his eyes and channeled his power.

'I'm pregnant.'

His eyes snapped open and he took his wife into his arms laughing and kissing her with joy.

One thought was going through his head. If this, in the very end, was the cost of war….he had to say he didn't mind it one bit.

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