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A RobinxRaven vampire lemon, you know you want to read it. Its a bit differant, I promise. SPECIAL THANKS to Mark, thinker of cool japanese words (houkounin).

Chapter 1: Vampires and houkounin.

Bells were going off in her head, telling her she had to feed. She had put if off too long, and now her throat burned like fire and her stomach was clenching.

"Shit, I let it go too long." Raven tried to build up the power to fly, but fell back to the ground in a heap. The hunger pulled at her more. Her fingers and other joints hurt to move. She was afraid for her life, being a vampire it was hard to tell when she would have to feed, sometimes it was months in between meals. This hunger hit her in her sleep, and she slept through it for an hour or so. By the time it was bad enough to wake her most of her power had been depleated, and now she was looking at two options. On one hand she could die and let her team mates wonder, and on the other she could feed off of one of her team mates, breaking a promise she had made to herself. It wasnt as if it would kill them even, it was just a violation.

"Unghh" The pain got worse in her body just as she was reaching for her door. She crawled out into the hallway, glad that it was well after two AM. She would never make it to town in time like this. Her self preservation Instincts took over and she made the decision to feed off of a team mate. Contrary to popular belief most people who were fed upon never even knew it, the holes healed up almost instantly, and most slept right through it.

"No I cant die yet.." Raven began crawling towards Robins room, his was the closest. She eventually got o the door, It opened easily and she could see Robin sleeping on his bed. As weak as her powers were when the anticipation hit her she regained a little, and floated over to his bed. Trying to keep a lock on his mind so he would remain asleep. She didnt want to do this to him, but she had no other choice. It was eat or die. She lowered herself onto the bed near Robin, and pulled him close to her. His head lolled to one side exposing his neck to her nicely. She lowered her head towars his neck, her fanghs descending and then the unthinkable happened. Robins tremendous mental discipline overcame her sleeping spell and he woke up and saw her.

"Raven? What are you doing?"

She saw something akin to fear in his eyes and fled the room, her powers peaking for a minute or so as she floated back to her room as quicly as she could. She could hear Robin calling her from behind. "Raven come back whats wrong?"

She made it back to her room and shut her door, she landed hard on her bed and waited for death to come.

Robin threw his clothes on and ran for the roof. That was where she always went in times of distress. For a second he thought he had seen her with fangs.

'It looked like she was going to bite me, could I have been right?'

Robin forced his suspicions to the back of his mind as be broke out onto the roof calling her name. He couldnt find her there, so he ran back towards her room.

"Raven, are you in there? Are you alright?"

"Go away."

Robin heard something drop in the room, it sounded like a body hitting the floor. He forced the door open and was shocked to see Raven sprawled out on the floor by the bed. He picked her up and put her back in bed.

"Raven, wake up whats going on? Whats wrong?"

Raven began to stir. "Robin you have to get away, I cant help it."

"I know Raven, Its ok, I know what you are."

"No you dont, you dont know now leave before I cant help it."

"Its ok, its ok. I'm here, I dont mind Raven."

"You really dont know what your talking about Robin you have to leave me alone now."

"Raven, I know your a vampire. Ive wondered for a long time. Tonight just proved it for me, come on. You need to feed."

"I cant do that to you. ahhhrggg."

"Raven come on before its too late."

Raven was growing paler by the minute and Robin was starting to worry. He got into the bed with her and held her mouth to his neck. It was cold and clammy. "Come on Raven its alright."

He pulled her away for a second to see if she was awake, he couldnt tell with her hood on but he saw her fangs growing. She brought up her hands, which had previously been limp at her side and grabbed Robin in a strong grip and held him down. "Im sorry" She said. It sounded like growl. Robin felt her mouth on his neck and for the first time in a long time, he was scared for his life.

Raven inhaled the scent of Robins fear, in her current state it was appealing, and gave her power. She licked his neck, tasting the salt of his skin. He was almost trembling beneath her, and drunken with power she closed her mouth over his neck and bit. Robin cried out with shock, this ellicited a moan from Raven. Robin held onto her, his head was spinning. As the pain subsided he could feel his very essence flowing out of him into her. She wasnt drinking quickly, she had set a slow enough pace that she could do this for some time before he was endangered by it.

Raven moaned again, the warm thick liquid slid down her throat cooling the burning. It slid into her stomach with ease and warmth spread through her entire body, but she still needed more. She wrapped her arms around Robin beneath her and held him close. She was trying to be as gentle as one could in this situation. The blood was so sweet, the best she had ever had by far. She lessened the flow even more, wanting the sensation to last. Even at a slow flow the blood had the effects on her most blood did at a high flow. Normally blood quality was dictated by age strength fitness and purity, niccotine alcohole and drugs soiled the blood. It was obvious Robin had never sampled any of these things. This was the blood of royalty. The blood in her stomach was pulsing with energy, a sign that she was overly full. She broke away from Robin and looked at him, he was refusing to let her go. The wound on his neck healed before her eyes.

"Robin, Im done. Its all done Robin, I'm so sorry." She wanted to cry now, Robin would fear her forever.

"No not yet. Take more, I'm ok."

Ravens jaw almost dropped. This was an unexpected benefit. Robin, it seemed was a houkounin, a human bred to be fed upon. These humans were special, after their first bite they developed an extreme loyalty to their vampire, and after a while being fed upon was quite a plesurable experience. She had walked the earth for twenty years and never once met another vampire that had one they were so rare, but of course any that did have them would keep them hidden. But the last known houkounin born had been seventy five years before. Voorays also had the useful tallent of replenishing their blood quickly, and their vampire masters usually fed on them almost every night, while they only needed to feed every few weeks, months even.

"Mmmm" was all Raven could say. Robin was glowing underneath her, and panting. He still had not let her go and was arching from time to time, trying to tempt her into biting again. Raven had never felt this empowered. "What do you want my little bird?"

Robin moaned, obviously taking pleasure from her referring to him as hers. "For you to feed. Please."

Robin arched himself again, bringing their pelvic areas into contact and he shuddered and moaned some more. She leaned down and took his lips, before nibbling her way down to his neck, on the other side of it. She breathed on it for a few seconds before she closed her mouth over it, and Robin made a frustrated sound, like someone who couldnt quite achieve orgasm. She let her teeth sink into his flesh and the tension drained from him.

"Yes, please. Please Raven."

Raven smiled against his neck, it was a houkounin purpose was once to be an aid to its vampire, a charge of sorts. The two took care of each other. She could see why. His warm blood flooded her mouth again and slid down her throat. It never felt like this before. The blood was just so pure, as was its donner. She would have to mark him as hers, once discovered houkounin were attractive to other vampires. If marked, it was against vampire law to taste anothers houkounin, and the blood would be poisonous to the taker. Robin was moaning more, sounding close to release. Raven pulled away from his neck and quickly tore the clothes from Robins body. She trailed her tongue down his neck to his chest, catching each of his nipples in her mouth.

"Who do you belong to little bird? hm? Can you tell me what you want?"

"I belong to Raven, Raven. I want to come." Robin was almost crying from the excstacy he felt.

"Will you beg?" Raven closed her mouth over Robins heart, marking him in to her own. The bite quicly faded, but left a scar unlike the bites on his neck. He yelled her name. "Will you beg?"

"Please Raven, please."

"Please what?'

"Please. Please make me come Raven." Robin was visibly shaking with plesure.

The sound of rending fabric could be heard as Raven tore off her leotard and cape. She took his member in her hand, it obviously had no problem with the blood loss. Robin couldnt say anything anymore, he was beyond words. Nothing but moans and groans escaped his mouth, in between desperate gasps.

"Are you having fun now little bird?"

"Yes Raven." He felt something wet and hot close around him and apply suction and he cried out and arched wildly. She put a hand on his stomach to hold him still as she applied more suction and began to move up and down his member. It wasnt long before he was whimpering, unable to move or breath, and then he came. He flooded her mouth with his seed, Raven reveled in the bitter taste of it before swallowing it down and milking him for a little more. Cleaning him off. This all came so naturally to her, but that was to be expected. It was a vampires job to look out ofr its houkounin's welfare, and satisfy it's lust. It was the voorays job to feed the vampire, and satisfy its lust, both sexual and blood. She came up to Robins face, he was steadily falling asleep. The blood loss, among other things was taking its toll. Raven used her powers to float a glass of water from her nightstand to his lips so he could drink, and thhen she kissed him deeply. She let him fall asleep before covering him up, she noticed for the first time that her door had been open, and hoped no one had seen them, it wouldnt bode well for her.

Raven dressed in a bathrobe and headed for her closet, when she was born she had been given a book about vampires, abilities, weaknesses, she was sure there were plenty of things about houkounin she didnt know, or had forgotten in the book.

"Lets see..." Raven felt surprisingly good, predatory, posessive. She thumbed through her book to find a section about houkounin. She found that vampires could have only one, and as long as the vampire fed on them they were healthy, and lived as long as their masters. "Interesting"

Being seperated for an extended period of time sapped the energy of the houkounin. It would turn out that houkounin, only acted so submissive with their masters in private, where their masters could protect them and care for them. In public houkounin would act differantly so as not to advertise their alignment. They would act as they did before being taken. Raven sighed in relief, she wondered how she would explain a Robin that constantly acted submissive to her. She looked over at the still figure in her bed, these houkounin seemed like mates, tasty ones. Raven could still feel Robins blood in her stomach, it was so pure. Her body didnt need to burn it at the rate it did other blood. She read on further. The houkounin as time passed on, would become submissive-posessive of their masters. It seemed the only downfall of a houkounin was that you couldnt tell who was one until they were taken, unless they were bred for it. Raven was pretty sure Robin was a naturally occuring houkounin. She was still puzzled about the inner workings of a houkounin-vampire relationship, what she had done with him tonight she had never done before.

"This was productive." Raven sat back and thought about it for a while, she had been born a vampire due to her fathers blood. There were vampires on her homeworld, which was dead now. She was surprised to find vampires on earth, they differed a little but it was all the same basic concepts. Raven got up from her desk and put on her cloak and hood. She climbed into bed next to Robin. She held his head against her breast and wrapped the cloak around him, craddling her houkounin against her body where no one else could see him, obeying the overwhelming instinct to protect what was hers. She pet his hair under her cloak and for the first time in her life everything felt balanced. She had been born a vampire, but the need for blood didnt kick in until she was seventeen, three years ago. Since then she had met several other vampires, none of which liked to kill. It was against one of the vampire crees. The killing evil part of vampires was largely hollywood imagination.

"I love you my little bird."

Robin woke up blinking, snuggling into the warm body next to him. The events of the previous night flooded his mind and he realized he should have been panicking, but he wasnt. Truth be told this was the best he had ever felt. He felt satisfaction and devotion to Raven. He felt like he was her property, and liked it. He suddenly knew what it was to love someone, to serve them. He wanted to call her master, he wanted her attention, he lived only to please her. Energy swirled around inside him and he had no way to get rid of it all. He was still the same Robin he was the night before, but now this new purpose had been planted in him.

"Is my little birdie awake?"

"Yes Raven, Im up."

"Robin, I need to tell you whats happened. Dont you want to know?"


"Youve been turned into a houkounin, rather you always were. They are humans that are made for feeding vampires like me, they bond to a vampire, and stay together as long as they live. I didnt mean for this to happen Robin."

"Its alright Raven I wanted it."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I have alwats wanted to be closer to you." Robin paused and squeezed her close for emphasis."This is just what I wanted, but more."

Raven put her fears aside. Robin obviously wasnt upset. She let him out of her cloak and he rose to rest his head on the pillow, instantly bearing his neck to her. Robin had the uncontrolable urge to feed his master, not having known of her habbits long. Raven took the chance to feed, it brought plesure to them both. She decided to treat Robin to something special when she was done. She would let him feed upon her. It was perfectly safe, again hollywood myth didnt stand up the to the real thing. The only real way to become a vampire was to either be born one, or touch the beating heart of one. A painful and dangerous ritual. Raven pulled away from Robin, she bit her bottom lip hard enough to draw blood and kissed Robin deeply as she crawled on top of him. She could feel his arrousal twitching beneath her, as Robin sucked lightly on her bleeding lip. Eventually the cut healed and Robin pulled away.

"Little bird, you have to go get dressed now. You still have a life to live outside these walls."

"Alright, I'll go get breakfast and I guess we just go through the day naturally."

"Bingo my pet." Raven shooed Robin out of her room, back towards his. naked.

Robin checked the halls before he made the dash back to his room. They were clear. He made it back to his room unseen. He showered and dressed, he was finding it easier to keep his mind off of Raven.

By the time he got to the kitchen it was fairly far from his mind, not influencing his behaviour. It was just a natural part of being a vooray, a defense mechanism of sorts. He noticed Beast Boy was chowing down on his breakfast of tofu like usual. Starfire was eating mustard and horseradish. He got some cereal and sat down to eat it.

Raven entered the room, her skin wasnt pale, it had a nice healthy tint to it. No one noticed. Beast boy did his usual best to try and woo Raven, and Robin had to refrain from growling. Raven sat down next to him and put a hand on his thigh. She drank her herbal tea like she did every morning. The conversation this morning seemed to be between Starfire, Cybord, and Beast Boy, trying to explain to the tamaranian the fundamentals of why bodily noises are funny.

"But I do not understand, On my home planet if one made such noises at the table they were supposed to leave for the rest of the meal. Its so disgusting."

"Not it isnt Star. Your voice is a bodily noise isnt it?"

"I suppose."

"Yeah, listen to the green guy Star. And listen to this!" Cyborg inhaled air into his stomach (A.N. I can do this, and get great belches.) And he let fly a whopping ten second belch. Starfire couldnt help but laugh.

"Alright, I will try it." Starfire sucked air into her stomach, and this is about the time everyone realized they were in trouble. She was sucking in alot of air. She stopped and began her belch, and it was the volume of most of her singing. It also lasted about two minutes, leaving the other titans in a state of shock when it was done. "Did I do well?"

Beast Boy laughed. "Cyborg! Call the six oclock news!"

Everyone laughed, except Raven. She was still trying to regain hearing in her left ear, and fix her hair.

Robin finished his cereal and went to train for a while, and everyone else broke off into their normal routines. As for Raven, she split off to meditate. This whole thing had her a little confused, and meditation seemed as good an idea as any.

"Azarath metrion..." Raven found herself in her own mind, many of her emotions scurrying about. She was surprised to see happy had replaced dour as her dominant emotion, and nothing had been shattered all day. Raven brought herself out of meditation, taking a nap seemed like such a good idea. She had all the blood she needed, she just needed sleep.

Robin had worked himself up to a good sweat before Cyborg came into the training room and began his regular weight lifting. Between reps he talked to Robin. "Robin I know somethings up with you."

"Like what?"

"Something. Not sure what."

"Then how do you know anything?"

"I heard some things last night."

Robin felt his blood freeze.

"You cant do this Robin, at least not without tellin Star, she's pretty wild about you."

"What goes on between Raven and I behind closed doors isnt your business."

"Door wasnt closed." Robin felt his heart stop.

"Did you see anything?"

"Nope, figured best to ignore it and went back to my room. Lucky no one else saw you."

"Your right Cy, thanks for not telling anyone else."

"Hey you know I wouldnt do that. Just be careful k man?"

"Yeah, of course." Cyborg got up and left Robin in the training room. Robin still felt like he had lead in his stomach, he decided he needed to tell Raven.

Raven was awoken by a knock on her door. She got up and sat on the edge of her bed." Who is it?"

"Its me. Its important."

Starfire flew quickly to her doors, where her houkounin jumped at her almost. "Whats wrong Robin?" She took him into her cloak, putting his face in the crook of her neck. She pressed him against her where she knew he would be most at ease. "Tell me, whats wrong?"

"Cyborg knows somethings going on. He says he didnt see anything but I dont know."

Raven was a little worried. "What did he say?"

"That he saw your dooropen, but didnt look in, and that he wouldnt tell anyone."

"Robin Cyborgs ok, even if he knew which I doubt he does he wouldnt make a huge deal out of it."

"He heard us."

"Its alright, hes not going to tell. Dont worry Robin." Robin was begining to relax in her grip. Raven closed her door with her powers and set Robin down on the bed, or at least tried to. It was hard to break his grip, he really was afraid that something might happen.

"Its ok Robin, come on let go a little." Robin did as he was told and was placed on the bed. She put her hand on his forehead and whispered a small incantation, making him go to sleep. It hadnt worked last night because her powers were so low. Raven dug through her closet for the book again and decided to read up more about the houkounin.

"There must be more in here." Raven flipped through to a section about houkounin relationships, and read a few pages. She didnt find much new information. A whole page and a half was earmarked for their love and devotion, there wasnt really anything new in this section about them. There was a short guide on how to take care of your houkounin, but that wasnt truly useful at the moment. Robin could take care of himself well, but she read through it anyway. A few pages after that she found that male houkounin were extremely rare, houkounin breeders were known to trade a dozen females for a male. Raven laughed at this, and here she had been living with one and not known it. She read on further and it talked about the best way to care for houkounin, and it said one of the most important ways to take care of them and make sure their blood stays good was to keep their sexual needs sated. That was the main issue about a houkounin, other than this is had ingrediants for special potions and foods that would help them recoop their blood loss. Raven put her book down, it had no more to offer her.

"Damnit." Raven sighed putting her book down. She got up from her desk and went to lay on the bed. She climbed in next to Robin, and woke him gently. He just lay there looking at her. When he realized he wasnt as close as he would like to be he edged closer and pulled her near him. Even though it hadnt been long at all since she last fed she felt the need to, or maybe it was just the way Robin was bearing his neck to her. She sat up and pulled him into her lap with her. She ran a hand through his hair and pulled his head back.

"Raven..." Raven could feel that heavy sensation of power coming to her again, the blood sang in her ears demanding she give in to her predatory instincts. Hearing him call her name like that, it felt so good. Raven let her fangs descend and clamped down on his neck. she suckled the flesh for a minute, bringing no end of wonderful noise from Robin. She let her teeth sink into his flesh, and he let out a small scream. It was lunchtime, everyone was awake, she should have been worried about being found out but her blood lust demanded to be satisfied. The blood flowed from his neck into her mouth and she drank greedily. It was thicker than last time and coated her throat nicely.

Robins head was spinning, he had never in his life imagined plesure like this. He let himself go limp as wave after wave of plesure rolled over him. He could feel Raven pull away from him and sighed, both realized they had to go back out and act like it was a normal day.

"Tonight Robin ok?"

"Yeah, alright." Robin got up and left the room. He didnt see Starfire at the other end of the hallway, watching him leave, and he didnt hear her heart breaking