I decided to try my hand at a Zelda fic. This one is based off of Ocarina of Time.

Disclaimer: All characters property of Nintendo.

"Link, regain your lost time." I said softly before placing the ocarina to my lips. I closed my eyes, I could not bring myself to look at him, it would break my heart. The soft notes from my ocarina echoed through the emptiness, my fingers sliding across the small instrument to play each note as gracefully as I could manage. I strained to hold back my tears, and to hold my composure. Only time can tell, only time can heal any type of wound. The lyrics Impa used to sing along with the song echoed through my mind. I came to the last note and faltered, I found I was incapable of playing it. Link, whose eyes had not dropped since I started the song seemed to almost soften as I stopped, although I am unsure if it was my own imagination playing with me. I took a deep breath and placed the ocarina back to my mouth and started over, I had to play the song. I had to send him back as much I did not want to. He had lost seven years of his life, almost his entire childhood because of me, his time of innocence and bliss. I had to send him back, I had to give that back to him. But again, as I reached that last note I faltered and I found myself lowering the ocarina from my lips.

"I'm sorry Link." I tried to look at him, but I did not know if I could. How silly it seems, that I could face Ganondorf, that I could face the war and evils that ravaged Hyrule and the lands surrounding without fear, but just sending back my hero brought me to the very edge of my emotions. "I… I just cannot send you back." I said, my voice sounding little more than an exasperated whisper.

"Princess Zelda…" Always so formal despite our friendship, and at the sound of my name I looked up to meet his gaze finally. "Never do something you do not feel is right." He had always trusted my intuitions; he had been the first not to think me foolish about my premonitions of evil. I wanted so desperately to throw myself into his arms but formality kept me from doing so. Tradition forbade any man but the man who would be my husband to touch me. I inevitably was to be betrothed, the fate of every heir to Hyrule.

"I have to Link!" I responded, trying with every fiber of my being not to cry. "Because of me you lost seven years of your life. I must give them back to you." I fought, bringing the ocarina back up to my lips. But as I did so I felt the ocarina slide from my hands. I opened my eyes again to find Link holding my ocarina, and he shook his head lightly. "Link I must." I fought; his resisting was making it much harder for me. Once I sent him back even if I were to find him again he would not remember me. It would break my heart just to hear his name, but I knew what I had to do. "Link please." I pleaded.

"Princess… pardon me for saying, but I do not wish to go back." He said to me quietly, catching me completely off guard. I looked at him, furrowing my brow as if to ask why but he answered that for me. "I do not want to forget about you, about everything that has happened." He lifted his hand and reached out as if to touch me, but his hand merely hovered over mine.

"Link, you deserve to live out the childhood you lost, and live in a time of peace." I responded, my grip on my own emotions loosening and I feared I would not be able to stand as strongly as I was.

"I want to stay, what if a new evil were to arise? I wish to remain here to protect Hyrule. And you." He said, stressing his final two words. Now, he took off his cap and it was the first time I saw him without it. His blonde hair was far more gorgeous than I had previously thought and I felt my heart leap within my chest. He lowered his hat, in a gesture of humility.

"I must send you back!" My voice faltered slightly, and I felt embarrassed that I was unable to contain my emotions. "It would be selfish of me to keep you here no matter what intentions I would have. It is not fair of me to withhold your childhood from you, it was not right of me to burden you with such a quest when you were just a boy!" The guilt I had felt over the passing years for placing such a burden on the first person outside of Impa I could call a friend.

"Princess, if I may say, accepting the quest you bestowed on me was the best thing that could have happened to me. Before, I was an outcast Hyrulian living amongst the Kokiri. Lonely and without a real purpose. You gave me a purpose." He explained, finally pulling back his hand and holding onto his cap with both hands now.

When he said those words I knew there was no way I would be able to send him back, my own emotions were getting in the way and now his stubbornness was only making it ever harder. After a brief pause I finally looked up to meet his eyes.

"Alright Link, if this is what you desire then you shall remain as you are." He smiled at me as if to say thank you, but no words passed between us. I held my hand out for my ocarina and Link returned it with a smile. I smiled back vaguely and played the prelude of light, to return us to the temple of time in Hyrule. As we settled on the floor and gained our footing I met his eyes again. "You are more than welcome to come to Hyrule castle to live." I offered.

"Thank you princess, but I feel that I shall do the honest thing and reside in one of the apartments in the village just outside the castle. But I shall visit you often, if you so desire." He replied with a slight bow of his head.

"Link, no need for such formalities with me. You are my very dear friend, the hero of time, you have no need to humble yourself." I nearly laughed but I was afraid it would offend him, so instead I smiled at him.

"Then at least allow me to find the best that Hyrule has to offer and pay the rent. I will not accept no as an answer to this." I smiled some at him. He returned my smile, his eyes shining brightly with the sunlight peaking through the windows. I was caught for a moment just staring at him, noting how the light played off the features of his face, the small shadows cast by his nose, cheekbones, and brow. The air in the temple was still, and his blonde hair was settled on face; which was still scuffed and dirty from the fight with Ganondorf. Despite this, he was still indescribably handsome in my eyes. "You best wash up and bandage your wounds. Come, let one of the nurses at the castle tend to you." I think he knew that I would not let him refuse my offer and we walked side-by-side to the castle. Oh Goddesses how I wanted to just take his hand, but I knew I could not.

However short, the walk to the castle was still a magical moment to me. It was the first time Link and I could be together, even if it was just a simple walk, with our newfound freedoms and without the burdens that had been over our shoulders just minutes before. We talked some; mostly idle small talk about nothing important. Never the talkative type, Link used few words leaving me to do most of the talking. But I did not mind, the vague smile and sense of contentment in his eyes was enough to assure me he was enjoying the walk as much as I.

Once inside a barrage of people greeted us ready to hail the hero of time and several nurses came to rush him off so they could clean him up and dress his wounds. I chuckled at the overwhelmed look on his face, the wide-eyed expression made him look so much like the child I had met seven years before.

"Princess Zelda, how happy I am to see you alive and well!" A familiar voice bellowed. I turned around to see Impa standing with a confident smile, her hands crossed across her chest standing as strong and firm as always.

"Impa!" I could not help how excited my voice was as I walked quickly to her. She embraced me fiercely, taking me by utter surprise. Never the affectionate type whenever she did embrace me I knew there was meaning behind it.

"I knew all along you would be safe. You chose your savior wisely." She said with a nod of her head as she pulled back and rested her hands on my shoulders.

"Thank you. I knew from when I first met him he would be the one to free Hyrule from Ganondorf's grip." I could not help the slight blush that came to my cheeks at the mention of his name, and I knew that Impa noticed.

"You have taken a liking to this hero of time." She said with a confident smirk.

"Yes. I do believe I have."

I really hope you liked ) More to come!