The young girl sighed. It was the 4th time that night. She couldn't seem to help it. Her plans for this week had been shot, and there was nothing she could do. She had tried her hardest, and it wasn't enough. Christmas was tomorrow and she had yet to find the perfect present for Yuki.

For Kyo she had settled on a series of martial art videos. She didn't have much money, but she really wanted to treat him to something that he could use and cherish. Maybe he would have a better chance at defeating Yuki. Not that she wanted Yuki to be beaten up by Kyo, she just really liked it went Kyo smiled, and Tohru was sure that finally gaining a spot in the Zodiac would put a smile so big on Kyos face that even the sun would be paled in comparison at the sight of it.

Shigure, of course would receive a calender on that day. Shuddering slightly at the contents, Tohru knew it would please Shigure. It was titled "Babes in Bikinis", and it seemed to fit Shigure. He probably would hang it up in his study since his room was still a mess. You would think he was the pig, not the dog, since he seemed to prefer to live in that pigs pen of a room. Smiling, the brunette remembered the time she went into his room with the intention to clean it. Carrying a broom, and a bottle of pledge she bravely entered the room, only to be forced out screaming at the top of her lungs. There were ants in his room, and not only that, but cockroaches. How a man could live in a place like that shocked Tohru to no end.

Tohru turned over on her side. She was unable to sleep. She had made a Christmas basket for each member of the Zodiac. Each basket was made especially for that persons animal. For example, Momijis basket was stuffed with things that dealt with rabbits, and she even put in a live bunny for Momiji to take over. She was sure the boy would want something to call his own, something that he could hold, and cuddle all he wanted without fear it would change.

The caring girl had also sent something for Akito, just to that he was on her mind, and that she cared for him as well. Of course his Christmas basket included things that were darker in content. On the low budget she had, she couldn't give him much, but she did send him a bracelet. She had made it her self. The nylon string was black, and there were tiny animals on it. Representing each member of the family that he looked after in the only way he knew how.

However when it came to Yuki, Tohru was unsure as to what he wanted. On his birthday she had given him a stuffed rat that wore a smile upon his face and a tie upon his neck. He had grinned and lightly kissed her hand, after politely thanking her he laid the rat upon his bed and went out to his 'secret base'. Tohru grinned, happy that Yuki liked his gift, and was even happier that Christmas wasn't long off so she could pick something that would put an even bigger smile on his face.

The troubled teen sighed for the 5th time that night. Turning once again she closed her eyes, and a single tear fell down her cheek as she thought of the smile that wouldn't be on Yukis face on Christmas day.


Smiling at the ceiling Yuki stood. Stretching slightly he walked over to the rat that Honda-San had given him for his birthday. He laid a hand upon the rats head, and another tender smile crossed his face. Whenever he thought of the girl that lied in the room next to him, he smiled. There was something about her. The way she smiled through everything. How she listened to his complaints, from the tiniest one, to the largest ones and never once did she judge him. Little did she know that each word she said, every move she made, only led to him falling even deeper in love with her. Thats what this feeling was, love. He couldn't deny, nor would he even try anymore.

Yuki lifted the rat, and underneath it was a small black box. Picking it up, he caressed the velvet lid. Inside sat his future, inside was his life, and furthermore inside sat his heart.


The next morning came too soon. Tohru begrudgingly climbed from her bed. She was starting her morning late and she knew it. She didn't want to face Yuki just yet, afraid to see the disappointment that would be on his face as she told him she had nothing for him. Quickly changing from her pajamas into a red skirt, white shirt, and a little Santa Claus hat, she opened the door to find a kneeling Yuki.

"Oh, Yuki-Kun, I'm s-sorry. I didn't know you were there." Bowing her head in shame, Tohru waited for Yuki to respond.

Standing, Yuki slid his hand under her chin, and forced her gaze to his face instead of the floor. Yuki looked into the girls brown eyes. She had the most beautiful eyes. Her every emotions seemed to reflect in them, and right now they were showing surprise, remorse, and panic. He vaguely wondered why she was panicked, but shrugged it off.

"Honda-San, as you know it's Christmas," Yuki began, while Tohru nodded, the pain growing on her face as she tightly gripped her skirt. "I have a present for you," His voice soft, low, barely audible.

"About that," Tears started to drop from Tohrus eyes. "I-didn't, I mean I..." Her words were overcome by the sobs that she was trying to stifle.

Yukis hand moved from her chin to her cheeks, the pad of his thumb wiping away the tears she was crying. Every tear that fell from her eye was for him, and that filled Yukis heart with something. Love, pride, he didn't know, nor at the moment did he care. The one thing he did care about was before him, eyes sill filled with tears, and a smile trying to find its place on her pale face.

"Tohru-Chan it's okay," Yuki soothed. Tohrus eyes widened at the sound of her first name coming from his mouth. More tears found their way down her cheeks as the pure joy of that moved her from bitter tears to happy ones. "You've already given me the greatest Christmas gift I could ask for. You, your love. The one thing that I request from you for Christmas is your hand," He paused, taking the box out from his pocket, he held it in front of her. "In marriage," he finished.

Gasping, Tohru reached a trembling hand out to the box. Opening the lid she looked inside. It was a ring. A tiny golden rat was wrapped around the tiny heart shaped diamond. She took it from the box, and held it up, the suns rays glistened on the diamond.

"I know we're young, and still in school, but I mean it when I say I love you. Everything about you makes me happy. I think of you every waking moment I have and every dream revolves around this moment. There is nothing more I could possibly want for Christmas then you. And I swear before God himself, and Akito that I will take care of you, and protect you from any harm that might become you because of my actions." This time it was Yukis eyes that shed a tear. Just a single glistening tear, that slid slowly down his cheek.

Tohru kissed the tear away, her own tears coming back, even happier then they were. "I love you my dear Yuki," She whispered, she kissed his lips, then smiled sadly. Sliding the ring back into the box she handed it to him. "But I can't do this. Not yet, please give me time."

Yuki touched his lips, the slightest caress of his fingertips in the spot where Tohrus lips just were, he nodded slowly. "One catch Tohru. You have until New Years Eve to decide. If you chose to decline then I will leave the Sohma house, and leave you alone."

Before Tohru could utter another word Yuki had turned and began on his way, back to his room. The countdown had begun.

6 days