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When naruto awoke he could hear a very familiar sound that made him shiver imagining what his next few hours would be like. Usually he could tell what the torture was going to be by the sounds. The screech of blades sharpening meant cutting A dull thud meant beating, and nothing meant...well he didn't want to think about that. Once in a while he would have his gag and blindfold taken off so they could see his expression and hear his screams. The scary man only brought in a couple people in the small room at a time, so it happened quite often. It was true Naruto was a spectator sport…a freak show.

However, this time, it was different, Naruto awoke to the sounds of laughter. He was used to the noise for the people would do so when he was being beaten. Naruto was only three years old and he could barely speak. He was tough, after all, he was beaten day after day, night after night. It was all the same. Big pain, little pain, big pain, little pain.

Naruto couldn't really remember anything much before he had got here. He didn't even know where HERE was. All he remembered was screaming for his life and being carried away to someplace away from the nursing school where he had usually slept.

The little blonde boy did have a happy thought. He had a friend, he didn't remember anything about the person, he didn't even know what the person looked like. That person used to accompany Naruto at some point in time. Whether it was a girl or boy, he couldn't recall, all he knew was that when he thought of this unknown person, he felt a small bit of comfort, a small bit of hope, that he could somehow escape or flee the hellhole he was in. All that accompanied the short boy now, was sadness along with loneliness.

Something about the laughter outside the small room this particular morning gave Naruto a slight discomfort. He could not anticipate his day. He had never woken up to this sound before. He was afraid, fearful. He didn't want to stay awake, he wanted to go back to sleep, he wanted the day to be over so he would get his six hours of rest from pain. He wanted to go home.

Home, that was a word which Naruto had learned by the age of one. However, the word had now lost all meaning, all comfort. Home was nothing, just…just…..a meaningless word, an empty word.

Naruto lived in a cage, a cage that was inside a tent. He didn't have much room to walk around. Just enough space to extend his body to doze on the bright, filthy hay that he had under him. When it was show time, the scary man would drag him unwillingly out of the cage and set him standing up on a small pillar only about two feet high. Which was still high considering Naruto's age and height. The scary man would then take a whip and beat Naruto four what seemed like hours. After getting used to it, the pain subsided within a few minutes. But then Naruto would be taken out from his black, cubical, cage and be beaten again.

He had no scars on his back due to the fact that he had a demon sealed inside him that gave him quick healing powers. The demon inside him would quickly seal the wound until it was a small scab, then it would let it heal on its own.

This was Naruto's life, day in day out, to obediently stand on a pillar in front of a crowd and take beatings from the scary man with the weapon of his choice.

However, Naruto could tell this day was going to be different. The scary man stormed in the tent looking stern and furious as usual. He quickly unlocked the cage and opened the creaky gate. He stuck his arm in the barred enclosure, and grasped Naruto's left leg firmly and dragged Naruto's body out on to the floor, and out the tent.

Naruto could not remember the last time he had been outside the tent. All he could see was the bright yellow and red colors on the walls of the inside. He had no recollection of seeing the outside whatsoever. The scary man dragged Naruto for so long that even after Naruto's shirt had ripped, his rough skin had started to open up again. The bursting scabs emitted with an excruciating pain. Naruto could then see the dark, wet, trail of blood his back left behind.

When they finally did stop, the scary man let go of Naruto's leg and walked inside another tent motioning for Naruto to follow suit. Naruto did as he was told obediently and entered the lime green tent.

This tent was a bit smaller than the one he was used to. There the scary man threw Naruto's body into a semi-bigger cage that held another person just his age. It was a girl, she had blue hair and whitish grayish eyes.

She looked at him and Naruto noticed something about her that he quickly pointed out, " You cheeks aw wedd." Of course Naruto was still young, so he hadn't really developed much of a vocabulary and he had trouble pronouncing his R's.

The blue-haired girl quickly turned away from him and avoided eye contact. Naruto then saw that there was not one scar on her at all. She was clean, just like naruto. Then he wondered how she had ended up here.

His silent thoughts were interrupted by the whispering of the scary man. The scary man spoke in a soft and hushed voice to the person right next to him. Lucky for Naruto, he could hear well so Naruto caught every word the scary man whispered to his companion.

" You know why I put the kid here don't you?" The scary man asked.

The man he was talking to shook his head in confusion.

" There is no future with this kid no more. He's not making money, not upholding the dough. That's why I brought him here. I need him taken care of, tonight. The boss is gonna have my butt if I don't get rid of this guy as soon as possible. My neck's on the line, so don't forget, or yours will be too."

The man gulped and nodded with wide eyes.

Naruto was a smart boy at his age. He understood almost every word the scary man had said. After an hour, he finally pieced the words he did understand and realized that they were going to end his life, sometime soon. The man said tonight, but what was twonite? Naruto sat and puzzled at what time he had left. Then he stood up and decided, he had to get out of there, he had no other alternative, unless he wanted to die.

Then Naruto paused, die. A terrible word Naruto understood even at his tiny age. When the people would come to see him, he could hear and see the people shouting the horrible word over and over and over again repeating it as if it were a good thing to say. The question was, did he want to die? All he did was suffer here, and what could he do out in the real world? He was a tiny person in a big world. NO! Nothing was worth death. Nothing. He would not accept the thing that seemed so inevitable. He HAD to get out. But how?

After countless futile attempts to break the cage, dig, squeeze through the cage, and eat through the cage, Naruto gave up and sat down. It was hopeless, he didn't know when twonite would come, but he was sure it was soon. He could see the sun fading through the crease of the door to the tent. Naruto's bunk mate had already fallen fast asleep.

Again his thoughts slowly drifted again towards what was going to become of them. Naruto was full of terror once more. He remained calm instead of panicking hysterically like other babies would do. He sat down to ponder on ways to escape. It wasn't long before the sun had totally faded and left naruto and his tent totally enveloped in black darkness. Now Naruto couldn't see, the only light that was even barely visible was the moon light in the crease where Naruto had saw the sun.

Suddenly, after what seemed like hours (and it probably was), Naruto saw the same man the scary man was talking to enter the room staring blankly at Naruto with his left hand behind his back. He seemed to be hiding something. Naruto was not afraid, he wanted to know the answer to his question, when was twonite?

The man then walked toward Naruto's cage, but before he could reach it, a man walked in. The man wore a black cloak so nothing was visible even through the weak moonlight that was shown. The only thing visible of the man, was his eyes. His blood red eyes that were visible even throughout the darkness.

The next thing happened so fast, the man looked straight into the red eyes and after two seconds of eye contact, fell to the ground foaming white stuff from his white lifeless lips. The man seemed to twitch on the ground with his eyes rolled back into his sockets so that Naruto only saw the whites of his eyes. The man held a needle in his left hand which was slightly perceptible in the moonlight.

Then, the man in red eyes then glared at Naruto and came nearer to him. Instead of opening the gate to the cage with keys, his hand just ripped it open and tossed it quickly to the ground. He stuck his hands in and placed both his hands just under Naruto's armpits. He lifted him up from the smelly straw, and took him out of the cage. He lifted Naruto's shirt up and looked at his belly.

Naruto then saw something about him for the first time, he had a swirly thingy on his belly that he had never seen before. The man with red eyes then carried Naruto with his right arm, and carried the blue-haired girl on the left. He checked her belly too. However, she was clean without anything at all. However he did not put her down. He carried both of them in each arm and walked.

He walked and walked and walked. There was total silence throughout the night except the occasional crickets chirping here and there. After the man walked and walked for a long time, they reached a pair of stairs. He climbed them and there was no end. Until they finally reached it.

There was another man waiting outside for them. He then spoke.

" You found two?"

" No, I'm found one, but I'm leaving this one out here for her to be picked up."

" You've really gone soft Itachi."

" Don't make fun Sasori, or I will have your head in my arms just as I do these two."

They both started walking and after a while, the man with red eyes named Itachi, placed the blue-haired girl, in front of a door.

" This is where she belongs. The Hyugga residence. May she grow up strong-willed and skilled in order to protect herself and comrades." Itachi said.

" I don't care, just take the blonde kid and let's go!" Sasori said his voice rising.

" Keep quiet. We don't want to wake anybody up now."

So without another word said, they left the big place that had big gates and Naruto lost consciousness after that.

Born and raised by each member of the Akutsuki, Naruto grew to be a very skilled Ninja. He would spend one year with each of them. Ten Akutsuki members, ten years later.

Naruto is now thirteen, and ready to complete his first mission, acquire the demon vessel that will enter the Chunnin exam…

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