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Chapter 1

For as long as I can remember I've always been independent. Doing everything when I wanted and how I wanted even if there was a dead line to do it. I had complete control over my life. I was Vice Foreign Minister at the age of 16. I am 17 now. Not many people my age can say they accomplished something so big yet.

My brother and Noin had disappeared off to space along with all the other gundam pilots and their female counterparts. They all came back once in awhile to visit. All except for Heero. The one person I really wanted to see. Even though I had someone I could trust now by my side the whole time. Strangely enough Dorothy was the one that stayed with me. Soon after asking to be able to take up residence in my house saying that she now had no where else to go. I agreed of course and she is now head of my house hold and a very close friend of mine. But soon enough all of that changed.

I was working late as usual but I hadn't had my usual coffee before I left so my feet were dragging. With it being Christmas Eve that night I had given everyone the night off. So it was up to me to be able to drive myself. Dorothy and I had planed watching movies all night in order to open presents at midnight. So as you can expect I was in quite a hurry.

Almost no one was on the road but the snow didn't make me feel better. Just because I could see any now doesn't mean that there wouldn't be anyone later. And with all the snow it would be even harder to see anyone.

I didn't know how right I was.

The details are fuzzy even to me now when I look back on it. I had stopped at a red light on an intersection impatiently waiting for it to turn green. When it did I hit the gas not seeing the red truck racing down the lane. Passing the red light it hit me directly on the driver's side. While I was thrown around from the impact I could have sworn I saw my life pass before my eyes. My tiny little car was no match for the man's truck. So my car was thrown a couple of feet and bent like a U. I don't know how they got me out of there or how I even survived but I'm amazed that they did.

By the time any one got there I had already passed out. I don't know who called out there. No one was around.

Later on I found out the name of the man that hit me. A 36 year old man named Hank Ichel. He had been working late also and was speeding in an attempt to get back to his wife in time to spend some time together on Christmas Eve. He, of course, came out with out injury. A little bump here or there, but nothing too serious to cause anyone to really worry about him.

It was me that everyone was worried about.

It seemed that when my car flew my body wasn't held down that well and I was thrown around resulting in some sever injuries.

My left leg was completely broken. It turned out it was so bad they had to connect the bone with a metal rod so it would heal properly. In my back I had a few dislocated discs from the impact of being thrown around those too they and to go in and cut out. I had cuts and bruises everywhere. Even on my arms I had scars where they had to pull out pieces of glass that had lodged itself in it. I could hardly move with out pain shooting up somewhere. I was told very plainly that I would never be able to get around as well as I could before.

The one thing I didn't understand though was why they had to put bandages all over my head. It didn't bother me too much though since I was mostly asleep the whole time from all the painkillers they had given me.

What did amaze them was that I didn't have that much damage to my head. I had hit it enough but not hard enough to cause me bad problems such as memory loss or permanent damage to the tissue.

I didn't find out the worst until later.

Dorothy visited me daily. Even a few times she fell asleep in the chair next to me. I learned later that the night of my accident she hadn't even left my side to entire time. It warmed my heart. Dorothy is my best friend. I got a good laugh out of the fact that she threatened the entire hospital staff when they tried to kick her out. Something that really hurt though was the fact that no one came to see me while I was in the hospital. Other than Dorothy and Pagan I had no one to talk to. Not even my brother came to see me. But I soon pushed this aside. I'm sure they had good reasons.

So day in and day out I lived with the pain in my body counting the days until I was able to get out of there. A few times I caught my self wanting to read a book but remembered that I had bandages over my eyes. I finally had enough and repeatedly asked the doctors what was wrong with me. Everyone of them told me I would be told in due time. Even Dorothy changed the subject.

So enough after 5 weeks in the hospital I was able to get around a little. Soon after that I was forced to start physical therapy. As painful as it was a little bit of the pain did go away when I used my limbs.

Right off the bat they told me I would always have pain sometimes. Too much damage had been done to me to not have a least some pain. I would have good days and bad days. For some reason this did not reassure me. No one could tell me how bad my bad days would be. It was all up to my body and how hard I worked on my good days.

Soon after though came the time that my head bandages were to come off. After 6 weeks I was going to be able to go home and live my life again. While they were unwrapping I was told to keep my eyes closed. I was too happy to disagree. At the time I was sure I was shaking in excitement. When they told me too open them I was grinning so brightly. But when I opened them…I saw nothing. All I saw was black. Blinking I thought it would just take a few minutes for it to come back. But nothing came and I was still lost in an endless sea of darkness.

I was in shock. Surely this couldn't be true. It most be only temporary. Soon after the doctor took my hands in his and broke the news to me gently. The glass that had broken had small pieces that had broken off it. Normally this wouldn't be a problem…but some shards had flown in to my eyes. My pupil had been hit and my optic nerve had been shaken and broken up too much.

I was blind.


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