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Chapter 14

Have you ever felt so scared that you lost control of your body and just knew it was the end. You had no hope left and you couldn't even imagine living through what was going to happen. I've felt like that before, but no more. I'm Relena Dorlian and its time for me to start acting like it.

After all revenge is a dish best served cold.


"So if they're still trying to kill me what do we do ,and who are these people anyway?" I asked. I was king of numb at the moment but I wasn't as scared as I out to be. After all it wasn't as if this was a new experience. Even the person I loved most tried to kill me at one point at my life.

"I believe they have some kind of tracking device on you Relena. It's the only was to explain how they keep you no matter where we hide you." Quatre explained to me.

"We need to get it out and then we'll be able to hide you much more easily. Then we'll be able to make a counter attack on them." He continued. "The groups name is Havok and there completely devoted to causing another war. They have there own group of mobile suits that are ready to attack whenever the word is given. Which is most likely after a great deal of misunderstandings are caused between the earth and the colonies. The diplomats will be to busy being angry at each other to notice what's happening. You would of noticed Relena and everyone would of listened to you. So they tried to get rid of you. When you were in the hospital or even in the weeks after that it was to risky to try again so soon after. People would have started to pay attention and that was the last thing they wanted."

Well now that makes much more sense. For a moment I felt a little dirty. People that wanted to kill me knew where I was at every moment and I couldn't do anything about it until I found out where it was.

"So you know where this tracking device is?" I asked hopefully. There was a strong silence after I asked. I just knew at that moment that it wasn't something that I truly wanted to know. No one was answering me and that made me scared more than the fact itself.

"It's buried beneath your skin in your shoulder. Since we can't go to the hospital and we don't have anyway to contact Sally at the moment we're going to have to dig it out ourselves." Heero answered beside me. I felt my hands go cold and dig into Lee's fur even as he licked my arm.

"How did they ever manage to get it into my shoulder in the first place!" I demanded angrily. How could they have been able to do this with everyone watching me.

"It was while you were in the hospital during one of routine checkups. Some nurse just put a needle in you shoulder and in it went." Duo replied to me. I noticed that his voice was coming from a different direction then before. Almost as if he was moving around for some reason. I filled the information away and diverted my attention to Quatre.

"Since it's buried so deep we're going to have to cut open your shoulder ,but I'm afraid we don't have anything for the pain so we've decided to do this for your own good." He told me almost sadly. My brain was working almost a mile a minute to try and understand what he was going to do to me and what was for my own good. I heard the footsteps behind me but before I could turn around someone had put there arms around me to hold me in place.

"Sorry Relena this is really for your own good," Duo said softly behind me. I almost turned around to asked him what was going on ,but I felt a sharp pressure on my neck and everything went black.


My eyes felt like lead. Well more like they were just so heavy that I just didn't want to open them. Though there wouldn't of been a point to opening my eyes anyway. Not to mention the painful throbbing my right shoulder was going through. It was almost as bad as my back on my bad days. I shifted onto my left side to get the pressure off my shoulder when I collided into something warm and fuzzy. Which of course had to be Lee. I snuggled into him and tried to go back to sleep. I will once again ask God that age old question.

Why me?

I almost snored to myself. It was stupid to keep asking myself that question. Through out this entire stupid adventure I had done what everyone had just told me to do. I waited to be rescued and I told orders like a dog. Well I'm Relena Dorlain and nobody tells me what to do when my life was concerned. I'm the Ex-Queen of the World and I was going to start acting like it. If these people wanted to kill me they were in for the ride of their lives.

There was no way in hell I was going down without a fight and without some of them to take down with me.


I could almost hear them in the haze that was my mind. It was as if everything was slowed down and I couldn't see properly. I could hear them talking but it was slightly fuzzy.

"Are you sure about this. I mean if we're wrong then the Preventers are going to least to worry about the people on our backs." I was sure that was Duo's voice. He has to most annoying voice to someone who doesn't like to wake up in the mornings. Darn morning people.

"I'm sure Duo. What more do you need other than this." That was defiantly Heero's voice. He's the only one who can talk like that. They must be talking about something that concerns me ,but they'll never tell me again. That gets really annoying after awhile. What does a person have to do to get some respect around here. Maybe I should go join some rebellion group and pilot a mobile suit against Heero. Maybe then he'll respect me. No I doubt that he'd probably take me down and then bring me back to my room and lock the down so only he can get in. Now that sounds like Heero all right. I should change my name to Relezel. I took my self out of my rambling when they started to talk again.

"Man I just can't believe he's the this guy is the leader of Havok. Not only is he just some old guy ,but he's a friend of Relena's." Duo commented.

"Get over it Duo. The President of the ESUN is the leader of Havok and is the most leading person in the world after Relena's life." Heero replied in a monotone.

I wasn't able to move for a while and when I could I started to cry.