Lights Out

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Characters - Various WWE Characters (too many to name)

Summary - The WWE Superstars and Divas are forced to go to "Camp WWE". Amongst these men and women are rivals, exlovers, and even friends. Some new romances are formed while old one's are started back up…

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Chapter Seven

After the Spirit Squad did a quick cheer they were cut loose again, most of them returned to their cabin.. A few set off for the mess hall in hopes of a afternoon snack. However, most hadn't had the slightest clue of the agenda today. The announcements bulletin was practically empty, save for the fact that Coach, or Dick, was still trying to find the shoe that he had lost.. Which was quite odd seeing how he still had both of his shoes on his feet, most shrugged it off, while a few took up the task of trying to convince him that he still had his shoe. Meanwhile, in Cabin Five the six were joined by Christy Hemme, Eugene and Carlito. Christy, obviously, there for Maria, Eugene there to annoy his uncle and no one really knew why Carlito was there.. They guessed he was just there. So they left it at that. Christy and Maria took it upon themselves to play a game of blackjack, however they were playing it awfully wrong as they kept slapping each other whenever the other said, "Hit Me". It was quite the sight, though. An entertaining game for those who watched. Though John, still cocky on his win against Amy earlier, was thinking of what they could do on their date.. Sex being a number one priority on the young man's mind. Whilst Amy watched John like a hawk, trying to read his thoughts as she narrowed her eyes at him.. That bastard was sure as hell having a fun time thinking, which was not normal. Eric, however, was trying to get Eugene to leave. Eugene only clapped his hands and pointed at Eric, telling him that he could see him.. The older man's nephew insisted that they should go outside and play tag or some sort of child-like game that was like tag, but not exactly.

"For the millionth time, Eugene, I do NOT want to play pin the tail on the fucking donkey!" Eric snarled. "Don't you have other people to annoy?"

Eugene looked on the verge of tears, the dark haired boy-like man ran out of the cabin as the tears flowed easily down his cheek. Randy and Rey glaring at him as if he were a cold hearted uncle scrooge. Both their eyes narrowing, Rey shook his head, getting up to exit.. Stopping only to spit on Eric before he jogged after Eugene. Randy, following suit got up as well, but he only spit in Eric's face and then sat back down, crossing his arms as he muttered curse words. Eric, a little disgusted, wiped the spit off his forehead, and chin in Rey's case..

"Can't believe this.." Eric muttered. "I can't believe my fucking luck…"

Randy snorted, "Well believe it old man."

"You're one to talk.. Isn't your daddy an old man? Or wait, I didn't know dinosaurs still roamed the earth!" Eric retorted harshly.

"Don't you talk about my dad that way, Bitchoff!" Randy snapped, immediately on his feet. "Or else I'll have to RKO you, but then again.. You're no legend, so you would be worth my time."

"Pfft. Talk about a daddy's boy.. Or maybe you're a momma's boy? I hear you're really a 'family' guy type.. But you don't look the type--" Eric started with a smirk.

"Will y'all shut the fuck up?" John questioned suddenly. "I'm tryin' to think here!"

Amy smirked, "You know how to think?"

"Woman, I know how to do a hell lot more than think, if you know what I mean, that is.." John winked at the redhead, who shuttered.

"Are you always a pervert?" Amy asked, hazel eyes narrowing.

"Only when it comes to you, babe. Let's face it, you should jus' sleep with me an' get it over with." John said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

Amy rolled her eyes, "When was the last time you got laid, seriously?"

"Um, I don't even remember, but that's beside the point.. You sleepin' with me would make it easier on you.. I mean, I'd prolly stop being perverted." John stated.

"Hmm, really? So, if I sleep with you.. You will stop talking to me?" Amy inquired curiously.

"Um, no.. I'd talk to you, jus' in a less perverted fashion or whatever." John corrected.

"Really now? We go out, we talk, we have sex.. And you'll stop being perverted?" Amy asked.

"Yeah." John nodded, smirking.

Amy thought, "Let's see…No."

"What?" John burst out, shocked.

"I'm not going to sleep with you just to get you to leave me alone.. Besides, I could always ask Randy - I mean Big Show - to kick your ass." Amy replied, crossing her arms.

"HEY!" Randy exclaimed, appalled at the woman's words. "I could kick his ass!"

"Yeah, if he was blind folded, had his arms tied behind his back and tied up in the ropes…" Amy muttered.

"Again with the cruelty.. Do you have no heart?" Randy questioned, putting a hand to his own heart.

Amy shrugged, "Haven't found the time to search for it, sorry.."

"An' here I wonder.. why do I want to have sex with you?" John mumbled, the diva smacking him.

"Not that I want to have sex with you, but don't you dare question why!" Amy snapped.

"An' now.. I know why I want to have sex with you." John smirked, day dreaming about them being together.

Amy, again, smacked John, "Don't you dare 'day dream' about me Johnathan!"

John raised an eyebrow at that, "Johnathan? That ain't even my name--"

"Sure.. John is short for Johnathan--"

"Actually," Randy coughed. "It's just John.. No Johnathan or whatever.."

"Whatever." Amy muttered. "Who even gives a damn what his name is."

"I, actually, do." John spoke up. "It is, in fact, my name.."

"Whatever." Was the only thing the redhead could say, her attention drifting off to the card game of Maria and Christy.


Jazz had had enough, the dark haired woman clenched her first.. Shaking her head, gritting her teeth in anger as she screamed. Stacy, frightened, backed away, trying to tell the diva not to hurt her.. Whilst Jazz had every intention of hurting her. And so much more if she had her way. Snitsky and Undertaker were 'building' a tower of some sort out of building box. The tower came tumbling over as Snitsky had removed a block from the pattern.. Undertaker glaring at him with dark eyes.

"That..Wasn't my fault." Snitsky claimed.

"Sure it wasn't, boy.. You will learn how to respect me, you hear? Now pick up those blocks, boy!" Undertaker ordered.

"HELP!" Stacy squealed as Jazz rose a fist in the air.

Undertaker glared at the two, neither noticing that he had even taken their presence in. His eyes rolled, annoyed before he got up and walked over, grabbing Jazz's wrist.

"There a problem here, Stacy and man?" Undertaker questioned.

Jazz looked outraged at that, "Who you calling man?"

"By the looks of it.. You." Undertaker replied.

"Well… I… I'm not a man!" Jazz sputtered, unsure if she should raise her voice at the man or not. "I…Let go.. I'll leave her alone!"

"Good." Undertaker muttered darkly, narrowing his eyes at her. "You touch her, look at her? I won't be the only dead man around here."

At that, he released her wrist, she narrowed her eyes at Stacy before she scurried off in a flash.. Oh that blonde was dead as far as Jazz was concerned. Stacy smiled slightly, taking a step forward.

"Thanks.." Stacy mumbled.

"No problem--"

Stacy kissed his cheek, causing his lips to stop moving.. A little shocked at her actions to say the least. But then again, at least she didn't kiss his lips. Stacy pulled away, smiling, he offered a smile, but came up short. The diva, however, hadn't noticed this.. She shrugged happily and skipped off to write in her diary.

"That wasn't my fault." Snitsky stated blankly.

Undertaker glared over his shoulder to see Snitsky standing there..

"What the fuck - boy! Those blocks better be cleaned up!" Undertaker sneered.

"They were, but.. Jazz kicked the box!" Snitsky stated. "Which.. Wasn't my fault."

"Sure it wasn't."


Again, the three found themselves in utter shock.. Staring at the large man, who kept looking in the mirror at himself.. Muttering things, things they probably didn't even need to know! Torrie, having a date with Randy later, truly needed to use that mirror for her make-up. Though she didn't dare interrupt Kane in his daily staring - which normally took an hour or four. The man forbid anyone from leaving the cabin, which, for some reason, he was now calling a castle.. Apparently, Kane had some sort of idea that he were in the Beauty and The Beast movie, which scared people. Benoit and Maven exchanged a look before they tried to steal away.. Kane, however, noticed.

"Leave and consider yourself DEAD!" Kane yelled.

Torrie screamed as Kane crushed the mirror with his fists.. The two men freezing in their place as Kane slowly tuned to look at them.. A sick, twisted and sadistic look upon his face.

"No one leaves my castle…NO ONE!" Kane shouted, breaking one of the bunk beds.

Torrie blinked, "We're supposed to sleep there you know!"

"SHUT UP! TRAITOR!" Kane snarled.


"TRAITOR!" Kane screamed.

"How are we traitors?" Torrie cried.

Maven and Benoit nodding, trying to figure out what the hell Kane was on.

"You ratted me out to the mob! You bitches! You ratted me out!" Kane snapped, throwing things around the room.

Torrie, Maven and Benoit had to drop to the floor to avoid being hit. The three exchanging looks, however it wasn't long until Vince and Johnny Ace came rushing in.. The two shocked to see Kane tearing up the cabin.

"Kane! What on Earth are you doing?" Ace questioned.

"What the fuck! STOP IT KANE!" Vince shouted.

Kane stopped, "They…Ratted me out!"

"Ratted you out?" Ace repeated curiously.

"To the mob.. They ratted me out!" Kane replied furiously.

"What…mob?" Vince inquired, glaring around the cabin for a mob.

"I.. They left." Kane muttered, glaring around as well.

Vince nodded, "Well.. I can certainly see some sort of mob has been in here."

"Vince.. We just seen Kane tearing up this cabin.. Surely you know better than anyone else that we have to remove Torrie, Benoit and Maven from this cabin--" Ace started.

"We have no cabin space left! No wait.. Stick them in cabin five. I remember there was a spare bunk there!" Vince replied.

"Vince.. We already have put two more people in that cabin.." Ace pointed out.

"Who cares.. Torrie could sleep with Lita or Maria.. Benoit and Rey could share or trade nights.. Maven and Orton could share or trade nights. It works! Bischoff will have a lovely time there." Vince laughed evilly. "I can't wait to see the look on his face! Wait! No! We put Bischoff on the floor.. Give them three cots!"

Ace nodded, "Yes sir."

"Clean this up Kane.. That mob better not come back!" Vince exclaimed. "Or else.. We'll shoot them! Anyhow.. Torrie, Maven, Benoit.. Cabin five with you."

"Um.. Okay.." Torrie mumbled.

"God Kane is a beast." Benoit shook his head as he walked out.

"It was nice knowing you." Maven muttered.

"I'll find you." Kane whispered, Maven quickly ran up with Torrie close behind.

Vince and Johnny started for the door, waving shortly before the exited. Kane laughing hysterically as he sat down on the broken bunk bed. Oh he had finally gotten rid of them, and now.. He was going to have a party.

To Be Continued…

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