Part 2: Chapter 12

I was a little dizzy. Sasuke was leading me up the stairs to my room on the third floor, and as he dragged me up the staircase, the dizziness turned into nausea. But, why? I…I want this, don't I? I stopped. Sasuke instantly turned to me, concern softening his features.

"Naruto, are you okay?" he asked me and I opened my mouth to say that no, I was not okay, that I was worried this was just Sasuke trying to push his own problems out of his mind like before. I was scared of it being meaningless to him--that was the one thing I never wanted. Sasuke meant a lot to me, from his incredible looks to his quietly-commanding personality, and his secret, gentle smile. I didn't want all that to be ruined by what could possibly be a one-night stand; I didn't want him to want me just for the physicality of it all, and I opened my mouth to explain all of this to him but all that came out was a dry squeak. He tilted his head and considered me carefully before speaking up again: "If you really want to, we can go back downstairs," he offered gently. And for some reason, that one sentence answered all my questions and made me happier than I could ever imagine. He blinked and a worried look crossed his face. "Naruto?"

"Yes?" I managed to choke out.

"Why are you crying?"

"I'm not--" I was crying. Silent tears had suddenly began falling from my eyes and Sasuke lifted a hand to my cheek so delicately, I cried harder.

"Did I…say something wrong?" he asked uncertainly. "Do you really…not want to be up here with me…?" I shook my head and threw my arms around his neck, burying his face into his chest. I felt him start against me, then quickly relaxed and placed his other hand lightly on my waist. "Naruto," he pulled back to look into my eyes; I shivered. "If you don't want to spend tonight with me…" his cheeks took on a pale pink tinge, "it really is alright. I realize it's kind of sudden, and last time…" Now he looked away. He remembered what happened too. To reply, I leaned up and brushed my lips against the spot I had punched that night.

"I do love you, Sasuke," I spoke as well as my tightly-wound nerves allowed me to. "You have to had realized that by now."

He nodded. "I know I haven't shown it at all recently, but I do feel the same way. I really do." Our eyes met for an instant that seemed like an eternity. The hand on my face stroked along the three scars on my cheek softly. He leaned closer. I knew I was breathing, but I couldn't even comprehend why--I was dead, I had to be. This was suddenly too perfect, too right.

The few kisses Sasuke and I have ever shared were either small brushed against skin or a few blissful moments where our lips met and left our minds behind. This one was different: my heart lurched, my mind spun, my skin burned, and I felt as if I was floating, flying, soaring, even. I don't know why this one kiss was any different, but it was, and I knew Sasuke felt it too. He made a soft noise against my mouth and I inhaled him sharply as my arms held tighter and my hands clenched--one in his shirt and one in his hair--as his own hands gripped my face and hip tightly.

Suddenly, we were at my door and I was fumbling with my keys one-handed as the kiss escalated (if that were at all possible at this point). After a bit of blind, constantly-interrupted searching, I got my keys out and into the lock. The door fell open and we toppled inside with it. Sasuke's back hit the side of the closet; I was already trying to wrench off my jacket. His hands pushed up my black t-shirt to reveal my stomach and the spiral tattoo that was etched onto my belly. He set his palm against it as he continued to kiss me and drag me toward the bed at the same time. The warmth of his fingers spread out from my stomach and reached out to every point of my body, like wildfire. My hands were pulling at the navy blue turtleneck. He had to move away to get it off and I hurriedly rid myself of the suddenly-unbearable shirt as he pulled the heavy material up over his head. His hair fell in a disheveled tangle over his forehead, and I grabbed his face this time and pulled his mouth hurriedly to mine--it was as if the entire kiss was the only source of oxygen left in our own little world.

"Naruto…" he mumbled against me, his teeth catching on my bottom lip and sucking on it lightly. I moaned loudly and that seemed to be his cue; we kissed again and Sasuke leaned heavily against me, overpowering me and forcing me to drop down to the mattress where I was pinned--his hands on either side of my shoulders and his body angled against mine. "Naruto…" he said my name again as he pulled his mouth from mine and took an instant to gaze down at me.

I returned the look, the pause allowing my uncertainty to rear its head once more: "Sasuke…?"

"Mm?" he cocked his head slightly to one side, his hair falling over his eyes. I reached up and wrapped my arms around him, laying my forehead in the cradle of his neck. One of his hands came to my back and brushed up along my spine, making me shiver. The other hand clasped at my hip and slowly inched toward the button of my shorts.

"Sasuke," I mumbled against him, feeling the heat rise from my neck to the tips of my ears. His hand stopped at my words. "I…don't know what I'm doing." He pulled back and gave me a slightly confused look and if I weren't so embarrassed, I'd have laughed at the expression. Then, understanding flashed in his eyes and he lay me back down on the bed, his knees framing my hips and his hands on the waistband of my shorts.

"Like I know what to do, dobe?" he answered with a teasing smile.

"But…" I turned my head away from the sight of him (which was positively to die for, by the way), "you just… you seem to know what you're doing, and I…"

"Don't know," he shook his head. "Neither do I. But I do know one thing--" He leaned over, one hand striking the mattress and startling me into looking back up at his face: "I want you."

"Sasuke…" I blushed harder.

"So, relax," his other hand had already slipped the button open and he was tugging my zipper down slowly, "unless, of course, you don't want to do this." He paused, lifting his hand back to my waist. I was shaking, I knew it and he did too. I breathed in deeply, keeping my eyes on his; he didn't break our stare, he just waited patiently, a half-smile curving one corner of his mouth upward. I tried to find something wrong with this situation, like 'we're moving too fast' or 'neither of us have any idea what to do', but no matter what I tried to come up with, the only thing that was constant in my brain was 'I love you'. I love Uchiha Sasuke with all my heart and soul, through hell and back again (as we just experienced), and through his faults and my fears. If I couldn't be comfortable with him, no matter the situation, that wasn't being fair to him. Besides, even if we do make fools of ourselves, we'll only be doing it in front of each other--and if, my deepest fear occurred and he left me after tonight, after seeing me at my weakest and involuntary state, then I'd rather chance it and be hurt by him. Because I love him. This internal dialogue only took a second, but for my terrified mind it seemed like I was debating this for hours, days. I blinked and swallowed softly, my hands reaching up and gripping at his waist briefly, then slipping along the front of his jeans and undoing the button-zipper combo in a flash. "Ah--!" was all Sasuke managed to get out as I dragged the black jeans from his hips and pulled them off his legs, pushing him onto his back and straddling him.

"You're too slow," I grinned playfully.

"You--" I leaned over and pressed my lips to his neckline, my tongue flicking out and tasting his skin. "--ah…ah…"

"Said something?" I mumbled against his flesh, trailing my tongue down to his collarbone and kissing slowly down his chest.

"I said…" he panted slightly and I licked the flat of his chest, my teeth gnashing slightly against his nipple. "Ngh…!"

"Mm-hmm?" I lowered my head to his stomach, running the tip of my tongue along the muscles slightly. He suddenly rocked his hips upward and I pulled away; his hands were at my shoulders and then I was back down on the other end of the bed. "Ack!"

Sasuke reached between us and positively yanked the shorts off my hips. "That was my reward for being nice?" he made a face as he clasped my thighs and dragged me closer; my legs were up along his arms, my knees almost at my chest. "I'll show you slow," he said and I heard the smirk on his face.

"Don't… go slow…" I shook my head and then let it fall back as he positioned the both of us, both hastily and clumsily.

"I have to," the tone of his voice changed and I pulled my head back up to look at him. "I don't want to hurt you." He said it with a slight blush. I reached up and brought his head down to mine, pressing our foreheads together.

"It's okay. Remember, I don't know either," I murmured.

"Maybe we should call this a practice run?" he grinned and I laughed, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and squeezing him tight.

"As long as I'm hurt by you, it's alright," I whispered. Sasuke lowered me back down to the bed and kept one arm bracingly at my side. His other arm looped with my leg and pushed it up, allowing him space to move. Thank god I'm flexible.

"Pain is love?" he lifted an eyebrow.

I rolled my eyes: "We're gonna get nothing accomplished tonight." He chuckled and lay the inside of my knee against his shoulder, clasping my thigh lightly.

"You never were one for subtlety, huh?" he teased.

"Should I be blatant?" I gave him an innocent pout.

"You should start making more interesting noises," he shifted his weight and slowly pushed himself into me.

I don't know what I was expecting, but it hurt, that was for sure. I managed not to scream, but I yelped loudly and clenched my fingers in the bed sheets. Sasuke pulled out, not completely, and reached up with his bracing hand, touching my arm reassuringly. I released the sheets with one hand and clasped it over his, giving a slight nod. Sasuke thrust gently again, and this time I inhaled sharply, biting my lip. He ran his tongue over my mouth and I opened it to allow a kiss as he hesitantly began building a slow, steady pace. With each rock of his hips I made a noise against his mouth and when he moaned in response, I began trying to match his rhythm. I was awkward about it for a few moments, then my brain suddenly made a connection: it's just like music. The steady rocking of Sasuke's thrusts were like the beats of a song, the rolling of my hips in time with his was like a strand of melody repeating in one continuous loop. The creaking of the bedsprings, my gasps and his grunts, they were all part of the overall composure that made a song. And I don't know why but there were suddenly tears in my eyes and then my body moved flawlessly on its own. I pushed down as his hips arched forward and his breathing quickened slightly, silently demanding that he move faster, that he change the tempo. He complied, wordlessly as well, and lifted himself up, placing both hands on either side of my head. I lifted my other leg and pressed both to my chest, reaching over and placing my hands on his shoulders.

Sasuke cut into me again, gasping breathlessly as he pushed his lower body against mine faster and faster. His usually-tidy hair fell over his face in damp strands and stuck to his neck and I ran my hands back through his black hair and gripped it briefly, pulling his head back slightly. He threw his weight completely into the next thrust and now I was screaming noiselessly as I arched my back hard, dragging my fingertips down his shoulders and to his chest, where I lay my palms flat on his body. Sasuke moved even faster, fumbling in his motions slightly as he reached blindly for the headboard and locked his elbows, bracing himself as he rocked into me over and over again and I gasped and panted and yelped his name (at least I think I was; I wasn't quite coherent at this point). One of his hands came off the headboard and reached between us, gripping my length firmly in one very cold hand. I cried out and bucked beneath him but he forced me down again with his hips and began moving his hand against me way too slowly. I growled his name (I think) and arched deliberately into his hand. He gasped softly and slowed his hips slightly to concentrate on his hand, which was doing wonderful things to me. I made too many noises to keep track of as his palm brushed up and down along my throbbing (yes, throbbing) member, gripping tightly as it moved faster, more intensely. My entire lower body felt as if it were on fire, and my hands fell back to the bed, clenching desperately in the sheets as I felt the pressure building inside me like a dull ache, becoming sharper and more unbearable, and then, finally, blissfully, it exploded outward and I climaxed into Sasuke's hand as I screamed for him.

He gasped and released me, sliding the wet hand up along my torso and coming to grip my neck, near the back of my head. His thrusts suddenly sped up again and he started breathing raggedly, his head dropped, the one arm bracing against the headboard trembling visibly. "N-Na…" If at all possible, his thrusts became faster. "Naru…" And harder. "Naru… Naruto!" He shouted and squeezed his eyes shut as his hands clenched convulsively on the headboard and in my hair, and he let himself go. I closed my eyes as the heat spilled into me--Sasuke's inside me… I can't believe… Sasuke… He pulled away and his entire body relaxed. Sasuke lowered himself to lie atop my chest and I slipped my arms about his shoulders, kissing the top of his head softly. My heart was finally calming down, and eventually, his breathing slowed as well. We fell into a comfortable silence, broken only by an occasional long breath. Finally, he shifted in my arms and turned his head up to look at me. "Did I hurt you…?"

"It's okay, remember?" now I kissed his forehead. He gave a tight-lipped smile, but then studied me closely with his dark eyes.

"You were crying. Are you sure--?"

"It wasn't because you were hurting me. I was happy."

"You were crying because you were happy?" he looked adorably confused.

I laughed softly: "Yes." He gave me a look that plainly said you're weird. "You and music are the two most important things in my life."

"And you just happened to realize that in the middle of having sex?" one dark eyebrow lifted again and I laughed once more, kissing his nose this time.

"I know, I'm weird," I shrugged. He shrugged back and propped himself up on his elbows, his body still resting atop mine.

"You and music," he agreed with a nod. "It's all I've got."

"You have plenty of other things too," I pointed out.

"It's all I want," he reiterated with a tired smile. I flashed him another grin. "You're so damn cute sometimes, you know?"

"Why thank you."

"Smart ass."

"I'm hungry."

He sat up slowly, lowering his feet over the side of the bed. "We'll go out. My treat."

"I want ramen!" I jumped out of the bed, grabbing my shorts and running for my shirt.

"Is anything even open now? It's nearly ten," he stood, gathering his clothes at a more relaxed pace.

"I wonder who won the contest," I hopped into my shorts and tried to find the bottom of my shirt so I could put it on as I ignored his question. That was irrelevant--we'd find something open.

"We could ask the others," he had gotten his pants and turtleneck on with no problems.

"Can they come too?" I ran out of the bathroom and scooped up my lucky jacket.

"Sure. We'll all celebrate," he shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. I grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the room, closing the door behind me and locking it with the keys I had accidentally left in the lock.

"Whoops," I mumbled, locking the door and turning to my dry-erase memo board mounted on the wall beside my door; there was a note on it. "Huh?" I read:

"Naruto--We came to see if you wanted to go out to celebrate, but you sounded kind of busy, so we left without you. Sorry. Meet at the restaurant on Sixteenth and Thirty-second? Haku."

"Whoops, again," I chuckled.

"Busy, huh?" Sasuke snickered. "Doing what?"

"Making a song," I pulled him down the hallway with a huge grin. "Now come on, I'm hungry!"

"Yeah, yeah," he allowed himself to be dragged. And we hurried toward the parking lot to meet the rest of Sharingan.

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