A/N: This is the first of my thirty shards for the LJ community, 30shards (Gee, who saw that coming?). They're just little tidbits of writing with different themes for the subject. I will post more as I write them

Title: Festival

Character: Kagura

Theme: Festival

Rating: PG

Squicks: Slight gore

Summary: It was her time to be in control.


Kagura watched as hundreds of demons were blasted apart, their remains falling back to the earth. She showed no concern for those that had fallen to protect her. She didn't care that the amount of live demons at her disposal was dwindling. It didn't matter to her. She could always make them rise again.

With one twitch of her fan, she could make the limbs of what was once a dragon move as though they were not only alive, but their own being. She could make the ogre charge at her enemy, attack with such vehemence that anyone who did not know better would think that it was enraged and fighting completely of its own accord. Never mind the fact that the dragon limbs had no body, never mind the fact that the ogre's skull was split nearly in two, what remained of its brain sprayed onto the ground and rock on which it fell. They would do what she commanded, and she commanded them to fight.

They were like performers in a festival, and she was their manager. And really, that's all her battles were. The battles she fought never had any real significance, no real purpose. They were really just to entertain Naraku. Perhaps that's even what he saw when she battled; a festival just for him.

He would watch with glee as the fallen demons would come to life again, dancing to her song, ready to fight. Would listen with pleasure as they screamed in agony while being ripped asunder, some even watching their own severed arms and legs rise without them before they finally died. It was like music to him, and Kagura, though still conducting, would dance right along with them, just as much a part of the show as the dead creatures that surrounded her.

Kagura knew that she was just Naraku's entertainment, but also knew that she enjoyed it as well. She enjoyed having control over death and the creatures that had succumbed to it. Enjoyed managing their moves. Enjoyed creating this show, even if it was for Naraku.

Despite the fact that she did such things for a man she hated, it was her time to be in control, to call the shots, to manipulate the weak. Even if he thought it was for him, it was for her that they danced. She was in charge. It was hers: Kagura's Festival of the Dead.