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Sakura looked up at the fluffy clouds blanketing the beautiful sunny sky over Konohagakure. She was standing at the bridge where Team 7 used to meet up for training back when they were 12-year-old genins. She chuckled at the recollection of Naruto and her screaming at Kakashi-sensei for being late and hearing his silly excuses. Then she remembered…him. She looked at the bridge railing and remembered how he would casually rest his elbows on them and give his usual smirk to all of them. I miss all of that…she thought to herself.

She is now a 17-year-old medical-nin in the ANBU squad. She's currently the top ranked medical-nin in Konoha, along side Tsunade-sama and Shizune. It was thanks to Tsunade's tutelage that got Sakura to where she is at right now. She has the potential to even surpass Tsunade and Shizune.

She looked at her own reflection in the streaming water. Her appearance changed in a mature way; she grew out of her big forehead and her emerald orbs showed a more seductive look, rather than the innocent look she used to have. Her light pink hair grew to the bottom of her back, which she consistently puts up in a ponytail. She grew womanly curves and shed her baby-like body. Her breasts grew to fill into a C-cup, and her legs are much longer and very slender. She definitely grew up to be a beautiful young lady.

Sakura has endured a lot throughout the years. She saw Sasuke's departure from Konoha right before her eyes and her heart broke into a millions pieces because she couldn't convince him to stay. In her heart, she knew that she still loves him. She realized how deep her love for Sasuke has become as years went by without his presence nearby her. It was unbearable for her to endure, but she kept holding on. There were times when she would have mental breakdowns in the middle of the night and would have trouble falling asleep. She would sneak out of her house and stroll around Konoha just to relieve her troubles. She would retreat towards the forest training grounds and just sprawl on the grass, looking up at the stars, secretly wishing on each and every one of them for Sasuke to come back to her.

I wonder if he ever thinks about me and the others? I wonder if he ever misses us? I wonder how he looks like now? All these questions kept racing through Sakura's mind.

Naruto and Lee were especially alert of Sakura's depression and were increasingly worried about her. They would shower her with gifts, dates, and ramen, but these gestures weren't enough to mend her broken heart. Even Ino made many attempts to hook Sakura up with many suitors in the village, but she rejected all of them because she was obviously not over Sasuke. Sure Sakura was the top ANBU medical-nin, but this honorary title didn't do much to change her attitude. A lot of people were aware that she's still head-over-heels for Sasuke, but she tried her best to cover up her sadness with a facsade that was too easy for everyone to see through. They knew that she never gave her usual trademark Sakura smile like she used to. The gleam in her eyes was barely noticeable now, compared to back then. They knew that their old Sakura was hidden away in the depths of despair. They wanted her to come back to them, but in order for that to happen, Sasuke had to come back to her.

Sakura also recollected the time when Naruto came back after 2 and a half years of private training with Jiraiya-sama. Naruto and she became teammates under the guidance of their old sensei, Kakashi. Their strength grew when they encountered each other. She remembered how she encountered a fight with the members of Akatsuki and she fought her hardest along side Chiyo-sama. It was extremely difficult, but they finally beat Akatsuki. Unfortunately, Itachi escaped the scene. He wasn't seen ever since. Sakura wondered where he went and if he was causing trouble in the location he was at. Naruto and she were also determined to find Orochimaru but they couldn't locate him. She wished he would burn in hell already and return Sasuke to them. She cringed at the thought.

After the fight with Akatsuki, they all returned to Konoha. Sakura promised herself that she would get stronger and was even more determined to find Orochimaru, kill him, and get Sasuke back. Everyday she forced herself to train hard, with the help of Tsunade and Kakashi. Her strength increased and she learned new jutsus. She tried out to become a member of the ANBU squad at the age of 16-years-old, and she passed with flying colors. ANBU was in desperate need of medical nins, and Sakura applied at the best time. Besides, she is a strong and intelligent kunoichi. Sakura did many missions, some in which she almost got killed in. Luckily she's now strong enough to defend herself, unlike the past, when she kept depending on Naruto and him.

"Yo, Sakura!" Sakura was snapped out of her thoughts and turned to see Kakashi strolling with Anko. She was surprised to see them wear casual clothing. Anko was wearing a ¾ sleeve button-up sea foam green top with dark denim flares and black boots. She had her hair up as usual with that unique spikey hairstyle, and her face was still beautiful. Kakashi was wearing a plaid button up top with dark denim pants and brown shoes. Unbelievably, he didn't wear his mask. Sakura remembers when she first saw her sensei's face at his 30th birthday party, she remembered at the shock of how handsome he looked. He's like an older version of Sasuke. But looking at Kakashi in that kind of way is just wrong; he is her sensei and she is his subordinate. After all, Kakashi and Anko are together. They look really great together.

"Hey Sakura, what are you doing here?" she asked her as she stood next to Sakura on the bridge.

"Hey Anko-san and Kaka-sensei, I'm just resting after the training I did just earlier. It's so tranquil to look at the streaming water. It makes me contemplate." Anko nodded and looked over Sakura's tattered red zip-up top, beige skirt, and black shorts.

"Sakura hun, you've been training yourself very hard lately. You should rest a little since there won't be any important ANBU missions this week. Hey, you can hang out with Kakashi and I. Right now we're just strolling around this area, and we'll go to the Nakamura Sushi restaurant later on for Genma-kun's birthday celebration." Anko politely offered Sakura.

"Yeah Sakura, Anko and I were talking about the students earlier, including you. We're thinking that you've been stressing yourself out way too much lately. You really need a break. But I don't know if you should hang out with Anko and I; she tends to talk a lot and I stop listening after 10 minutes of her babbling—"Anko transported next to Kakashi and hit him over the head with a hard punch.

"Aa! Gomenesai, hun! I was only kidding, ha ha!" Kakashi defended while rubbing his head. Anko gave him a death glare.

"If you make another insult, I'll burn your newest copy of Icha Icha Tactics!" Anko threatened while shaking her fist.

The couple heard a sound and turned towards Sakura to see her laughing her head off. They were shocked to see this since it has been ages since she had an outburst of laughter. "You 2 crack me up so much! No wonder both of you are a couple! Very cute and hilarious!" The jounins smiled at her and were proud of displaying an amusing moment for Sakura to laugh at.

"I'm just kidding, Sakura. Come, hang out with us!" Kakashi offered.

"OK then. I need company anyways, or else I'll go insane recollecting all of these thoughts…again!"

"We don't want that to happen now!" Anko said to Sakura. Kakashi nodded and they started to walk away from the bridge.