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As Neji swung his katana towards Itachi's neck, he was suddenly hit with the force of Itachi's right foot. He kicked him hard in the stomach and was shot flying through the air.

Damn! Neji cursed himself for not being successful at decapitating Itachi's head. He landed with a loud thud on the grass.

Meanwhile, Naruto was caught in Itachi's Tsukuyomi. He found himself trapped in a crimson and black world, tied to a wooden post.

Kuso! I can't believe I got caught in this! Naruto cringed to himself as his expression grew mortified once he saw several katana being lauched at him. He was getting repeatedly stabbed on his torso, arms, and legs. He screamed and writhed in pain, feeling he could die at any minute. "72 hours of torture and pain, Naruto-kun," he heard Itachi's eerie voice echo within the morbid realm he was in.

Ouch! No! No! Please stop! Ow! NOOO! AHHHHHHH! Naruto screamed his head off and felt warm tears descend from his eyes. Get me the fuck out of this place! I beg of you!

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Naruto let out a blood-curdling scream from his physical self placed in reality. He collapsed hard on to the grass while Itachi stood over him with a smirk over his face, as he slowly uncoiled the spiraling Mangekyou Sharingan back into normal mode.

"Naruto-kun, that will teach you not to get in the way of my objective. I know it sounds ironic since you were my target in the past because of your jinchuuriki, but that is now in the past," he slowly walked away from his unconscious form. He was walking towards his brother and the giant snake.

Neji ran towards Naruto's mentally-bruised body. I can't fucking believe I didn't obliterate Itachi! Neji pounded the ground and checked to see if he was in serious condition.

"Naruto! Wake up!" he was literally shaking his body with strong arms, but Naruto just cringed his face even more. Tears started to leak down his whiskered cheeks.

Neji slowly got up with anger on his face. He quickly did some hand seals while running towards Itachi, activating his Byaakugan.

"Hakkeshou Rokujuu Yonshou!" he yelled as he started to fluidly launch his arms to hit Itachi's tenketsu points. He immediately reacted and dodged the arms that were launching at him

Let me get in some hits at least! Neji thought to himself as he continued to pinpoint any tenketsu spots with his graceful but powerful movements. Itachi dodged his attempts with ease until…

"GAH!" he felt some blood come out of his mouth. Neji was successful on hitting 4 of his tenketsu points. Itachi felt the internal pressure of chakra blockage and became infuriated. He used his skillful taijutsu skills in order to dodge and defend himself.

"I am not here to fight all of you. Leave me be and let me fight my brother, or else you will all meet an untimely end," Itachi stated with an eerily calm voice as he continued to dodge Neji's attempt of connecting hits. Neji growled at hearing this.

"I am not letting you go that easily!" he retorted back.

Itachi just glared at him. I should save my Mangekyou Sharingan powers until I finally get to battle my brother because I'll probably become blind if I use it on this ANBU idiot.

Without warning, even though Neji hit some of his tenketsu points to block out chakra flow through out his body, Itachi kicked his gut once again. This sent Neji to fly back and Itachi managed to throw several kunais at him. Neji managed to dodge them, except for 3, which hit his right torso, right thigh, and left arm.

"CRAP!" Neji yelled as his legs gave way, clutching the kunai imbedded in his right torso. The bulgy veins beside his eyes started to reside and he gritted his teeth in disappointment. Itachi immediately turned around and continued to walk towards his intended battle opponent.

Naruto immediately opened his eyelids and saw he was back in the same battleground he was in earlier. He felt the grass prickling the partial skin that was exposed by the ANBU outfit. He looked at his surroundings and saw some injured comrades. Naruto wiped the tears off his whiskered cheeks with the back of his right hand and proceeded to slowly sit up, trying to recover from the genjutsu that somehow mentally-scarred him.

I'm not going to let this genjutsu fuck up my mind during a time like this! Naruto thought with much determination. He managed to wobbly stand on his two feet. Determined to recover from the genjutsu completely in order to fight again, he took out his kunai and stabbed himself on the left hand. It clearly woke him up even more. Because of the Kyuubi sealed within him, his left hand slowly started to heal itself of the wound he inflicted upon himself. That should wake me up for the time being! He thought as he looked down at his left hand. It's a good thing a wound like this won't be as harmful to me thanks to the Kyuubi. He smirked to himself.

"Forget Itachi, I'm going after Sasuke!" Naruto told himself. If Sasuke wants to play like that, then I will too!

Naruto took off his glove and proceeded to bite his right thumb until a droplet of blood came out. He did some quick handseals and exclaimed, "Kuchiyose no jutsu!"

The earth started to vibrate and a mist of smoke started to swirl from underneath him.

While Tenten was tending to Sakura, who was still unconscious, noticed the swirl of smoke forming around Naruto from afar.

What is Naruto trying to do? She wondered with curiosity as the earth trembled below her.

Next thing she knew, a massive auburn-colored frog clasping a katana in its mouth formed under the golden-haired shinobi. Her hazel-eyes widened with amazement. So that's how his summon looks like? Wow…

Then she looked down at Sakura's unconscious form.

"I'm sorry Sakura-chan, but I have to attend the battlefield and help them out. I hope you'll be OK here," Tenten said to her even though it was unlikely that she was listening. She gently laid her body down and stood up, while preparing various weapon scrolls she planned to use on the powerful opponents.

Naruto called on his summon too? What the fuck! I didn't come here to battle him or the others!

Sasuke was snapped out of his reverie when his brother called up to him from below.

"Sasuke, are you ready to fight?" Itachi asked him, "can you prove that you are capable of battling with me? This will be the ultimate measure of power and strength for the both of us. I have been waiting for this time to come. Let's see who will become ultimate victor of this fight."

Sasuke cringed at every word his older brother proclaimed. "Do you fucking think I'm still weak or something?" he yelled as he drew up his katana. His eyes transformed from cold onyx orbs to a sea of crimson with swirling black commas. It slowly evolved to an eccentric wheel pattern with various lines. He smirked once he fully activated his special bloodline

"You're not the only one with the Mangekyou Sharingan, Itachi."

I…got to…wake up…now! I must…fight! Sakura slowly fluttered her eyelids open and slowly got up. She felt a little sore but was still in good condition to join the chaotic battle. She looked around and saw bodies scattered everywhere. Apparently Manda knocked out a lot of the ANBUS and Jounins with the butt of his katana. Some were unfortunate enough to get dismembered by the sharp end of his katana.

Her eyes widened with horror when she saw Naruto standing on top of his summon, Gamabunta.

Oh no! Naruto called upon his summon as well? This is getting chaotic minute by minute!

She continued to observe the battleground and spotted her captain, who was on his knees and bleeding from various kunai wounds.

"Neji!" Sakura screamed out as she ran towards him. As she came closer to her, she kneeled down, took off her gloves, and proceeded to gather chakra in her palms.

"No Sakura! You don't have to heal me right now! My wounds are only minor. Just save your chakra for this battle!" Neji commanded to her.

"But captain…"

"Go Sakura! Don't worry about me! I'll be fine! Go out there and execute Itachi!"

"Hai captain," she ceased the chakra flow to her hands and proceeded to run towards the epicenter of the battleground.

"SASUKE!" Naruto yelled from atop of Gamabunta.

"Naruto, stay out of this! This fight is only between Itachi and I!" Sasuke yelled back.

"Oi Naruto-sama! What is going on here?" Gamabunta gently laid his katana on the ground and asked his master.

"Gamabunta, this battle will go down in shinobi history!"

The giant frog was completely oblivious to what Naruto said, until he looked straight ahead and saw his slithering rival, Manda. Gamabunta let out a loud sigh and croak.

"This is like a dejavu of five years ago, when Jiraiya-sama summoned me to battle with Orochimaru!" the giant frog exclaimed.

"Ah, Gamabunta, I s-s-see we meet again," Manda greeted him with a sarcastic tone.

As Itachi tried to observe his surroundings (which was completely blurred), he felt a presence behind him.

Ch, pesky ANBU weaklings…

Tenten twirled her scrolls into the sky and made a few quick hand seals. Various weapons started to rain out of them and she grabbed some in her hands. She ran towards Itachi with a scythe and large shuriken in both of her hands. She had a look of determination behind her mask.

She threw the large shuriken and it hit him…or so she thought. His figure transformed into a Kawarimi no Jutsu.

Damn! she thought to herself. But just then she immediately felt a presence behind her and felt a piercing pain shot through her back.

"AHHHHHHH!" Tenten let out a blood-curdling scream.

"You shouldn't leave all of these detestable weapons lying around the grass unintended," Itachi whispered into her ear with a smirk on his face. She slowly turned around to face him and gritted her teeth behind her mask. She then collapsed on to the ground with a katana shallowly impaled into her back. Blood started to slowly stain the white vestige she was wearing.

"TENTEN!" Sakura screamed to her comrade as she came closer to where her old teammates and Itachi were at. As she came closer to her, she gently propped Tenten on to her lap and attempted to heal her as well.

"No Sakura! Don't heal me! Save your chakra! I'm okay and I'll survive this. Go and fight Itachi!" Tenten pleaded her as she forcefully pulled out the katana out of her back. More blood gushed out into the air as she did this.

"Tenten-chan! Don't do that! And geez, your boyfriend told me the same thing!"

"Don't mind me! Just do as what the captain said, Sakura-chan! Now go!"

"Not until I move you into a safer place so you won't get hurt more," Sakura picked up her weakened body and teleported her to the nearest tree and gently laid her in the shade. After that, she teleported back to the battle scene.

"SAKURA-CHAN! STAY OUT OF THIS!" Naruto yelled down at Sakura.


What happened to this girl? She can actually fight? Sasuke thought to himself as he looked at this whole spectacle.

I have no choice; I have to do this. I hope this works…Sakura thought to herself as she gathered the specific amount of chakra she needed, took off her gloves, bit her thumb, did some quick seals, and thrusted her hands on to the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" she yelled out. A swirl of smoke formed from under her. Her legs started to wobble and her emerald eyes grew wider. Next thing she knew, she was standing on top of her white and blue-speckled slug summon.

"Sakura-sama! I see you have finally summoned me," her giant slug summon politely said to her.

"Katsuya! I will need your help here. Will you please offer this to me?" Sakura went down on one knee and gently patted her newly achieved summon.

Katsuya observed her surroundings and wondered why she needed help. Her curiosity was answered when she saw Gamabunta and Manda.

"Oh my! This is like the time Tsunade-sama summoned me to fight Orochimaru, alongside Jiraiya!" the giant slug responded.

"Ahh I see that Katsuya has made an appearance as well," Gamabunta said while fastening the katana back into his mouth.

Meanwhile, good old Team 7 stared at her and her summon in awe.

Sakura-chan, I am so proud of you! Naruto thought as he let out a gentle smile. He finally took off his ANBU mask, which revealed his grown up, handsome face.

S-Sakura? She has improved since I last left her in Konoha. I wonder what else this woman can do…Sasuke let a smirk plaster his good-looking, mature face.

"OKAY GUYS! Now it's time to PLAY!" she exclaimed as she pulled off her ANBU mask to reveal her beautiful face.

What the fuck? Why are these pathetic people using summons? Itachi thought to himself as he looked up into the sky to see a blur of purple, brown, and white.

"You fucking idiots, will you stay out of this?" Sasuke exclaimed at them.

"NO SASUKE! We're going to ally with you and fight him off!" Naruto exclaimed back to him.

"What the hell is this, S-S-Sasuke-s-s-sama?" Manda asked in an annoyed tone.

"I don't fucking know, but it's irritating me," Sasuke answered.

"Shut up, Sasuke! We're here to help you…for now. Until then, we might have to fight you later if we need to subdue you," Sakura blurted out. Sasuke looked at her with a look of confusion.

Whoa. What the hell? Did she just tell me to shut up? And did she drop out the suffix from my name? My, oh, my, she has changed!This is going to be quite interesting! Sasuke thought to himself.

I'm sorry Sasuke-kun, but I have to put up my tough façade for now…Sakura thought to herself.

"Okay, enough with the camaraderie. My sole purpose here is to fight my brother, but if both of you want to interfere and ally with his pathetic ass, then let it be. I guess my foolish little brother is too weak to battle against me all by himself," Itachi proclaimed in a serious but somewhat mocking voice.

"You asshole! Manda! Attack him!" Sasuke angrily yelled. Manda picks up his tail end and slithers it towards Itachi so he can wrap it around him and squeeze him to death. He instantly dodges this but as he does this, Naruto orders Gamabunta to attack him with his katana. The giant frog tries to swing the katana to dismember the S-class criminal, but he uses another Kawarimi no Jutsu.

This is going to be a little difficult than I thought. Itachi thought to himself as he reappeared in the same location he was in.

"Katsuya, attack him!" Sakura ordered.

"Hai, Sakura-sama! Zesshi Nensan!" A thick and sticky poisonous substance spat out of the tiny mouth of the giant slug and it hit Itachi…or so they thought. It was another Kawarimi no Jutsu.

It's a good thing I still have my good senses and reflexes, even though I have minimal eyesight. Itachi smirked to himself.

Damn, we need to at least get one hit! Sakura thought to herself as she balled up her fists on each side of her body.

Interrupted of her reverie, Sakura felt a presence behind her. It was too late; Itachi ended up behind her on top of Katsuya. He had a kunai at her throat.

"If you make one move, your throat will get slashed in half," Itachi whispered into her ear as she trembled with fear.

"SAKURA-CHAAAAAN!" Naruto screamed out.

Sasuke just observed what was going on and became speechless. He froze for a moment and didn't know what to do next. He wanted so badly to jump over there and protect Sakura from his powerful brother, but he didn't want to shed his brooding pride in front of them.

Sakura, you fucking idiot, don't be a scaredy cat. Fight him back! FIGHT HIM BACK! Inner Sakura screamed out in her head.

"Yeah right," she whispered back to Itachi with a smirk on her face. She maneuvered herself away from his grip and gathered up chakra into her right fist. She used her "Smashy, Smashy" power and punched him in the stomach with full force.

"GAH!" Itachi choked out as he flew off the giant slug.

What the hell was that? Is this really Sakura? Sasuke thought as his onyx orbs widened in amazement.

As Itachi kept falling down, he turned into smoke and appeared as a log once again.

Fuck, where did he go? Sakura cursed herself as she looked around. As she turned forward, she was met face-to-face with the brooding criminal.

"You despicable woman, you think that would do damage to me? I'll finish you off first!" he suddenly thrusted a kunai into her stomach. Sakura's emerald orbs widened and coughed out crimson droplets from her mouth. Her frail body lunged forward over his right arm. She clutched the kunai that impaled her. A crimson stain slowly spread through her white vestige.

"NOOOO! SAKURA-CHAN! YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, YOU'RE GOING TO PAY!" Naruto screamed out once again. He did some quick hand seals and belted out, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" A vast number of his clones sprouted about, some on top of Gamabunta and the others at the ground.

"Let's go attack him, guys!" Naruto instructed to his clones. They all dashed towards Itachi's direction.

Sasuke cringed at the sight. He didn't know how to express how he truly felt at the moment. Internally, he was boiling up with rage and felt his heart crack at the sight of Sakura getting stab. He wanted to kill his evil brother even more.

That fucker…deserves…to…BURN IN HELL! he screamed inside his head. His expression turned into an obvious frown and his lips were trembling. He gripped his katana harder and took on a fighting stance. He couldn't contain it anymore; he had to do something…now!

"ITACHI, YOU LOW-LIFE FUCKER! WHY DID YOU STAB SAKURA? YOU DESERVE TO DIE!" Sasuke suddenly screamed out as his Mangekyou Sharingan started to swirl in a quick motion within his eyes. He ordered Manda to make another attack.

Tsunade was trying to work on her daily pile of reports and scrolls that Shizune brought in. As she was doing so, she was enjoying some shots of sake. When she tried to take another shot from her saucer, she heard a tiny cracking sound form on it. She observed it with her hazel orbs.

"Oh no. This is not good…" she solemnly concluded.

"…so yeah 'HUH-UH', that's how the mission went!" Kakashi rambled on with a slur in his voice. Anko and him were at the local bar with Asuma and Kurenai. They were drinking shots of sake as well.

"I have to tell you all 'HUH-UH' about another mission—" Kakashi got interrupted by a cracking sound that formed on the saucer he was holding.

"Kaka-head, look at your saucer!" Anko pointed to it. Asuma and Kurenai turned their attention to the noticeable crack on the saucer.

Kakashi straightened himself up and realized that this wasn't an ordinary occurrence.

"This is not a good sign…"

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