Chapter 4 – Interlude

"We had the kind of night where morning came to soon. We used the light from a flickering candle across the room. To make the kind of shadows that only one thing could make…love." – Janet Jackson

It was still dark when Sara first awoke. She cracked one eye open and glanced out the window at the moon that was sitting halfway behind a dark gray cloud. For a moment she was worried that it might rain, ruining the day she had planned. But when she thought about it, the rain could be a good thing. People tended to stay indoors whenever it rained, and right now she didn't want to ever leave the bed she was in.

She smiled as she felt the man beside her shift, lazily throwing his arm across her back. She turned her head and took a moment to study him. His sleeping face gave away more than he would ever know.

His eyes shimmered back and forth as if the dream he was having was intense, his mouth twitching every so often. The lines on his face were softer, making him look years younger. He looked like he didn't have a care in the world.

He mumbled something incoherent, something that sounded like "No…the cockroach did it." Sara couldn't help but laugh a little, her hand reaching up to touch his lips.

As soon as her fingers touched him his eyes shot open. He blinked a few times as if to acclimate himself to the minimal light produced by the moon. Finally focusing on Sara he yawned and pulled her close. "Morning." He said in a sleep heavy voice.

"Well technically anyway." She whispered.

He glanced at the clock and winced. "Mmm. Too early for breakfast."

"You're hungry already?" she asked.

"With you I'm always hungry."

Smiling, Sara brushed her hand through his hair and kissed him. The kiss soon took on an air of ferocity as they both became alive in the early morning hours. His hands weaved their way through her hair, down her back and lower, pulling her closer to his naked heat.

She sucked in a breath when his lips locked on to her neck, sucking at her flesh as if he was feeding on her. He pushed her until she was on her back, her hair splayed across the pillow. Bringing his lips to hers, he let his hands wander her body, slow and casual caresses. His mouth soon followed, tongue tasting every inch of skin. He made his way down her throat, over her collarbone and across her breasts until he was teasing her naval, causing her to sigh and clutch at the sheets that were balled in her hands.

He looked up at her and whispered, "Look at me Sara."

She opened her eyes and looked down.

His gaze stayed locked with hers as he made his way, slowly, to the juncture of her thighs. Kissing the inside of her legs, he cupped her warm center. He groaned low in his throat, his teeth nipping at the sensitive flesh of her abdomen.

"You're so wet Sara, and you smell so good. It makes me wonder what you would taste like."

Sara couldn't form a coherent thought for the life of her as his tongue started a slow journey around her dripping center; tasting every inch of her except the one spot she so desperately needed him to.

"May I taste you?" he whispered, so close to her skin that she could feel his warm breath blow across her sensitive flesh.

"Please…yes." She managed to say as she reached her hand out to grasp his hand that was resting on her stomach.

"Thank you." He said as he descended on her throbbing clitoris.

Gasping, Sara threw her head back and squeezed Grissom's hand in a death grip. His wet, tongue was searing against her already heated skin. At first his touch was light, making circles around her hardened nub. Every now and then he would swipe his tongue directly across her clitoris causing her to buck her hips uncontrollably off the bed. He alternated between slow circles and direct contact for what seemed like forever until she was shaking with arousal. She couldn't stop herself from shivering, her whole body in convulsions as he continued to devour her. His hand on her stomach moved up to her breasts, his fingers taking each nipple in turn and gently tugging on it.

She broke out in a sweat as he inserted two fingers into her tight opening, his mouth now completely covering her soaked mound. The minute he began to suckle her she exploded. She yelled loud enough to wake whatever temporary neighbors they had and laid there quivering, sucking in deep breaths while Grissom kissed his way back up her body.

"You taste exquisite." He whispered into her ear.

If she were capable of intelligent thought she would have thanked him. Instead she groaned and kissed his wet lips. He rolled onto his back, taking Sara along with him. Still slightly overcome by the orgasm, she threw her leg over his prone body. He smiled that wicked smile of his as she placed her hands on his chest, pushing herself up. Taking one hand she guided his erect cock to her tight opening. Before lowering herself down, she looked at him. "Look at me Gil."

He opened his eyes, his mouth opening slightly as he rested his hands on her hips. His lips were irresistible. Sara leaned down and kissed him hard, lowering herself down at the same time.

He gasped into her mouth, his grip on her hips almost bruising as she rose up and came back down. Breaking contact with his mouth, she placed her hands on his stomach, using her legs to rise up and down. His slick penis slipping in and out of her caused her to almost lose control. She brought her hands behind her, resting them on the top of his thighs as she slammed down onto him. She threw her head back and arched back, pushing her breasts out as she rode him.

"Good God Sara…" Grissom groaned as the bed began to creak.

She couldn't stop, not now. The world outside no longer existed. Her world was narrowed down to this moment, in this room, in this bed. Grissom was getting louder and louder as Sara slammed down onto him, hard enough to make the headboard crash against the wall. Sara didn't care if they woke the neighbors, and from the crazed look on Grissom's face, he didn't care either.

She didn't think she could last much longer, and her control was not something she was paying attention to right now. She felt it coming, felt that pressure that had become so familiar these last few hours slowly build more until it detonated with such intensity that she almost passed out. Her body clenched and convulsed, his name rushed out of her mouth as she kissed him.

Her fuzzy brain barely registered that Grissom hadn't come. She was about to say something when he rose up and positioned her on her knees. How many nights had she lain awake in bed and fantasized about him taking her like this. Fast, hard and completely primal.

"God Sara, you drive me crazy. I've never been this aroused before." Grissom said through clenched teeth as he positioned himself behind her.

He leaned over her and took a handful of hair. Pulling it aside, he ravaged her neck, telling her how bad he wanted her, how long he had wanted her. He pushed himself into her while he talked. "The first time you touched me, outside that Godforsaken apartment building, I was shocked. From then on I ached for that touch again."

Setting up a lazy rhythm, he gently tugged her hair, his other hand reaching down and covering her breast. "I've often dreamed of taking you like this, or against the wall in my office. No pretense, no foreplay, just straight fucking."

Hearing him use such vulgarity, his hands on her breasts, his dick pumping in and out of her, was enough to make her cry out. "Yes, Gil. Do what you want with me."

"That's a dangerous offer Sara. You better be sure." He growled, increasing his pace.

She didn't even have to think about it. "Fuck me Grissom. Fuck me like you want to."

He didn't stop, didn't even hesitate. Yanking her hair back, he straightened up and slammed into her with wild abandon. Sara put her hand up and braced herself against the wall as he pounded into her hard enough to make the bed screech in protest.

She screamed into the pillow as he brought a hand down onto her exposed ass hard enough to make it sting. He spanked her a few more times before he gripped her hips and lost all semblance of control. Pounding away like a man possessed until he came with such force that he collapsed onto the bed in a sweaty jumble of limbs.

Sara curled up next to him, holding him as he calmed down. They lay that way for a while until Sara was sure he had fallen asleep. She started to drift off when he shifted and whispered in her ear, "That was incredible Sara, surpassing every fantasy I've ever had about you."

She didn't know what to say to that. For someone who was usually so sure, able to say whatever was on her mind, she was for once, speechless. She buried her face in his chest and tangled her leg with his.

After a few minutes, she found her voice. "Thank you."

He didn't respond, just kissed her forehead and disentangled himself.

While he was in the restroom, she stretched, feeling her muscles groan. She was going to be sore later. She smiled. But what a good sore it would be.

Gil took stock of his reflection in the bathroom mirror. His hair was tussled and sticking out in odd angles, he had more than one red mark on his neck that was going to be hard to explain back at work and he could feel his muscles screaming at the sudden overuse.

Still, he couldn't help but grin. He meant it when he told her she surpassed every fantasy he ever had. He hadn't been expecting her to be so responsive, so passionate. It threw him off balance like no one had ever done before.

After he cleaned himself up, he slipped his boxers on, wet another hand towel in warm water and left the bathroom.

She was lying on her side, her back to the bathroom, her face buried in his pillow. He couldn't stop himself from staring for a minute or two. The lines of her body were breathtaking in the pre-dawn light filtering through the curtains. Her coffee colored hair barely concealed her nude shoulder.

He slipped into bed, bringing his body flush with hers.

"You took my pillow." He whispered as he started to gently clean her.

Her body shivered when the towel touched her, making the simple act erotic.

"Sorry. It smelled good." She mumbled as she scooted forward, burying her face in the other pillow.

He placed the towel on the nightstand and drew the covers over them both. Lazily throwing his arm over her waist, he pulled her close to him and buried his face in her hair.

"I like this." She whispered as she yawned and covered his hand with her own.

He smiled.

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