Author's Notes: I don't own Super Gals! My god! Of all my stories THIS got to have the LONGEST TITLE! shocked Anyways this is a sequel of my story A Friend's Love. It's in English coz' some OTHER people from OTHER countries might read it. But my 'A Friend's Love' story is in Taglish Tagalog-English form. And I WON'T edit it! Besides it's just short! By the way in the end of my A Friend's Love Aya admits to herself she loves Rei…but this is different. So it's like it's not a sequel after all! Are you confused? Me too! Hehehe…

She was walking with a notebook in hand and a pen too. She wants to see him right now on what he's doing. She smiled foolishly to herself. Everybody is unique. He likes to dance; she likes to compose her own songs. He doesn't really like school that much; she's intelligent and has high grades. But he too has high grades. Both likes somebody, both likes to jam around and impossible to believe but very true, even if the world will turn upside down, even everything will turned out IRONIC-they are BEST FRIENDS! As Aya have reached the gym she saw Rei dancing together with his friends. "How about we do it like this? 1, 2, 3, 4…" Rei said as he added a dance step also counting the beating.

"Hey that's good Rei! We can add that in our dance so that our presentation will be longer!" one of the members said. Everyone they're all boys agreed on it.

"Hey Rei! Aya's here!" the other one said. Rei looked to where his friend was looking. He saw Aya waving back at him. He smiled.

"I'll be back! Wait for a moment!" Rei said as he went to where Aya was. "Hey!"

"Hey yourself Mister!" Aya said with a giggle. "Hey you're sweating…too much".

"Nah it's okay! I have a towel…see?" he said as he began to wipe his face with the towel. "So how are you and your composed songs?" he asked.

"Oh, my song! Well it's not finished yet! This got to be my ONE and ONLY song which take a long time to compose! It will take me for days…"Aya replied as she sighed.


"I'm just finding the right words to fit to my song. Hello knock, knock Rei! Like you're the one who told me to dedicate a song between you and-"

"Shh! I know!" Rei said, cutting her off. She rolled her eyes.

"That's why it's taking time since I want the song to be PERFECT since it's dedicated to you and to-"death glare. "To HER! I won't say her name okay? I got it!"

"Why won't you make a song dedicated to HIM?" he added with a smirk.

"No need. Besides this song which is dedicated to you and for HER is what I also feel for HIM!"

"Rei!" his friends called him. He looked at them then looked at Aya.

"I'll see you in the classroom. We'll just practice for the last time", Rei said, voice in a soft whisper. She nodded.

"I'll wait for you". He nodded too as he went to his group mates and as she left the gym.

Aya was sitting on her chair, writing the song she composed for Rei and Ran. Rei told Aya ever since he met Ran when they were in grade four he had a crush on her. And also in grade four Aya too had a crush on Yuuya. Until now that they're in Junior High they have finally admit to themselves, and to each other that they had fallen in love with their crushes a long time. As Aya was thinking of a line for the next sentence Rei had sat in front of her. She blinked. He had changed his t-shirt and his hair is neatly combed. And his face is not full of sweat. "Staring blankly ahead?" Rei began as his best friend smiled.

"I was just thinking of you and me waiting to return a certain feeling from a certain person. I wonder if we could wait forever…"Aya began.

"Maybe yes, maybe no. They say best friends, specifically a girl and a boy sometimes ends up together". A slight laugh from his best friends. "What?"

"Imagine us ending up together? Wouldn't that be funny!" she said as she laughed some more.

"Note: sometimes!"

I know!" she turned her laugh into a giggle. She could never imagine…her and Rei. She coughed. "Sorry!"

"Are you alright?" Rei asked worriedly. What he hated the most is when his best friend is sick or down.

"It's nothing", Aya replied. Another cough. Rei had put his hand on top of her forehead.

"I knew it!" he sighed. "You have a fever. You always do this…whenever you are sick you always come to school even though you need bed rest!"

"But…I want to complete my school days. I rather be late than absent. But actually I don't want to be late too", she said as she flashed a wry smile. "Besides I'm okay". Rei rolled his eyes.

"Yeah right!" he then noticed Ran came in together with Yuuya and Miyu. His eyes softened. Aya looked to where he was looking. She smiled.

"Ran, Yuuya and Miyu are also best friends. Miyu has boyfriend who is Ran's elder brother. Do you think that Ran and Yuuya look good together?" Rei shrugged.

"I don't think so. But I know WE look good together". Aya gave a slight laugh. "What?"


"How about you? Can you not imagine being with Yuuya?" he asked. She tilt her head and thought for a moment. "Well?"

"I don't know. I mean that's selfish. I may love him…but if he is not the right person for me…should I set him free?"

"I think you're right", Rei added. Another cough from Aya. "Aya…"

"I'm okay! No need-"he hushed her using his finger.

"I'm telling our sensei you need to go home. It hurts me to see you like this". She yanked his finger away before speaking.

"You and your overacting ness Rei. I'll be going home when it's our dismissal time! Bleh!" Aya stood up and ran as Rei was behind chasing her.

"Aya how could you!" Rei shouted as he chased after Aya.

Maybe for the whole discussion Aya didn't concentrate much on what their sensei is discussing. But at least she participated in the discussion when the teacher seldom calls her. She's thinking about the song she dedicated for Rei and herself to Ran and Yuuya. She smiled wryly to herself. They could never imagine that they have fallen in love with their own crush. 'Yes. It's dismissal!' Aya thought as she heard the bell ring. Everyone stood up and said goodbye to their teacher as they grabbed their bags. Rei approached her.

"So…um…you'll be absent tomorrow?"

"You're so cruel! And why should I be absent tomorrow?" Aya asked back.

"Because first of all you had a fever. Second of all you have a cough", Rei replied as the two went out of the classroom.

"Pathetic reason! Not even tuberculosis can stop me from going to school!" Rei blinked his eyes as Aya paused on what she said.

"Y-You…have tuberculosis!" he asked seriously, holding her left hand.

"I-I was just kidding! Can you not take a joke?" Aya said. But she was hurt because of Rei's grip on her hand. "You're hurting me". When he had realized what he was doing he let go immediately.

"I'm sorry", he said. "Shall I walk you home?"

"Sure", was Aya's reply as they walked together.

Aya was about to go into the house. Rei added something. "Take care okay?" she smiled and nodded. But Rei was too serious as he holds her arm. "I'm serious here. If you have to call me in the middle of the night to tell me something then call me…I'll listen". Aya gave a slight laugh.

"That's silly!"

"I'm DEAD serious!" his best friend stopped laughing and looked at him seriously. He grinned and pinched her cheek softly. "I was just kidding!"

"REI!" Aya exclaimed. "A good joke but…it's CORNY!"

"What?" he said with an evil grin. "Aya I'll get you!" Aya open the gates and went in as Rei chased after her. When he catch up with her he wrapped his hands around her waist as they fall to the soft grass, laughing. Aya's parents noticed this.

"If only Aya is always like that everyday. But when we told her the truth…I think she won't be happy as this when we tell her", Aya's Mom began. Her Dad added.

"Rei makes her happy. You're right about that. It's like we're taking her happiness…away". They just stared outside of the house as Aya and Rei were still playing outside of the house.

Rei arrived inside the classroom. He noticed that Aya hasn't arrived yet. He sighed. 'The truth is I don't want her to be absent! Of all people I want to be with her'. Someone tapped his shoulder as he turned around. Shocked to see it was Ran. "R-Ran?"

"I'm sorry…"


"Ran don't tell him! You'll just break his heart", Yuuya began.

"What's going on!" Rei demanded.

"But Yuuya he has the right to know", Miyu said.

"But-" Yuuya said looking at the two gals. They nodded. "Fine! Who will tell him? Me?"

"I will", Ran interrupted. "Rei", Ran began looking into his eyes. His face began to flush. "Aya…she has a disease…"

"WHAT!" he exclaimed. If he only slammed his hand on the desk…they will know how he really feels.

"Slight tuberculosis…that's why she's absent…she's in the hospital right now to see the doctor".

"I…see…" 'So that's why she'd been coughing yesterday'. Ran tapped his arm.

"Don't worry too much…she'll be fine".

"I hope you're right…Ran". In than moment he didn't care if Ran was in front of him…all that mattered for him was Aya, Aya and Aya!

Aya was outside the room of the doctor waiting for her Mom coz' she's talking with the doctor still. She pressed her ear to the door to listen what they're talking. "T-Tuberculosis!"

"But not that mild Ma'am. Slight. Here let her drink these medicines. If she'll drink it maybe a week or two her sickness will be gone", the doctor began. Aya's Mom nodded.

"Thank you doctor", Mrs. Hoshino stood up as Aya backed away from the door. Her Mom went out of the room as she looked at Aya. "Aya…" her daughter just smiled…and it's not even a fake one. "Don't worry dear you'll be fine". Aya nodded.

Rei went out of the gates of their school, eyes downcast. He couldn't believe it! He just couldn't! Aya has tuberculosis! 'How come of all people she has that sickness! Why not me instead!' Rei thought. His eyes fixed to the wall as he saw Aya leaning to it. She looked at him and smiled. "Aya!" he exclaimed as he ran to her.

"Rei how was your day?" Aya asked, smilingly. It seems to her that her sickness is NOTHING. But deep inside she's really worried.

To be continued…