To Hear Your Voice

A fanfic from the slightly disturbed mind of the Californian who hates California.

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Chapter 13: Happily Ever After

It was the night before it would be an entire week of being separated from Eric. I had slept less and less everyday, growing more and more anxious and worried with each passing night alone. I hadn't heard from Eric at all. He didn't call or anything, and I was really afraid that something happened. My eyes seemed to be permanently swollen, red, and puffy from so much crying and it actually pained when I cried. My eyes stung and sometimes refused to produce any tears when I wept. I felt sick too. I wasn't sure if the crying was to blame, or the 7-Eleven diet I was on, but I just felt horrible. It started with just a cough on about the third night alone, and then it just got worse and worse. By the sixth night, I felt like I was lying on my deathbed, being both so sick and emotionally stressed at the same time.

Although I didn't have anything to take my temperature, I knew it was high, because I felt my entire body sweat and burn from so much heat, and it was completely abnormal for the cold, autumn weather. My head was constantly pounding, and it sometimes felt simply unbearable. My throat was scratchy and dry and my food had lost all its taste. When I coughed, which I seemed to do more and more everyday, I sometimes felt like I was going to choke to death, and it was hard to breathe.

I felt so incredibly lonely. I thought about me dying there, alone, waiting forever for Eric and I cried. I would stare at the one picture I brought with me, of Ike and myself for hours at a time. At one point, I started talking to it too. I was afraid that being alone in that room for so long, I'd soon forget how to even talk. I'd talk to the old photo as if it was Ike. I apologized that I didn't mean to run away and leave him. I told him everyday how more and more scared I was growing, and how I feared that Eric might have left me forever, been caught by the police, or be dead. "But he wouldn't leave me. He loves me... I know he does," I said to Ike the photograph that night in my weak, raspy voice. I paused for a moment, "But what if it was all a trick? Like he had done so many times before? What if he just pretended to love me so that he would ruin my life? No. That's insane... he wouldn't do that... He loves me. Oh God, Ike... I hope the cops haven't caught him. I'd turn on the news, but... I'm afraid. I don't know what I would do if I turned on the TV and saw that they caught him... But tomorrow it will be one week and he still hasn't come back..." My eyes stung as I felt myself begin to cry, "He can't be dead... He just can't be... He's coming back... I know it."

My head hurt. I felt so dizzy, I couldn't even focus my eyes on the picture, and was forced to put it down. I lay on my back, closing my eyes and trying to ignore my throbbing head. "Come on, sleep..." I muttered, grasping my head which pained even more. I turned on my side and wrapped my arms around my pillows. I told myself over and over again, that the sooner I fell asleep, the sooner Eric would be there.

I finally fell asleep, not realizing that I did. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a coughing fit I had, which I had suffered from during the past few days. I sat up in bed and choked loudly, grasping my head which ached even more and did a painful jump with each cough. My body then suddenly relaxed and my coughs died down when I felt a gentle touch. It took me a while to realize that I was feeling a soothing hand move up and down my back.

I quickly looked to my side and couldn't believe my eyes. I knew that I had a fever and I was convinced that I must've been hallucinating or dreaming... Eric was there, beside me, in bed. He continued to rub my back, smiling a little, though wearing a slight look of concern at the same time.

"Eric!" I screamed and threw myself at him. I wrapped my arms around him tightly and fell on top of him and he fell onto his back, lying on the bed, and grinning at me. I cried. I just couldn't believe it. "Oh, Eric! Eric! Eric, it's you! Oh, God, it's you!" I hugged him with the little strength my weak and ill body could manage. He hugged me back, gently but firmly. I stared at him, touching his face, not believing it was actually him, unable to control my smiles and laughter.

He smiled back at me, with a slightly tired look, brushing a caressing finger down my face. I doubted that he had much sleep during the past week. He wiped the tears from my eyes, "You look like shit..."

I laughed and closed my eyes, pressing my face against his body and enjoying the warmth of his body that I had missed so badly. It felt so good, and I was at so much comfort, I fell into the most resting sleep that I would ever experience right then.

I woke up and saw that Eric, who I still laid on top of, was still asleep. I kept my arms wrapped around him and rested my head on his chest, waiting for him to wake up as I watched the time pass on the clock on the nightstand. It was almost noon, but I didn't want to wake him up knowing that he really needed the sleep.

He woke up and jumped a little with surprise when he saw me grinning at him, "Jesus Christ..." he muttered with a half laugh, rubbing sleepily at his eyes. He gently pushed me off so that he could sit up. He stretched his arms out in front him and yawned loudly. He looked down at me sideways and smiled a little, "What?"

I shook my head and smiled. My smile was interrupted by another coughing fit.

Eric frowned and rubbed my back, "How long have you had that?"

It took me a while to control my coughing, "I dunno... three maybe four days..."

He pulled my bangs back, feeling for a fever, and then kissed my forehead.

"It's nothing," I said, "I'm not puking or anything... its just a cold."

Eric kissed my forehead again and then threw off the bed covers and stood up from the bed, stretching and yawning again. "Ready?" he asked.

"To leave?"

He nodded.

I stood up from the bed and nodded, "Yeah..."

I clung to Eric's arm as we left the room, returned the key to the manager, and headed for the parking lot. I couldn't stop smiling now that Eric and I were reunited. I felt like everything was over, and all was behind us, and that everything was going to be just fine. We were together and would remain so forever, until the end of our lives, the world, whichever came first.

I was so lucky to have someone as perfect as Eric. I was so blessed to have somebody who would do and risk so much for me. He loved me and that love was all I would ever need. Where I was going, what was going to happen... it all didn't matter, so as long as it included Eric.

The two of us stopped in front of a dark blue SUV. He opened the passenger door for me and I climbed into the vehicle, not even questioning where it came from and who it really belonged to. I watched Eric as he started up the car. He looked at me, "So where do you wanna go?"

I shrugged, covered my mouth with my hand, and coughed a little. "I dunno... I don't care."

Eric leaned over and unbuckled my seat belt, "Go into the back seat and get some sleep."

"I'm fine."

"Fuck that, you look like shit."

I sighed, "Fine." I climbed into the back, and stretched out on the seat. "So where are we going?" I asked tucking a hand under my head for comfort.

"It's your choice."

"But I dunno where--"

"Dammit, Kyle, just pick some place. You had a whole week to be thinking about this." We pulled out into the street.

"...I dunno..." I turned on my back and stared up at the car roof.

"Well, then think about it. I gotta make a stop before we leave the state anyway."

I fell in and out of a dreamless sleep. It felt like I was sleeping hours at a time, but I was really waking up every three or four minutes.

I felt the car stop and I roused myself from my sleep and sat up, looking out each window of the vehicle. "Where are we?" I asked. I climbed back into the front seat, noticing that my head felt the most clear it had felt in days.

Eric smiled at me and then turned his gaze ahead. I looked where he looked and finally realized where we were.

"Mile High Stadium?" I laughed a little, looking at the familiar Broncos Arena that Eric and I had visited that one pointless day, "What're we doing here?"

Eric shrugged, "Just thought we'd say one last goodbye."

I smiled and looked about the parking lot where we were parked. There was a game going on and the place was packed full of cars. But we were the only visible people; everyone else was in the stadium. I scooted closer to Eric as he tuned the radio for the game. We sat in the car, quiet in each other's arms, as we listened to the game, coupled with the audible cheers and screams that came from the stadium.

Not that much time had passed when I heard Eric quietly snoring. He fell asleep, and I couldn't blame him. I guess that I should've slept too, to help myself recover from my illness, but I couldn't sleep. I felt healthy anyway. At least the healthiest I had felt in a very long time. My headache seemed to be gone and the only thing that really still lingered was that bothersome cough.

I decided to try and figure out where Eric and I should go. I sat up and scooted back into my seat. I went to open the glove compartment, thinking that I might be able to find a map or something that could help me. I opened the glove compartment and then immediately closed it when I saw something I didn't expect to see. I glanced at sleeping Eric and then slowly opened it again. There was a small handgun in there, and nothing more. I closed the compartment and leaned back in my seat pondering over whether it belonged to Eric, or whoever owned the car before him. But why would Eric need it?

It was probably just a safety measure. Just in case. After all, how could we allow something to get in the way after all the things that we've done?

And then I saw him. My mouth dropped and my eyes widened, and I sat up with a jolt. He was walking and saw me just as I saw him and stopped in his tracks, expressing the same shock as my own.

Stan turned to Bebe, who was at his side and had yet to notice me, and told her something. She smiled, nodded, and went on ahead without him. He turned and stared at me, his eyes widening even more and they seemed to fill with tears, as he slowly shook his head in what I imagined to be disbelief.

I felt myself tearing up too. I glanced at Eric and saw that he was still asleep. As quietly as I could, I opened up the passenger door and slid out. I approached my best friend slowly and shaking. I wasn't sure what to say, or what I was going to do, but it wasn't like I could just ignore him.

I took his hand and led him behind a truck nearby, so that Eric wouldn't see if he woke up. Once out of site Stan broke down crying and threw his arms around me, and I stood completely still, being absolutely dumfounded. "Kyle! It can't be you! You're dead! You're dead! Cartman killed you! That fat ass bastard killed Kenny and then killed you! And then he ran off and-- You-- how could you be-- Kyle! It can't be you!"

I hugged Stan for a while and then pulled away, "Yeah..." I laughed a little nervously and wiped at my eyes, "Stan... I..." I stared at my feet and then looked up at him and saw that he stared back at me anxiously. "I... I didn't mean to leave, Stan... I really didn't. I had to. We had to. There was no other way..."

He slowly shook his head, "...what?"

I sighed, "Stan... he killed Kenny... but it was an accident and if we had stayed, they would've taken him away and-- Stan, you can't tell anyone that you saw us. We're supposed to be dead and if you say that we're alive then it all be ruined, and--"

"Kyle, you can't be serious."

I stared at him.

He shook his head, "Kyle, do you hear yourself?"


His mouth was opened, but he didn't speak.

"Please. Just forget that you saw me. Please, just leave and forget, Stan."

"Kyle, no. Kyle, look at what's happening... How could you do this? And for him. Kyle, you need to come back with me. Come back home and stay the fuck away from him."

I frowned, "Stan, I--"

"You didn't do anything wrong. He's the murderer. He's dangerous, and you need to leave while you still can. Please, Kyle... just come on, I'll take you back home..."

I stared at Stan for a long time. He just didn't get it. I loved Eric and I would never abandon or betray him. He was my life. How could Stan try to tear me away from my life?

I slowly nodded, "Okay... um, wait here... I'll be right back..."

I crept back to the car, knowing what I had to do. I was scared, but I knew it was something that had to be done. I carefully and quietly opened the SUV door and retrieved the gun from the glove compartment.

I hid it behind my back as I walked up to Stan. I felt my heart pain as I thought about what I was about to do. I didn't want to, but it had to be done.

And there was no doubt in my mind that Eric and I were going to be together. We had come so far, and nothing was going to stop us. Nothing was going to get in the way.


I was determined that the two of us were going to have that happily ever after, and its what gave me the strength to hold the gun to my friend's head, and pull the trigger.

The end.