Title: Rescue Me

Chapter Title: Almost Gone

Disclaimer: I don't own SVU or any of its characters.

"Ready, my love?" Alonso asked the helpless woman at his feet.

"Please, just let me go," Olivia muttered.

"Give us Cabot, and we'll consider letting you go," Luigi said, walking into the room, a garbage bag in his hand.

"I'm telling the truth. I honestly don't know where she is," Olivia pleaded, trying to hold back the tears that were filling her eyes.

"Fine," Luigi said. Turning towards the doorway through which he entered, he called, "Filiberto, are you ready to say good-bye!"

Moments later, the man who was supposed to be Olivia's partner appeared at the door. He had a large bag of rocks in his hands, as well as some rope. He silently moved towards Olivia. Alonso took the duct tape off her wrists and legs while Luigi watched the two men prepare Olivia for her death. Filiberto then retied her arms and legs with the rope.

"The car is out back," Luigi said, turning towards the back door, gesturing for them to follow.

"Wait, sir, should we put her in the bag?" Alonso asked, assisting Filiberto in picking up Olivia's weak body.

"No, not yet," Luigi answered. "I want her to suffer."

"Why are you doing this?" Olivia asked weakly. "How did you know I was from NYPD?"

"We didn't, at first. But I guess Filiberto here just wanted to have a little fun and you were the one who was picked," Luigi responded. "You should be honored, you know. We don't go around sleeping with anyone. It's a pity, really, that you couldn't give us the information we wanted. Such a nice body is a terrible thing to waste. Ah, well, we shouldn't delay!"

"Filthy pigs!" Olivia yelled, mustering all her strength. She started to squirm, attempting to escape from her captors, but it was no use. The two men carrying her were well-rested.

When they reached the car, she was seated in between Alonso and Luigi with Filiberto driving. She figured it was hopeless to try to escape now, and was beginning to accept the fact that she was going to die.

After only a few minutes of driving, they reached the river. Filiberto drove the car into a bit of a hidden area within the trees that lined the water. When they stopped the car, all three men dragged her from the car.

So on the bank of this river is where I will meet my death, Olivia thought to herself. She has long since given up struggling, her strength completely gone already. I wonder how many other innocent women are down there. Or is it just me?

The three men laid her on the ground and forced her into the garbage bag that Luigi had been carrying. Strangely, though, they left her head out of the bag. They dumped the rocks into the bag along with her.

"Filiberto, Alonso, you know what to do," Luigi said, supervising their movements.

The leader watched as the two other men dragged her towards the river. When the reached the edge, they checked to make sure the bag was secure around her body. Then, they dunked her into the river, holding her under for a minute or so before lifting her out again. They did this over and over again, increasing the length of time she stayed under each time they did it.

Suddenly, just as they were about to dunk her again, they heard sirens. Filiberto and Alonso immediately dropped the bag into the river and pulled guns from the waistband of their jeans.

"LIV!" Elliot screamed as they let the bag go. Turning to Cragen, he said, "Cover me; I have to go save her."

"Elliot, you can't. It's too dangerous," Don said, but Elliot had already stripped down to his boxers.

Liv, under the water, was flailing her arms, struggling to reach the surface. When she was too tired and weak to fight anymore, she gave up and let herself sink further and further to the bottom.

So this is it, she thought as the world around her went dark. She thought she heard a splash somewhere, but she wasn't sure if it was real or her imagination. Seconds later, she blacked out.

On the bank of the river, bullets were flying back and forth between the cops and the three members of the drug cartel. Vera and Valens both took bullets, as did all three of the perps. Already, Luigi was dead.

After all the shooting had stopped, Cragen wandered over to the edge of the river. Oh God, Liv, where are you? he thought.

Soon, there was a small splash heard and Elliot's head appeared above the water, and so did Olivia's.

"I've got her!" Elliot called, gasping for air. When he made it to the shore, he and Olivia were separated by the paramedics. "Wait, wait, I have to be with her!"

"Come here, you can ride in the rig with us," one of them told him.

Elliot stood at the doors of Trauma Room 1 at the hospital, watching as the doctors worked for about an hour on Olivia. Finally, one of the nurses came out to tell him what was going on.

"How is she?" Elliot asked. He had been given scrubs to wear since his clothes were all wet.

"Well, she was deprived of oxygen for quite some time, not to mention a few cracked ribs from being beaten. But we expect her to make a full recovery," the nurse told him.

"W-w-was she…?" Elliot started to ask, unable to finish his question.

"Yes, there were signs of sexual trauma," the nurse told him.

"But she will be okay, right?" he asked, trying to reassure himself that nothing else was going to happen to her.

"Yes," the nurse told him.

"Okay, thank you, so much," Elliot said, slightly relieved. The nurse returned to the trauma room, where the doctors were prepping her for surgery.

"Elliot, why don't we go home?" Cragen said softly, coming up behind him.

"I can't leave her," he said. "Who will be here for her when she wakes up?"

"I've arranged for her to be transferred to New York once she is stable enough," Cragen assured him. Elliot reluctantly agreed to return to New York once Olivia went up to surgery.

When they finally made it back to the squad room, Cragen filled Munch and Fin in on what had happened in Philadelphia, while Elliot kept calling the hospital to find out where she was being transferred. After a half an hour, Elliot made his way upstairs to try and sleep everything off.

He had only just fallen asleep when Cragen shook him awake. "Why don't you go home, Elliot?"

"There's nothing there, Cap," Elliot said. "I just can't. Besides, what if the hospital calls and I'm not here? I don't know if they have my number."

"It's okay to go home, Elliot," Cragen said.

Elliot eventually convinced Don to let him stay at the station house for the night. He couldn't bear the thought of having to go home to his wife, who he didn't even love.

He found that he couldn't sleep and stayed awake, wondering what he would say to her when she woke up.

I almost lost her, and I can't let that happen again, he thought.