Brown and Blonde

Author: Anime Ronin

Rating: … PG-13 to start with, but may go up later.

Summary: After Cell, Gohan goes to school, but his new best friend there is more than she appears.

Disclaimer: I STILL own nothing.

AN: No, not a sequel to my 'Masks We Wear', as I flatly refuse to watch the series after the Saiyaman saga (gods, I swear that the Ginyu Force are all doing barrel rolls in HFIL over THAT). Just doing this to get away from my Buffy work, mostly, in hopes of getting my muse off of her backside, so here's hoping.


Gohan flexed his healed arm, the one that had been broken by Cell, slowly, feeling the stiffness and pain going away slowly as he did – Cell had been dead for less than a month now, his father had decided to stay dead (a source of contention with him, so many, his mother included, did not bring it up), his mother was pregnant again from his father and the World Martial Arts Tournament was going to be starting in two months. Needless to say, a lot had happened in the past few weeks, but none so more than the bomb that his mother had dropped on him – he was going to start going to school in a week!

He'd been against the idea from the beginning, given that his intelligence and schooling was already in the area of University students, but his mother had pulled the great equalizer out and had ended the discussion – her frying pan; both Piccolo and Vegeta had called him a wuss at that, but both were STILL sporting bruises and lumps from their own run-ins with said piece of cookery from when they asked or demanded that he train with them. He did, though, train with them when his mother wasn't looking, but mostly to keep them from pouting – Piccolo was much more adept at hiding his pouting than Vegeta, and both had been teaching him some very useful things over the past few weeks.

"Gohan?" He looked up, well, down as he was floating about five feet in the air, at his mother arched an eyebrow as she smiled and held out a pile of clothes, "I have your school clothes ready, honey."

He looked at the black vest, orange pants and long-sleeved white shirt for a moment and sighed, thankful that neither Piccolo, Krillin nor Vegeta were there right now to laugh themselves silly at his clothes, "Mom … what did Grandpa tell you about digging through his closet?"

She gave him an affronted look, "What? What makes you think that …" She stopped at he pointed to the picture that was hanging on the wall – it had him at about 3 years old, his mother and … father … and his grandfather, who was wearing that same outfit, though vastly larger. Chi-chi looked back at him and blushed as he arched his eyebrow at her some more, "Well, this will just go to show that good style is never out of style."

He shook his head and floated over to his closet, opening it with a foot to reveal clothing other than his fighting clothes, "I've got it taken care of, mom."

She blinked at him a few times and then screwed her face up into a scowl – this wasn't going to be fun for his ears, "Where did you get these, young man? Did you steal from a store? Oh, no, you did! WAH! MY BABY'S A THIEF!"

Gohan looked at his mother as she proceeded to bawl for a moment and shrugged, "No, I made them like this." He concentrated and own clothes shifted from a red and blue dress to a green and brown one, the same size and same cut, only brand new, "See?"

Chi-chi stopped crying for a moment and looked at her son with a shocked look before something registered to her, "Gohan, don't ever do that again." She turned and walked out of the room, not wanting her son to see that he had forgotten her bra and underwear when he transformed her clothes.

Gohan looked as his mom walked out of the room and then just shrugged, thinking he had gotten out of the ass-chewing / guilt trip session easily before he floating back over to his bed and went back into a meditative trance – school … what a joke.

(Next Day – Capsule Corporation)

"Tell me again WHY I am being subjected to this … torture, onna? I could do better by training than to be babysitting the spawn of Kakarot."

Bulma looked up at her husband and scowled, "You're doing this because I told you, Vegeta, and more to the point you're doing this to make sure that he actually goes to school."

Vegeta, dressed in black slacks and a white business shirt, snorted as he allowed a robot to put his tie on, "Gohan does not need school, Onna – he is a Saiyan Warrior!"

Bulma finished packing her husband's lunch even as Trunks watched them both from his high chair, applesauce all over his face, "He's also 13 years old, Vegeta, and has no friends his age besides Dende and that Lime girl. Chi-chi wants grandchildren and she won't get them if he doesn't find a good woman to settle down with."

Vegeta just growled, "Damned harpy woman. He should be training, not learning with some pathetic weaklings that wouldn't know battle if it came up and bit them in the bracghry!" Even as he growled, though, Vegeta went over in his mind a lesson that his father once taught him – there is nothing that a Saiyan Warrior can learn that is useless. If this school would help Gohan … so be it. His lips then twisted into a smirk, but this didn't mean he couldn't have a little fun in the process.


Bulma, holding an exact replica of Chi-chi's 'Saiyan Stopper' frying pan, dent in the middle and all, was glowered at by her husband as she shook the pan at him, "And no torturing Gohan on his first day! Make sure that he shows up and, if everything goes well, we'll see about letting you both enter the WMAT."

Vegeta rubbed the lump on his skull and arched an eyebrow, "'Let' us? Onna, that mentally deficient human 'Hercule' has the world believing he is the best martial artist on this mud ball – Kakarot's spawn and I intend to show him that while he may be a martial artist, we are WARRIORS, and he will fall before us."


"You're late for work! Go!" Vegeta was moving, lunch capsule and briefcase in hand, before he realized that he was moving at his wife's barked order – sometimes, he really wished he had destroyed this planet long ago…

AN: Okay, this is mostly a departure from my other stories, in hopes of waking my muse up again – I don't know if or when I'll be returning to this story, but if I get reviews, I'll consider working on this more. What do you think, aside from it being short? No flames, please.