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Summary: Yuna saved Spira from Sin and found despair when Tidus vanished. Less than a year later, the Fayth send her back to the beginning of her journey not only to defeat Sin again, but keep Tidus by her side, always. If she can live long enough to find how…

I. Prologue: My Heart Still Beats

Yuna, daughter of High Summoner Braska, stared out at the ocean, her short brown hair blowing in the warm ocean breeze. Her skin, tanned from hours outside, shimmered with a sheen of sweat. Yuna's unique eyes, one green, one blue, were unfocused as they stared out at the clear water.

Yuna sighed as she got to her feet, swaying slightly when she became dizzy. She felt so alone, so empty. Even her cousin Rikku, as perky as the younger Al-Behd could be, couldn't cheer her up.

She had every reason to be happy too, Yuna thought as she stared out at the tranquil water. My Guardians and I defeated Sin without the final Aeon. No one died, and so many people were spared. And yet YOU'RE not here…

Yuna wiped her eyes angrily, hating the moisture dotting her fingers. Oh, Tidus, I try to be strong for you, because I know you wouldn't want me to be sad. And I am happy, sometimes, yet it becomes harder and harder to smile everyday. How can I continue living my life without you? I love you so much…you deserve to be here, enjoying the Calm as much as I do…

"Tidus…" Yuna whispered her voice cracking. Yuna brought her hand to her lips and whistled as Tidus had taught her to do. She closed her eyes tightly, not even breathing; she listened with her whole heart and soul for the sound of an answering whistle echoing over the waters, to her.

It never came.

"I knew it wouldn't," Yuna said sadly. And she had known; yet she tried, every day. And had been for nearly a year. Her heart refused to give up, and her hope never seemed to fade, even though her heart felt as if it broke every time Tidus failed to appear.

"Yuna," Rikku's voice broke through Yuna's thoughts, causing the Summoner to turn in shock. "Are you okay?" Yuna frowned at her cousin's uncertainty. She hated making her cousin worry, and yet that she seemed to worry Rikku constantly.

Yuna plastered a fake smile on her face, hoping it would fool Rikku. "I'm all right, Rikku. You don't need to worry."

Rikku smiled at Yuna, though her smile seemed forced. "Okay, Yunie. I'll be waiting for you on the airship. We're going to go to Besaid to see Lulu and Wakka."

Yuna nodded and turned back to the water. "Okay I'll be there in a little bit." Yuna's body tensed when she felt Rikku's hand on her shoulder. Yuna frowned when Rikku drew back, hurt by her reaction.

"Yuna…" Rikku trailed off, her voice unsure. "He's not coming…"

Yuna whirled around, her face alight with fury, her voice, usually calm and collected, thick with anger. "Don't you think I know that, Rikku? Yet I still have to try, don't you see? Tidus is going to come back to me, he has to!" Rikku smiled wanly and hugged Yuna.

Feeling her cousin's understanding and seeing her support caused Yuna to snap. All her pent up anger and hurt poured out of her and Yuna found herself alternating between yelling and crying in her cousin's arms.

"I defeated Sin, and I would not change that for anything, Rikku. I thought I was to die, and it hurt to find myself falling in love with Tidus. It wasn't fair that I should find an incredible man and not be able to act on my feelings because I knew I was going to die by the end of my Pilgrimage.

When we found out the teachings were tainted, and someone was going to die when I summoned the Final Aeon, it felt as if my faith shattered. We had no choice but to defeat Lady Yunalesca, and the thousand-year tradition was gone forever. There was suddenly hope, and I inwardly rejoiced. If I could defeat Sin I would live, hopefully, and I would be able to be with Tidus.

And we defeated Sin, but Tidus…he wasn't real, he was just a dream…Why couldn't he stay with me? Couldn't the Fayth have found a way to keep Tidus with me? That's my greatest wish--- to be with Tidus, somehow…"

Rikku rocked Yuna comfortingly, not saying anything, understanding that her cousin didn't expect an answer, but rather needed to rant. Yuna drew out of Rikku's arms and wiped her eyes and managed a weak smile.

"I feel a little better." Yuna whispered her voice low and raspy.

Rikku grinned. "Glad to hear it. I'll give you a minute, okay? I'll be with Cid." Yuna watched her cousin walk away, her steps energetic and light. She did feel better. She was at least composed and calm.

I can face another day. But I'll be whistling for you tomorrow, Tidus, and maybe one day you'll come to me.


Yuna walked to the airship slowly, her gaze focused on the dark night sky. She spun around, startled, when someone called her name. It was too dark to see who was standing in the dim light, but it looked to be a young girl clothed in a gray robe.

High Summoner Yuna, A disembodied female voice said, the words echoing in the warm air. Yuna shivered but nodded. We Fayth heard your prayers…and we decided the time is right.

Yuna gasped, surprised. "I thought the Fayth were no more, that their dreaming was finished."

Our dream ended when you permanently defeated Sin, Lady Yuna. There were many of us too attached to Spira to leave, and when our dream ended some of us did not awaken. We have been watching over you High Summoner Yuna, and your pain echoed in our hearts. We wish to help…

"But how?" Yuna questioned.

Though our numbers are few we still hold great power. We can send you back to your Pilgrimage, before you saved Spira and defeated Sin. There your Man of Dreams remains, trapped. In that time there exists all of us, and perhaps combined we can help you…

"You mean," Yuna whispered, her mind reeling with shock. "That…Tidus…will…" Yuna couldn't finish her sentence not wanting to shatter her hope.

There is hope yet it may not be enough to save the Man of Our Dreams…

"Than what can I do?" Yuna asked desperately.

As wise as we may be we do not have the answer to your question. How or even if it's possible to hold Tidus with you is uncertain. We believe, however, that one of the Fayth still dreaming may know.

You must think long and hard on what we offer, High Summoner Yuna. If you decide to redo your Pilgrimage your heart must stay true. Even if we cannot help keep the Man of Dreams from disappearing when we Wake, you must promise to defeat Sin.

It is a double-edged sword, either bringing you happiness or pain. Do you wish to embark on your Pilgrimage once again?

Yuna did not hesitate for one instant. She knew her answer, and she spoke to the Fayth calmly and clearly. "Yes I will do it. If there is a way I can keep Tidus with me, no matter how small, than I will try."

So you have chosen High Summoner Yuna. We wish you all the luck in the world. For old time's sake we say this: May the grace of Yevon protect you. Now close your eyes …She complied.

Yuna gasped as warm heat encased her body like a warm blanket. Cold air surrounded her, but the heat kept her body from freezing. She felt as if she were light as a feather and floating in the sky.

She could hear garbled voices though there was too many to discern sentences. One second she was freezing and the next she was hot; the pattern kept repeating until Yuna felt she would go mad.

Than without warning Yuna's body crumpled onto cold, hard stone, and her teeth snapped together. Yuna felt sick and disoriented, and as hard as she tried, she could not keep herself conscious. She fainted.


Where am I? Yuna wondered, confused. She moaned and opened her eyes. Recognition hit her like cold water to the face. She knew where she was; she would recognize the small room and the statue of the Fayth anywhere. She was in Besaid Temple, in the Chamber of Fayth. Yuna smiled when she sensed Valefor in her mind.

Yuna tried to stand, but a wave of dizziness hit her, nearly causing her to fall over. Somehow she managed to stumble through the door and started down the steps. Halfway down she stumbled, her body swaying precariously, and toppled foreword, into Kimahri's strong arms.

Is he really here? Yuna wondered as she stood, brushing her hair from her face, and looked over to where she remembered her Guardians standing.

And there he was, her Tidus, awe and anxiety plain to see on his handsome face. Yuna smiled and met Tidus' eyes. She said the first words that came to mind, her heart singing with joy. Tidus was here---she had a chance.

"I've done it. I have become a Summoner."

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