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These are sounds or thoughts (Italic)

Notes about this fanfiction……

This takes part now… In the 21st century

They are not in Japan…Just in some country

Cagalli and Kira are not siblings.

They are now in junior high school third year(I'm not sure but she's suppose to be only 15 years old)

All of them haven't met each other yet

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Darkness within you



Chapter 1


"Hey don't you think its kinda weird that a guy is head of an all-girl gang?"

A group of girls walked past two guys who were talking to themselves without knowing a single clue who they are talking about.

"Are you talking about the person over there?"

"Yah…That's kinda weird for a----"

"Shhh! Don't say that so loud... If she hears it you're gonna be so dead!"

"It's a SHE? But if it's a she…why is she wearing the boys' uniform?"


"I think you're blind not to see that I'm a female" the insulted girl continued to shout "You people might not know who I am but for your own good you better remember this name in your head that I'm Cagalli Yula Attha and no ones messes with me AT ALL!"

Ending her sentence she grabbed the guy's collar and punched him hard on the face causing the guy to fall to the ground clasping his mouth as blood dripped onto the floor. She start kicking the first guy while her 'friends' started to punch and kick the other guy…

"Cagalli! I think that's enough…only because of a small thing you're beating up those poor guys…Look at them! I don't think they will be able to even get up for a long time"

"Lacus, how could you talk to Cagalli-sama like that! It's disrespect" an ear-piecing voice rang up.

"Get a life will ya Fllay? It's none of your business stop trying to be Cagalli's favourite…you know it'll never happen" someone shouted out in defense

"It's okay Mir…" Lacus whispered softly into her best friend's ear

Before anyone could continue to quarrel, Cagalli made a sound from her throat and walked towards the classroom building without saying anything so the rest followed her into the school building.

The moment she entered the school building, all the chattering stopped and every pair of eyes are all glued to Cagalli and her companion as they walked down the hallway.

Everyone backed away until their backs touched the lockers at two sides of the hallway creating a big space enough for 10 people to walk in a row.

Everyone knows who Cagalli is and she have the nickname of "Friction" as she is the head of the biggest gang in her high school even though she's only in the third year.

Her parents are also one of the richest family in the country and her parents donates a huge amount of money each year to let the school keep her despite all that she done to make the school quite chaotic.

"Everyone open your textbook to page 64 and solve the puzzle in 5 minutes and I'm going to test you on your understanding."






"Ok…who wants to answer this ques---"

"Oh crap! No more battery!" Cagalli exclaimed in the middle of the class.

"What are you people looking at? Don't you people have stuff to read? Mind your own business!"

Her sudden shouts caused even more people to stare at her than before. But they were forced to continue what ever they were doing when she start sending deadly glares from left to right around the classroom.

These people are such nosy pigs…ARH! How am I going to message my friends when I can't use my cell phone!

"Arh!" Cagalli shouted in the middle of the lesson "I can't stand this anymore! This is so boring!"

With that she swaggered out of the classroom followed by all her companion, leaving behind Lacus and Mir behind, they didn't want to follow so they continued to study.

"Hey you wanna go to the arcade? Since there's nothing else to do now" Fllay suggested when they reached the back of the school.

"Not interested. I think I'll go to the canteen and eat" Cagalli replied shortly.

"Have you heard about the new guy that is coming to our school today?"

"Yeah! I saw his picture in the school newspaper! He's so HOT!"

"Totally! And he's very very rich! Oh yah I saw him in a magazine once saying that he is the richest teenager in the whole country"

"I remember…His name is Athrun Zala right?"

At the same moment, a piece of paper flew right onto Cagalli's face.

What's this?

She took it and look at the person in the picture

So this is the Athrun Zala everyone's talking about…Looks like he's gonna be a attention grabber…I think I should "pay" him a visit to show who is the popular one here!

"Ah! I'm so late!"


"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry. I didn't see you coming, I'd be more careful next time, I'm late for my class" a girl bowed down to apologized many times and walked away quickly without realizing who she had bump into.

"Do you think that just apologizing will solve everything?" Cagalli shouted with anger.

She ran to catch up with the girl, grabbed her collar and pushed her down onto the floor. Walking in front to face her, she pulled the girl up by the collar and punched her in the face causing her to collapsed onto the floor. And Cagalli brush some dirt off her uniform.

"Now my uniform's dirty because of you!" She shouted.

Cagalli kick the girl several times until there were droplets of blood splattered on the floor. The injured girl tried to stable herself and stood up with the support of the wall beside her. With all her strength the girl tried to fight back but it was useless…even if she can win Cagalli(which will not ever happen), there will still be her companion.

"Still not giving up? I shall make this easier for both of us…" Cagalli said as she prepared to give the girl her best punch.


But the punch didn't hit…Instead it was held back by someone.

"WHAT THE - " Cagalli shouted when her arm was held by someone from behind.

"STOP! Look at her, she going to faint any moment now. I was watching you the whole time. It's already very wrong to bully someone just because they bump into you. It's even worse for a guy to be bullying a girl." someone with a guy's voice shouted.

Cagalli turned around to face the mysterious guy who stopped her punch midway.

Athrun Zala!

"LET GO OF MY HAND!" Cagalli tried to pull her wrist from Athrun's grip but could not because he was too strong.

"Apologize to her now!" Athrun shouted and pointed to the girl, who was now wiping her tears.

"NO!" Cagalli lifted up her legs and kicked Athrun's shin hard.

"Ow!" Athrun released Cagalli without much choice.

"And another thing...I'm not a guy."

Cagalli smirked victoriously and started to walk away. Athrun recovered quickly and was about to launch forward towards Cagalli when…

"No! Please!" The injured girl grabbed Athrun's sleeves and pleaded. Athrun was stopped and helped the girl up.

"Thank you but please, if you know what's good for you, don't have anything to do with the Friction"

"Friction?" Athrun shot an eyebrow up quizzically.

"It's a famous gang in this school. They bully everyone. Nobody dares to stick up to them at all. The girl whom you've just fought is the leader of the gang, Cagalli Yula Attha."

"Cagalli Yula Attha…" Athrun repeated revengefully.

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