Done and Done

Chapter 21

Ginny walked upstairs in a daze, relieved but still not really sure what happened, or how it happened successfully. Everything went entirely too well but she was not going to complain.

She opened the door to her room and flopped down on her bed with a sigh. It had been a long day so far and it was still barely noon. At least things were going to be easier on them now, aside from the fact that their world was on the brink of a war. Little did she know there as another small war on the rise at that very moment.

"Ginevra Weasley," Ron was leaning against her doorjamb. His voice was low and tremulous, not to mention he never called her by her full name.

"Um… yes, Ronald Weasley…" She proceeded with caution, but still couldn't resist poking fun and using his full name.

She stared him in the eye for a second, knowing was what coming. He almost seemed as if he was beginning to shake right before he burst out, " I would have expected better of you! Sneaking around like that!"

"What? How did you know? It's only just happened five minutes ago…" It was then that she spied the beige colored extendable ear balled up in his fist. "Oh wow… That's real mature! Spying on Mum and Dad? Grow up!" She let out an exasperated laugh.

"This is not funny, and this is not about me!" His face turned redder than usual. "This is about my sister, my best friend, and my girlfriend keeping extremely dangerous secrets from me!"

"Hmm, this all sounds very familiar to me. Do you happen to remember a month ago when I was complaining about you, my best friend, and almost every person I know keeping secrets from me?" She brought up with a sarcastic tone.

"That was not the same."

"Oh, oh. OK. How?"

"Because that was protecting you and Harry and this is not!"

It was getting harder for Ginny to keep her cool. "Do you think I'm an idiot? That I can't keep a secret or take care of myself? You don't understand anything about the situation. Lupin thinks it's a good idea. He even convinced Mum!"

"I do know about the situation," Ron's voice was rising. "I know about you endangering the wizarding world so you can shack up with Harry every week!"

"Keep your voice down, you prat!" She whispered angrily through clenched teeth.

"What? Do you think if our parents know what you're up to they will change their mind?"

She stared at her brother in disbelief. "You've got some nerve. This isn't about secrets at all… It's about me and Harry being alone!"

Ron's face turned its deepest shade of red.

"Well me and Harry love each other very much," she continued, "and we can do whatever we please."

"So you have done it!"

Ginny rolled her eyes, "We are adults. We can make our own decisions!"

Ron shook his head furiously in disapproval. "You are not an adult. Neither of you are!"

"In these hard times we are," Ginny reasoned, "We aren't school kids anymore. We are preparing for a war!"

"I bet a whole lot of preparing is going on. I don't know how shagging is going to prepare for anything…"

Ginny had hit her boiling point. "Who do you think I am? What have I done that is so terrible to make you think all we do is have sex? If you are so damn interested then I will tell you exactly what happened! It was my first time. Both of our first times. And I wouldn't change it for all the money in the world! Now you're informed. And for your information, I know you and Hermione have been at it for a while. So I don't think you should talk."

Done and done. He was speechless. This is how most fights with Ron ended. Not to insult his intelligence but he is insanely easy to outsmart in almost any argument. Followed shortly by him huffing and puffing out the door, slamming it behind him.

Hey all! I know it was a long time again, but not quite the years it took me last time. I know this was a short one but I've had it written for a while and I was waiting to continue it, but I decided to just post it short. Thank you so much to my original reviewers who came back and read the new chapter! (I'm sorry most of you had to re-read the whole thing! But I'm glad you still liked it!) And also a big thanks to my new reviewers too! More romance and danger coming soon friends :)