This Is How A Heart Breaks

By Jasmine Starlight

Full Summary: Yaoi/het. Neji/Sasu Sasuke's slightly mordant; Itachi just might be a sociopath. Maybe Gaara is from a broken home. Neji just may be in the closet. Maybe Naruto might be lonely. Maybe Kabuto needs someone to love. Maybe Kakashi might need someone to hold. Maybe Sakura might need real friends. Maybe Temari needs a reality check. Maybe Kankurou needs anger management. Maybe Jiraiya needs Tsunade. Maybe Orochimaru needs them both. Maybe Hinata needs freedom. Maybe Kiba might need acceptance. Maybe Ino needs confidence. Maybe Tenten needs medication. Perhaps Shikamaru needs love. Shino, quite possibly could need companionship. Maybe Tayuya is hiding behind her personality. Maybe Haku fears rejection. Maybe Kimimaro desires friendship. Maybe Lee is crying out for attention. Maybe Obito needs compassion.

Pairings: Neji/Sasu…Kimimaro/Haku…Obito/Kakashi eventual…then Itachi/Kabuto…Tenten/Kankurou…Naruto/Gaara Orochimaru/Jiraiya/Tsunade…Open to suggestions. Shikamaru/Temari…Kiba/Ukon! Zaku/Kin… Hinata/Shino…Tayuya/Lee. Dosu/Kidoumaru…Zabuza/Haku…then…Zabuza/Kisame! Shisui/Sakon! Ino/Sakura.

My hard drive crashed like woah. So I lost everything. Every fic I every wrote.

Including the almost done chapter 18 of this fic. Which I had to rewrite from scratch.

Sorry about the flower puns, I just couldn't help myself. I felt like I was ignoring them because their relationship is yuri and I shyed away from it because I'm better at yaoi.



"From all the drugs the one I like more is music
From all the junks the one I need more is music
From all the boys the one I take home is music
From all the ladies the one I kiss is music (muah!)

Music is my boyfriend
Music is my girlfriend
Music is my dead end
Music is my imaginary friend

Music is my brother
Music is my great-grand-daughter
Music is my sister
Music is my favorite mistress

From all the shit the one I gotta buy is music
From all the jobs the one I choose is music
From all the drinks the one I get drunk is music
From all the bitches the one I wanna be is music

Music is my beach house
Music is my hometown
Music is my king-size bed
Music's where I make my friends
Music is my hot hot bath
Music is my hot hot sex
Music is my back rub
My music is where I'd like you to touch"

--CSS; Music is My Boyfriend


Itachi groaned and clutched his head as he woke from his alcohol induced haze. He and Shisui had had the bright idea of Drunken Truth or Dare followed by Drunken Monopoly.

It wasn't because either of them were lightweights. It was quite the opposite really it was more the fact that they each had above average tolerances for alcohol. And neither would be the first to concede. Obviously.

Itachi slouched his way out of bed, a hand covering his eyes from the early morning sunlight, "What the fuck?" he exclaimed as he tripped over Shisui's stuff. He turned to look at his roommate, who was sprawled out on his bed snoring away.

"How can you live like this?" Itachi mumbled to himself as he tried to make his way to the table without tripping. As if in agreement, Shisui snored louder. Suffice it to say that Itachi's bed was the standard by which all hospital corners are measured.

He made his way over to his cell phone, where it glowed softly as it charged. Flipping it open he cursed again.

"Oh shit."

2 Missed Calls from Kabuto



"What about American bands?"

"Personally, I'm partial to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs."

Fuck, did Shisui create you in a lab?

"What about you?"

As Sasuke took a moment to think he looked down at his feet which were covered in grains of sand.

"Me? Nirvana probably, and The Strokes and Weezer." Sasuke said as he looked up at the sky.

"Kurt Kobain?"

"Sorry, I like the original better than the imitation." Sasuke retorted cheekily.

"Ouch. That gets me right here." Raito said, miming injury and holding his chest.

Sasuke rolled his eyes.


Chat 4524545455573

DeadlyPinkPetals: Hey.

BlondeBombshell: Hey.

BlondeBombshell: What's up?

DeadlyPinkPetals: Oh. Nothing much. I just wanted to tell you something.

BlondeBombshell: Really? What?

DeadlyPinkPetals: Oh, it's really nothing. It's just that I love you.

BlondeBombshell: What? That's not funny.

DeadlyPinkPetals: It's not a joke. It's the honest to blog truth. I love you.

BlondeBombshell: Stop it Sakura! This is unnatural!

DeadlyPinkPetals: No it isn't. I love you and I always have. I think I always will.


DeadlyPinkPetals: I don't know what happened to you. I wanted to know what turned you into such a shrinking violet.


DeadlyPinkPetals: Especially when I know you can be a tiger lily.

DeadlyPinkPetals has signed off.

DeadlyPinkPetals has signed on.

DeadlyPinkPetals: with a great rack. xD

DeadlyPinkPetals has signed off.

BlondeBombshell has signed off.


Ino sat her in familial shop in a daze after her conversation with her best friend. What was she going to do?

Why was Sakura so brave? It's like Ino had turned around and Sakura had somehow become this confident capable woman.

It was really kind of hot.

Ino blinked and shook herself. She couldn't get distracted. She needed to figure this out.

If she really was gay, then she eventually needed to come out of the closet.

If she wasn't and this was just a passing fad, there was no reason to be obsessing over Sakura's lips.

Ino groaned at the irony of the situation, she had spent most of her prepubescent life chasing after Sasuke not to only find out that: A) he was a flaming mo B) she was a flaming mo and C) Sakura was a flaming mo

Work, that's what she needed. If she did some work, then she could take her mind off her current quandary.

So Ino set about sorting the freshest shipments of flowers.

Agrimony for thankfulness, aloe for grief, arbor vitae for unchanging friendship, acacia for secret chaste love, purple lilacs for the first emotion of love, light pink roses for desire and passion, and striped carnations for refusal?

What the fuck?

Ino had always known that flowers had their own special language, in which messages could be sent without ever uttering a word or setting a drop of ink to paper.

Floriculture had been her family's trade since the Meiji. She had been raised learning these meanings.

Were they—were flowers trying to talk to her?

Ino scrunched up her face and took great, big, gulping breaths. Making up her mind, she set herself to her task.

She gathered dahlias, arbor vitae, gorses, forget-me-nots, red chrysanthemums, red tulips, blue violets, and celandines. Ino tied back her mane into a practical ponytail. It would take a miracle worker to make this mismatched bunch of flowers into a seamless bouquet.

But her family hadn't been in this business for this long for their next heir to fail at what seemed to be her most important task of her young life. Ino may not have known her sexual orientation but she knew flowers.

Ino took a breath to center her mind. She took a medium sized vase and filled it with water and a packet of plant food. She closed her eyes and selected the first bloom.

A blue violet for faithfulness.

A forget-me-not for true love.

A gorse for love in all seasons.

A dahlia for elegance and dignity.

Red chrysanthemums for I love.

A red tulip for declaration of love.

A celandine for joys to come.

And finally arbor vitae for unchanging friendship.

Ino surveyed her masterpiece with minute pride. But she wasn't the real judge of this ephemeral symbol of her relationship with Sakura.


"Are you sure about this?" Shino asked Hinata, looking her earnestly in the eyes.




"You're going down."

"We'll see about that Shino-kun." Hinata said her lips quirking into a smile.

"Loser buys." Shino said quietly, looking at Hinata out of the corner of his eye.

Hinata smiled as she picked the song and set her difficulty level to heavy.

"Best get your wallet out then, Shino-kun."


Shino pouted as Hinata crowed over his defeat at DDR.

"It's alright Shino-kun; you're just not on my level yet."

Shino rolled his eyes and laughed. "Alright let's get this ridiculousness over with." Shino said evenly as he offered Hinata his arm and lead her to his car.



"What about strawberry?"


"I thought you liked strawberries. I guess not. What about cherry?"


"I think it fits. Doesn't it?"

Shino said nothing and made his way to the cashier. Cherry flavored condoms in hand.


Itachi squinted down at his plate of eggs to distract himself from the sledgehammer orchestra being conducted inside his brain.

"You look cheerful." Obito said as he slid in the seat across from Itachi, Sasuke sliding into the booth after him.

"Shut up."

"What were you doing all night?" What were you doing all night, otouto?

"Playing drunken go fish with Shisui." Obito answered as he buttered a piece of toast.

"Like you should talk."

"Do I want to know what Obito was doing all night?" Sasuke asked as he poured himself a cup of orange juice.

"Or who." Itachi muttered.

"Who?" Sasuke asked incredulously, his eyes going the size of their plates.

"Over the phone." Itachi continued muttering to his breakfast, glaring at his coffee willing it to jump into his mouth.

"Oh. Okay." Sasuke said, eyes returning to their normal size.

"The only reason I was able to do that was because my roommate was conspicuously missing all night." Obito said pointedly.

Sasuke looked down at his plate of food. "I don't feel like repeating myself, so can we wait until Shisui wakes up?"


It had been awkward and immature. But it was worth it, it was their very first time. Shino's parents weren't home. His room smelled of toasted peanuts and the comforter was warm under Hinata's palm.

Shino returned from the kitchen with something behind his back. Hinata surveyed her old friend's room. There were the usual posters of bands, a computer, a gargantuan ant farm, and an orchid on the windowsill. Above his bed there was a poster of a huge purple flower.

Hinata returned her gaze to Shino as he sprayed the orchid delicately with a mini spray bottle.

"It's very beautiful."

Shino looked up at her and smiled, his glasses were off and Hinata could see his warm brown eyes.

"Orchids require a lot of care and attention. You can't forget about them like normal houseplants. They're delicate." Shino said, placing his bottle down on his computer desk and moving toward the bed.


Shino reached Hinata and grasped her hand in his; he leaned in close and whispered in her ear, "Yes."

Hinata shivered and allowed herself to fall back onto Shino's bed. He fell down next to her, and studied his real life orchid closely. Shino stuck out his hand and traced the shell of Hinata's ear, the curve of her chest, her flat stomach, and her smooth legs.

"Shino-kun--" Hinata started to say, emotion bubbling up in her chest, but Shino put a finger to her lips.

"I know."

She smiled.


Shisui woke up leisurely, stretching his arms above his head and slowing getting out bed.

He was brushing his teeth when he heard his cell ring, he ran out of the bathroom to get it.

"Sakon? Hey. What's up?" Shisui said as he spat and rinsed his mouth out.

"Aw, really? I miss you too babe."

Shisui set to spiking his hair, "Right now? Just my pajama pants. What are you wearing? Mmmm—you know that's my favorite outfit of yours."

He looked at himself in the mirror, "Why? It accentuates your greatest asset."

"What's that you ask? Your tight little ass."


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