Chapter Three
Don Quixote Checks into the Hospital.

As we left our well-intended but misguided hero, he was taking lessons from an ill-mannered TV set. He learned very quickly that injuring one of these species would bring extreme pain. He passed out from the lesson and is now resting. We will close in to see that he is resting in a comfortable bed and that various devices are hooked up into him.
We see that someone is opening the door and coming in. We now will let events pass without interruption.
Don Quixote groaned. Every bone and nerve ached in his body. He opened his eyes, only to close them again. For light flooded his eyes, causing even more agony than what he had already. He tried to open them again and found he was able to see, as long he opened them slowly. He saw a blonde woman, dressed in white. She was an angel.
"Am I in heaven?", asked Don. The angel looked surprised and then said, "Yes. You are in Heaven's Hospital." Don smiled weakly and whispered, "Made it at last." The angel smiled back and said, "Yes, you did. Now just rest now." Don did as he was told and found everything going dark. He let the darkness take him, for he had nothing to fear...
The nurse watched him fall asleep from the sedative she administered to him before he woke up. She thought, "You're in Heaven's Hospital, California." She went to the intercom and paged for the doctor. Having done this, she went to leave, but turned around at the door to see the old man one last time. He looked peaceful, just lying there. "Reminds me of my dad," The nurse thought. And with that, she went out the door.
Doctor Allan G. Green, known as "Duke" for his habit of wearing surgical gloves everywhere he goes, glanced up at the monitor as he heard an angry beep. "Room 712.... That's the unidentified man's room. About time." He reached for the phone next to him and picked up the handle. He dialed a number and waited. Finally, someone picked up. "Hello? He's up. You can come over and wait for him in the waiting room. I'll have to give him a checkup before you can see him. All right. See you later." He hung up and sighed. Well, time to get back to work. He opened the door and walked down the quiet hallway.
Don yawned. How long has been his slumber? He remembers the angel, but she is nowhere in sight. And now, everything looks dark and forbidding. And for the first time, he sees that some strange beasts are sitting right next to him. He also sees that there are vine-like ropes sprouting out of these beasts. He follows the ropes with his eyes and finds that the ends of these ropes are latched onto him. "The angel lied!" thought Don. "These beasts are sucking the vital energy out of me. I must stop this monstrous evil!" And with that, he yanked the cords off of his body. It hurt, but to him, it was better than getting killed. But he didn't stop there. With a roar, he sprinted for the door.
Duke was almost at room 712 when all of the sudden, he heard a bellow from inside. "What the bloody hell-" was all Duke was able to think before the door exploded outward. Needless to say, Duke was knocked to the ground. Don just kept running. He knocked a few nurses down and overturned quite a few medicine carts. He then suddenly saw Dulcinea seating on a chair with Sancho, sitting next to her. "Frestòn have captured my fair lady and also my faithful servant! I must rescue them!" Don thought.
Dulcinea was sitting on the chair wondering how the old man was faring when suddenly...
"I am coming to save you, Dulcinea!"
Dulcinea thought, "What in the world-" She jumped up while the madman screeched to a stop. He dropped to one knee and said, "How are you, my lady? I hope Frestòn done no harm to you." She said, "I'm fine, but did you get-" She was interrupted by, "Stop that madman!" Duke, who was standing at the door, holding a hand to his head, gave the command. Don grabbed Dulcinea by the hand and took off with her in tow. "Wait for me, My Grace!" said poor, little Sancho, who chased the retreating forms of the lady and the madman.
They dashed through doors and hallways until the clamor could no longer be heard. They stopped in an empty room and took what Dulcinea called, "a breather." "A pity I did not have my trusty sword to fight. It is the way of a coward to run from evil." muttered Don. "What will we do now, My Grace?" asked Sancho timidly. Dulcinea replied with some sarcasm, "Well, let's go run some more. That way, we'll be arrested for sure." " I will not let them touch you!" declared Don. Dulcinea shook her head and sighed, " Some day, you will tell me why you did this, but as for now, we need to get you new clothes."
Don grimaced. They had taken away his clothes and left him with a dress! Not only they had captured him, but they also sought to demoralize him in the process. "Luckily for you, I brought some clothes, in case you got out today. But I wasn't expecting a jailbreak..." Dulcinea said, as she roamed through the backpack she brought. "Here. They were my father's, but they should fit you fine. Sancho, you go and stand guard outside." Sancho nodded and waddled out. "Many thanks. Could you turn while I dress myself?" Don asked, eyes downcast. "Sure." Dulcinea turned while Don dressed. "Now that you are properly dressed, now we can think of a way to get out of here." Sancho called from the hallway. "People coming!" "Well, get in here!" said Dulcinea as she yanked him in. She closed the door and hoped they would walk by.
Somebody must've been listening to her. Dulcinea let out her breath she was holding as the footsteps grew softer outside. She turned around to face the madman and his servant. "Okay. Now we think a way out."

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Don Quixote on the Run