A/N: This is REALLY short. But I thought it would be worth putting up. Inspired by the eleventh volume of the manga…

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Ratings: G

Genre: General/Romance

Warnings: Stream-of-consciousness

Main Characters: Kyo

Additional Notes: Kyoru

Death And Hate

Every day we live—we die. Hate is all we feel.

With every breath we take, we die and with every day we wake, we hate. To do otherwise is impossible. We are inexplicably bound in death and hate. There is no more to life than death. No more to love than hate.

After all, hate is love.

Our souls cannot escape this existence of death and hate—it's impossible. To stop dying, is to cease to exist. To stop hating, is to be empty.

So I will continue dying…

And I will always hate her…

My precious—

My Tohru…


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