Title: One Act Plays

Author: Orilon

Rating: R to be on the safe side

Pairing: mentions of AJ Styles/ Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles/Jerry Lynn

Spoiler warning: the AJ/ MattHardyIWC show

Disclaimer: Everything from the different wrestling feds belongs to whoever owns them, and the wrestlers belong to themselves. Title comes from the song "Conversation Piece" by Savatage off their Edge of Thorns CD.

Distribution: If you want it, take it, but let me know where.

Summary: AJ's thoughts after the IWC show with Matt Hardy. Sequel to Beauty Slept.

Feedback: Please.

I drop my bag on the floor and sink on the bed and think about my match with Matt Hardy at the IWC show. I didn't think he was going to be there since he resigned with WWE, but he was and we had a good match. Since the two have different wrestling styles, my match with Matt was different than my match with Jeff when he first came to TNA.

I have to admit both times Matt and I hugged after the match were unexpected and I hope that I didn't let anything embarrassing slip, like Jeff's name. I kept my hands on his upper back because I had a feeling that if I had them on his lower back and felt the waistband of his jeans, they may stray lower and grope him. While Jeff doesn't mind me grabbing his butt, I doubt that Matt would want me to. The feel of Matt's body against mine was bringing up memories of Jeff. Although Matt is broader than this brother and I didn't feel a navel ring, his slightly musky smell and the feel of his hair against my neck reminded me of Jeff.

I've been missing Jeff since he was suspended in May, and Matt hugging me brought the physical ache of missing him full force. I've been able to talk to Jeff over the phone, which after a round of phone sex I was mussed during the tapings after Slammiversary and ended up with another lecture from management about keeping all hints of relationships backstage off camera. That was the first lecture I've had about backstage relationships since my relationship with Jerry Lynn ended mutually. We both decided that we worked better as friends than lovers.

I briefly saw Jeff at the last set of tapings, but we didn't get a chance to talk. I was just as shocked as everyone else to see him there because he never mentioned he was coming when he called me after No Surrender. But then again, most of that conversation was me denying that I was cheating on Jeff with Jerry.

I know there are going to pictures of the match are going to show up all over the internet, and I have a feeling that those hugs are going to be included, however I hope that Jeff won't think that I'm cheating on him again. I don't want another angry phone call, this time him accusing me of sleeping with his brother.

I can't think of anything I may have done to make him not trust me, but I haven't cheated on him. I have remained faithful since he's been suspended, and now I wonder if I can trust him.