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What the Teen Titans do when there not filming

Chapter 1: Singing in the Bath Tub

"Hello Robin what are you going to do right now?" asked Starfire. "I need to take a bath right now." said Robin.

Robin got undressed and stepped inside the bathtub. Starfire wanted to know what this 'bath time' was.

She peeked into the bathroom and saw Robin sitting in the bath tub naked.He was singing some kind of song.

"I'm shaving in the bath tub. Shaving in the bath tub." sang Robin as he shaved. Starfire laughed at this a bit.

She started to look in there again and he was singing a Hilary Duff Song.


Starfire had to hide her laugh. She was about to laugh out loud.

Starfire couldn't wait to see what Robin was going to sing next.

Robin saying this part in preppy girls voice "Like oh my god Becky look at her butt. It's so big. She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends. Who understands those rap guys. They only talk to her because she looks like a total prostitute. I mean her butt, it's just so big. I cannot believe it's so round. It's all out there. I mean look, it's gross. Look she's just so black."

Starfire almost let out all of her laughs at this part. But someday she's goin be found out.

Robin saying this part in rappers voice "I like Starfire's butt and I can not lie.You other brothers can't deny.That when Starfire walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face my face I get sprung."

At this part Starfire couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Robin looked at her and blushed. "Starfire w...w...why are you looking at me take a bath?" Robin asked her.

"I wanted to know what this 'bath time' was but now I know that it is amusment!" said Starfire.

"Uh no that isn't what bath time's about. This is when people get naked and have private time." said Robin.

Starfire didn't say anything ,but just giggled and ran away.

Raven was about to go to the bathroom when she saw Beast Boy in there. She decided for her amusment to look and see what he was doing.

She saw Beast Boy in the bath tub again naked and it wasn't a pretty sight (with all that fur). He (like Robin) was singing something.

"The way Raven shake's it, I can't believe it. I ain't never seen an ass like that. The way she move's it, she makes my pee pee go, doing doing doing." sang Beast Boy.

Raven started to laugh but Beast Boy didn't hear her.

"Everybody was kung-fu fighting, HI YA!" sang Beast Boy again.

Raven started to laugh a bit more.

"My mom gave me a nickle, she said go buy a pickle, but I ain't buyin no pickle, instead I bought bubble gum. Bazooka zooka bubble gum."

Raven had a bit of trouble holding in her laugh at this.

Beast Boy singing this in an annoying voice "I'm too sexy for my shirt to sexy for my shirt shirt shirt and it hurts.
I shake my little tush..."

Raven burst out laughing cutting Beast Boy off.

"Oh uh hey Raven. I was just taking a bath that's all."

"Taking a bath! This is entertament!" screamed Raven who was still laughing her butt off.

Raven and Starfire were both talking in the hall when they heard somebody get in the bath.

"Come on Star, lets go see who it is." said Raven. "But Raven Robin has told me that this 'bath time' was private time." "Yes it's that and it's also fun time!" said Raven.

They looked in there and saw Cyborg just sitting in the bath not doing anything. He was wearing a bathing cap too.

Cyborg is doing the robot while he sings this "Dormo origato mister roboto dormo, dormo."

Starfire and Raven both laughed a bit.

"Few time's I've been around that track so it's not just gonna have been like that. I ain't no holloback girl, I ain't no holloback girl." sang Cyborg.

"Actually I'm not a girl at all."

Raven and Starfire started to turn red and were about to die of laughter.

"Baby grind on me, relax your mind, take your time on me, let me get deeper shawty ride on me, now come on sex me till your body gets weak, with slow grindin baby." sang Cyborg.

Raven and Starfire had to almost kill themselves to keep their laughs in.

"Step 1: ya kissin on me. Step 2: girl I'm caressing your body. Step 3: now I'm lickin off the whip cream. Step 4: an ooooo your grindin on me." sang Cyborg.

Raven and Starfire burst out laughing when they heard this and ran away into Ravens room.

"That was fun!" screamed Starfire.

Starfire decided to take this 'bath time'. She got undressed and went into the tub.

Robin was walking by and saw her in there and for his amusment decided to check it out.

Robin looked in there and saw her naked. He saw her breast in all.

"Got milk?" said Robin as he drooled a bit.

Starfire was singing like everybody else was.

Starfire singing this in country voice "Robin keeps sayin he's got something for me. Well Robin I don't mind to say you do. Now your lookin where I thought you'd be lookin."

"If thats at your big breast then yes." whispered Robin to himself.

Then he saw Starfire put up her left leg. He started to drool again.

"Legs come in handy when laws in front of you. These boots are made for walkin, that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over Robin."

Robin drooled as she put her leg down and he almost fainted.

Starfire put her leg down and appeared to be singing something else.

"Who live's in a pinapple under the sea? Spongebob, Squarepants." she sang.

Robin laughed but still drooled like crazy.

"We're the kids in America! We're the kids in America!" Starfire sang.

"Robin was everything, everthing that I wanted. Then he went to the dance with kitty and I thought we lost it. All of the memories with him and me just fade away. All this time Robin was pretending, so much for my happy ending." sang Starfire.

"NO STARFIRE I WASN'T PRETENDING!" screamed Robin as he ran in.

"Robin what are you doing and why are you in here?" asked Starfire as she wrapped herself around in a towl.

"I was just walking by." said Robin. "Oh okay then...GET OUT!" screamed Starfire.

He ran out.

Raven decided to skip cheerfully into the bathroom.

"Hey guys lets watch Raven take a bath." said Beast Boy.

They all nodded and looked to see what she was doing.

"Somewhere over the rainbow way up high." Raven sang.

Beast Boy wasn't interested in her singing ,but was interested in something else.

Robin and Cyborg,however, thought that she sung pretty good.

"On a monday I am waiting, on tuesday I am fading and by wensday I can't sleep. Then the phone rings and I hear Beast Boy. In the darkness theres a clear view because Beast Boys come to rescue me." sang Raven.

Beast Boy looked at her shocked. "She likes me!" he squelled with delight. "Shhhh." said Cyborg and Robin.

"I'm so lonley. Mr. Lonley, I have nobody to call my own." sang Raven.

Robin and Cyborg laughed a bit. "Dude I want to go out with her." said Beast Boy. "Shhhhh." said Cyborg and Robin.

"She wants to go hoooommmee but nobody's home. That's where she lies broken inside." sang Raven.

Beast Boy couldn't take it anymore and then ran in. "RAVEN I LOVE YOU!" he screamed.

Raven screamed like a little girl. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

All the boys ran away.